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  1. What's the last movie you watched?

    saving private ryan
  2. I feel like he can be a good president if he fills his cabinet with people who are good at what he appoints them to Yes I do I thought that he would win by a smaller margin Not of Voting age
  3. What do you identify as politically

    Im a conservative Republican
  4. Sex with me is like...

    Sex with me is like Death. You finally get that Sweet Release. Next word: Ireland
  5. ....don't click on this....

    you clicked on this now you spawn into a game on BF1.......CHAAAAAARRRGGEE!!! and you just got bayonet charged and are dead 0-1 Killer KSI Imperial SF Have a good day And tell me your first response to your death
  6. Xbox one battlefield 1 players

    Im sown If we can get enough people to join Im in
  7. MLB World Series 2016 champs

    Who do you think will win the MLB World Series? The Cubs or the Indians? Me I think the Cubs will finally win
  8. COD: WAW or MW2

    Which is better World At War or Modern Warfare 2? I say World At War I loved that game especially the bouncing betty's which My friends banned me from using because thats how I got most of my kills....lol
  9. DC or Marvel?

    I agree
  10. BF1/Siege Marathon

    Anyone want to have a BF1 or TC: Rainbow 6 Siege Marathon?
  11. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    A BattleField 1 once its custom games get going
  12. BF1

    How many people are getting BF1 Im trying to find out so that hopefully we can get a BF1 squad
  13. Favorite meme


    ship name: -The Broken Dream Captain: - KSI W1CKED 7 1st mate: - KSIDemonicWidow navigation: - KSI Crimson 7 Gunner: -(formerly) KSI Katfish Quarter master: - KSI Pika Link Ships surgeon: - KSI Doc Ships Cook: -KSI Vertigo Ships boy (basicly everybodies byatch) : KSI PoisonCobra