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  1. Not gonna lie, when I saw your picture I thought it was Dr. Phil XD 

  2. TB: Karaoke - Current Top 100 (November 24th)

    KSI Salem forgottengamergirl17
  3. TB: Overwatch Mystery Heroes (November 25th)

    Gamertag: KSI Salem Division: FI
  4. Self Note: DM Down, Hit notifications

  5. Happy belated birthday too :))

  6. Congratulations on your marriage! I hope you two are having fun! I wanna babysit! :DDDD

  7. AAP OTM July 2017 (Closing 8th August)

    Co-Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI RebelFire 7Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/911-rebel-7/Reasoning why they deserve this - Rebel is a wonderful leader within FI, he can answer almost any of my questions and provide honest feedback when I ask him for help on a decision. Rebel is a strong person with a strong heart, I know that I can come to him with any issues, reguardless of it's relation to KSI without any hesitation or fear of judgement. Rebel is not afraid to chill out and have fun with lower members, but is also so hardcore as to get serious and switch the tone of the party within a few seconds; A skill I hope that in time, under training, I will be able to master.FounderGamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Booga 7Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/35371-ksi-booga-7/Reasoning why they deserve this - Booga! I am excited to write about him. With Booga, there is no problem too small, too big, or too stupid. (Yes, I have a bunch of 'em) Booga is always there to help us with a smile. While he can be characterized as observant quiet, Booga has a fountain of information that can only be described as splendorous and enriching. He is an excellent founder and has a pep in his step no matter the day, no matter the time. 24/7, seven days a week. Co-FounderGamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Gunner 7Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/21520-ksi-gunner-7/Reasoning why they deserve this - Gunner has been a role model for me ever since I joined this community back in November. He is very kindhearted and is like my KSI Father. He is so hard working even when he was a gen; Interacting with others, hosting workshops, testing us on our KSI Knowledge, Gunner did it all with the help of his awesome Officer's staff. Even now, as a Co-Fo, Gunner continues to work hard in making sure everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, Hellcat wouldn't be the same without him. GeneralGamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Dark FearLink to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/37618-ksi-dankmemes-7/Reasoning why the deserve this - Dark (Now Known as Dank Memes 7) is an exceptional general with the capacity to love his entire squad. Dark takes much pride in playing and interacting with the members of his squad and takes great measures to make sure no member is left behind. Without Dark's knowledge of merging, Hellcat would have been in turmoil trying to figure out everything required for a proper and successful merge. He is a very important part to Hellcat and FI as a whole.CaptainGamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI AIrborne 7Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/2037-airborne-7/Reasoning why they deserve this - Ahhhhh Airborne. Airborne, Airborne.... Where to begin. I see Airborne as not oly a leader, but also an encyclopedia.. Airborne is a fountain of knowledge that I can only describe as boundless. From Transfers to Productions, from the sun up of KSI to it's dusk, Airborne has all of the information anyone could ask for. Airborne, Much like Rebel is easy to get along with and fun to be around, but can switch the tone to serious and intimidating (The intimidation RARELY (>1%) ever happens) within a matter of seconds. Airborne is willing to help anyone with any issue they might have, regardless of it's nature, and is willing to sit with people for hours to let them vent and come up with solutions to the problems they are facing. He is truly a leader that anyone can relate to and strive to be. LTGamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Anasi (3LT - FI/Hellcat)Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/40532-ksi-anansi/Reasoning why they deserve this - Formerly known as KSI Sticknasty, KSI Anasi has been an amazing Lieutenant. he performs his duties thoroughly, making sure every bell and whistle is correct before he finishes with them, His recruiting skills are off the charts, and his management skills are positively ludicrous. He goes above and beyond the call of duty as an officer to make sure everyone within the squad is happy and that everyone has what they need to bring in recruits and to make sure they are properly trained to do what they need to. He will make a great leader one day.
  8. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    I uhm... have a few ideas.... 1 - Broken Keyboard - If you can manage to get 1,000,000 posts on the forums 2 - Into Pieces - can be awarded to members who are in 2 departments and an officer or higher for 6-12 months 3 - Face with many Masks - awarded to people who have changed their KSI tag 15+ times 4 - Keyboard Forehead - awarded after a member has logged over 1,000 hours online with 50+ posts 5 - Go to bed - awarded after a member has logged over 1,000,000 hours online with over 1,000 posts I have many more... I just don't know if this is read anymore >.<
  9. OTM: June 2017 (closing 8th July)

    CaptainGamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Airborne 7Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/2037-airborne-7/Reasoning why they deserve this - Airborne is one of the best captains I know. He is the most trustworthy and I know that I can entrust him with my life. To Airborne, it doesn't matter if your issue pertains to KSI or to your life and well being, he's always ready to listen and help you in any way, shape, or form he can, Irregardless of what you did or didn't do. Even in my hardest times, I know that I can talk to Airborne and he'll help with a happy heart. AIrborne is loyal to his squad and each and every member that resides within it. He is an amazing captain and a phenomenal teacher, taking the time out to sit down to teach any person how to fulfill their duties exceptionally well. He is truly a figure that recruits, Sargents, and even lieutenants look up to, including myself. LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI PluLink to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/31195-ksi-plu/Reasoning why they deserve this - KSI Plu is a very charming and helpful lieutenant. Easy to communicate with, he's usually the first person tI come to when I need helped with a small issue or if something in general is bothering me. Even on a daily basis I know I can hang out with Plu and be assured that I'm in an environment where I can be my usual goofy self without fearing of being judged or criticized. Where it is an issue regarding a member or questions about what I could be doing to better serve my squad, I can rest easy knowing that Plu has my back. GeneralGamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Dark FearLink to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/37618-ksi-dark-fear/Reasoning why the deserve this - Dark is easily one of the Sweetest Generals I know. Fun to be around and very goofy, times with him never cease to be full of jokes, laughter and generally positive times. Even when Dark has a troubling issue or a decision to make, he never ceases to make our squad lively and fun. Dark is a very positive and outgoing leader and strives to make every party a happy and lively one, to which he has succeed, setting a perfect example of all future Officers and Generals.
  10. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    You say this and yet your votes contradict do you need a bit of an upgrade dearie? #Maybealittletoohype #FIFTW
  11. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    We're not like every other Induction engine, no matter how much force and pressure we have, we use it as strength and even when you think we've hit an all time low, bam. We're back in the race and we'll take first, just you see. Btw congrats, but you should know better than by one that's engines can/are optimized. That's us, always advancing. Always improving! #FIFTW
  12. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    Hahahaha in your dreams! #HIFROMFI #FISTRONG
  13. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    Unfortunately, this is your Last Strike, LS members, and FI is here to make sure it won't be a victory!