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  1. KSI Officer Pup New member certified Attended the New Member Certified work shop hosted by KSIxNamineMoon
  2. I edited post. Please let me know if you need anything else to be changed. Thank you
  3. Airbornes legion. @KSI FadeZ 7 can attest that i have been in KSI for more than 12 months with a KSI TAG
  4. Airborne was an amazing friend and leader in DR I still remember so much from back in 2012. He taught me so much and was always willing to help. He had a really great attitude he didnt care what rank you were he didnt fo the whole click thing to only talk to certain people. I am the member I am now from the knowledge I have gained over time knowing this amazing man right here. I absolutely attest to the amazing job he did in DR
  5. I believe we need to have an award for all the first responders in KSI that risk there lives for there local communities and lives of fellow humans
  6. Name: KSI Officer PupLink to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/45106-ksi-officer-pup/Award-/-Achievement: Legen. CommittedReason-/-Evidence: Legen- I have more than 5 forums awards. Commited- witness statement from KSI Fadez 7 attesting to my Golden KSI tag for 12 consecutive months
  7. Let's go SL let's hit our first Turkey bowl hard!
  8. I'll witness to this. I've had several experiences with allstar going above and beyond. But for factual purposes I'll give a specific detailed instance. We had a member that had just joined CD in prodigy. Allstar had only met him 2 or 3 times briefly. This member was going through a really rough time and allstar went out of his way to contact this member and get to know him he had a long talk with him just making sure he was okay and to see if there was anything he could do to help. He stayed up late when this member got upset just so he could talk to him and he made him feel much better. He is an amazing general and he cares about all of his members and all of CD. Taking a lot of time out of his personal day to care for his members not only with community based issues but to insure that the members of this division have the support they need for personal issues as well. He is a wonderful General and friend.
  9. Honestly... this is really hard
  10. Love it! Great point @go away. Thanks for telling us what stands out about KSI to you. Now let's get everyone else to jump in here and let us learn something about them
  11. I would love to hear from everyone about what makes KSI special to you? Have you had any specific experiences in KSI that stand out to you? I think this would be a good thread for members of KSI in different division or even from web ops to clan ops to get to know each other!
  12. I am a correctional officer at a maximum security male and female prison.
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