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November Clips/Montage Submission

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It's that time of the month again! It's time to look through your gameclips and submit them into the Monthly Clip and Montage Event! 

This thread will be open from the November 7th - November 21st . 

**When submitting, any content that is currently used on your personal youtube or contains content under a gamertag that is not yours will not be accepted and you will receive 0 points for your submission.**

Points Possible Per Member - 

3 points (1 clip , 1 Montage)

2 Points (2 clips OR 1 Montage)

1 Point ( 1 Clip)

Remember this all counts towards participation within the community! If a person submits a clip and a montage they could potentially gain 3 participation points, 1 point for the clip and 2 points for the montage, keep that in mind. So get involved !!!

Reply below and adhere to the following format for a montage submission:




Link to Montage:

Short Description of the Montage:


And secondly....


We're looking for short 20-45 second long clips of gameplay to feature on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Clips can have voiceovers, music, or whatever, and hopefully they'll show off great skill, incredible luck, incredibly bad luck, or immeasureably bad skill.


So, if you have a crazy clip you want to share with KSI and the world, follow these instructions.

We can't guarantee all submitted clips will be posted on the social media, but the really good ones definitely will be.

Have fun with it! There are no prizes involved, just pride, and getting your gameplay (one clip at a time) broadcast through our Social Media!

So... Get your clip from or and fill out the following form.





Link to Clip:



Please ensure you use the correct format when posting a submission. Thank you and good luck

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Game Clip

Gamertag: Poprdog

Division: LS Trocity

Game: Black Ops 4 - Blackout 

Link to Clip:

Description: Playing some blackout when an unfortunate accident occurs when my partner landed...

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Gamertag: tiredCalico 

Division: ES

Game: GTA V

Link to Clip:

Sometimes, you need to take it easy.

Game: overwatch

Link to Clip:

Description: Please, Don't anger a baseball player

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