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      After much thought and re-work, the KSI Board is happy to announce the revamped and improved KSI VIP Donor System for 2019. Unlike the past where one donation netted someone the VIP group, now the group will reset on the 1st day of each year. Requirements In order to get re-added as a KSI VIP Donor, you will have to contribute in one of the following ways: Donate $10 to KSI's PayPal Donate at least 1000 bits to KSILive Sub to KSI for at least 2 months Once the new year begins, just donate in any of the 3 above ways and you will receive the 2019 Donor Award as well as the 2019 Donor Group. Just provide proof in the AAP area when you apply. Your donation can be made by someone else, so just have them provide you with the receipt. This only applies for PayPal donations and Subscribing. Bits must be your own. Donations can also add up, so you can contribute $5 for two months and receive it. Just keep the receipts as proof for your request and you will be given Donor access. With this revamp, we have improved the perks of donating to KSI. Because of your financial commitment, we want to reward you for believing in KSI and contributing in that way. Benefits Access to VIP Area on the forums to talk with other donors. 2019 Donor Forums award Special sneak previews of KSI News stories and community announcements Recognized on the KSI Front Page's Donor list Ability to give input on upcoming events, such as Divisional Cup, Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, Turkey Bowl, and Award Show. Special Donor-only giveaways during the yearly KSI events A special Donors-Only Weekend Event full of FFAs and Giveaways in August. Overall We want to provide the best KSI experience for all of our members, and those who fund the websites, events, and so much more should be rewarded for contributing and believing in the community. So please enjoy this revamped system and allow us to work with you to forge a better, more inclusive KSI. Thank you, KSI Board of Directors

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  1. Outstanding Service Award Level 3 VeRiiTaS 7

    I'll witness to Rita too...he a good guy. Always taking initiative and offering help or insight on anything that is asked to a group. I ain't no good at typing good words about good people but the words typed by the people above are echoed by me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. KSI Gambit 7 - Multiple Nominations

    Nom ## I also think he deserves the award (easily). Great and only gettin' greater. And kitty made some good points too.
  3. KSI BadKitty 7 - Multiple Nominations

    Nom #9 I also think she deserves the award, because she has been outstanding. And fuzzy made some good points too.
  4. What time zone should be "KSI Time"??

    What about "Central Standard"? That is also a time!
  5. What time zone should be "KSI Time"??

    Central party all the way!
  6. Revision of Graphic Design Rules

    What exactly would this suggestion accomplish if implemented?
  7. Greetings KSI ACE 7 ..I AM KSI LEGION. KSI ANTI LEGION BIG BROTHER  on behalf of my brother I will be accepting his gamer points due to his incompetence on the fourms. .I have his permission to do so ..if you need to reach him for validation you can hit him up on Xbox 1. Thank you for your time

  8. When is our PRO TEAM reuniting?

  9. Hi I am one of the winners on the Halo Reach WD team KSI ANTI LEGION 

    1. KSI_Angelz


      I Am also one of the members that were on the team. GT is KSI Anglez. Represented WD 

    2. KSI BadFoxx

      KSI BadFoxx

      Im also one of the WD members that were on the team  i relized that i didnt put my gt in the message haha im not the  brightest KSI BadFoxx