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  1. Is Lebron about to be the GOAT?

    yea i know they're in the west. i was talking about golden state
  2. Is Lebron about to be the GOAT?

    they may have one of the best records but look at their conference only the clippers went above .500 out of 5 teams. and yea to be the "GOAT" he would have to have better stats than Jordan, and every other superstar. Fantastic Player? yes. one of the top ten? yes. GOAT? nah he's got a pretty good way to go still to get there
  3. Is Lebron about to be the GOAT?

    not even close to jordan, its literally the same thing that happened with OKC. the warriors are way too over hyped.
  4. Gamer Picture Pack

    XGN had theirs made through Konsole Kingz
  5. Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota

  6. KSIxEarthnWater signature request

    Accepted close this
  7. KSIxEarthnWater signature request
  8. LP thing

    ehh idk about it but color or bow
  9. bleh

    i did i really like that sig a lot and i wanna try and get into that style
  10. bleh

    not my favorite thing but posting it for cnc rather than scrap it
  11. Sig Request

    Would you mind any picture of ichigo or that specific one
  12. BNW

    gifty even tho its not christmas
  13. BNW

    i was gonna make it a gift for manny cause i thought the same thing
  14. BNW

    First piece I've been really happy with in awhile
  15. Signature Request

    will any storm trooper picture work or do you want that specific one