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  1. Outstanding Service Award Level 3 VeRiiTaS 7

    I'll witness to Rita too...he a good guy. Always taking initiative and offering help or insight on anything that is asked to a group. I ain't no good at typing good words about good people but the words typed by the people above are echoed by me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. KSI Gambit 7 - Multiple Nominations

    Nom ## I also think he deserves the award (easily). Great and only gettin' greater. And kitty made some good points too.
  3. KSI BadKitty 7 - Multiple Nominations

    Nom #9 I also think she deserves the award, because she has been outstanding. And fuzzy made some good points too.
  4. What time zone should be "KSI Time"??

    What about "Central Standard"? That is also a time!
  5. What time zone should be "KSI Time"??

    Central party all the way!
  6. Revision of Graphic Design Rules

    What exactly would this suggestion accomplish if implemented?
  7. Greetings KSI ACE 7 ..I AM KSI LEGION. KSI ANTI LEGION BIG BROTHER  on behalf of my brother I will be accepting his gamer points due to his incompetence on the fourms. .I have his permission to do so ..if you need to reach him for validation you can hit him up on Xbox 1. Thank you for your time

  8. When is our PRO TEAM reuniting?

  9. Hi I am one of the winners on the Halo Reach WD team KSI ANTI LEGION 

    1. KSI_Angelz


      I Am also one of the members that were on the team. GT is KSI Anglez. Represented WD 

    2. KSI BadFoxx

      KSI BadFoxx

      Im also one of the WD members that were on the team  i relized that i didnt put my gt in the message haha im not the  brightest KSI BadFoxx