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  2. I witness on behalf of Pinky 7 for this award because without her this Div. possibly would have Fallen!! I have worked hand in hand with her for months on fixing issues as well as dealing with drama amongst members! She definitely fills out multiple roles here in TW and puts in more Hard work than anyone I've ever seen in this Div.! She always reflects us in a positive light and in turn our members do the same!! And HRS. logged......I don't think I could count the amount of time spent with members and just general work to fix what was broken over here!!! I just wanna thank her for never letting us down!!! And never giving up on TW!!!! You rock Pinky!!!
  3. Member assistance......well I have had a direct relationship with this man since he joined KSI and our squad as a recruit! He always tries to go the extra mile and he asks what else needs to be done or who can I help out today! He has assisted me on numerous occasions with members and meetings and he does truly care a lot about his members! Keep it Josh! Set the Standard! Outstanding Service lvl 1......I was Flaws Gen for quite sometime and I have personally witnessed him put time and money into KSI to try and have more fun, more events such as recruiting competitions and just amazing Game nights He puts in a lot of time and effort into his squad to make sure there are things to do as well as taking care of the requirements set forth by myself and the other Leaders! He is outstanding because he never waivers from his determination to keep his members happy and moving in a positive direction! I love him like a brother and the bond that has been made between us will never be broken! Thank you Josh for being an awesome person. And Member! Keep it Going! And don't try to make up words too much! Lol
  4. Ok so where to start for Sworns Oustanding LvL 2....He is one of a very few Members in TW that was here when I was recruited! Most have either left, stepped down or have been removed! He has the Drive to keep going in some of the worst Adversity! He has helped Me myself so many times with issues with Trocity when I was Gen as Well he comes to our Gamenights in Halo even though everyone knows he hates Halo! LOL He makes people feel welcome to chat with him and He does eveything in his power to Drive this Division in The right direction! He is and always will be a huge inspiration to me and to Future KSI Members! Thanx for everything you do for us Sworn and as well all the time and effort! It doesnt go unnoticed!!! Much Love P.S. If you ever snipe me that many times in Keep Driving again im gonna Scream!! LOL 20 times i mean really!! Hahaha goodtimes! Now For his Diehard Award!! I Dont know too many members who wouldnt agree that he is the example of Diehard! The Man has put up with more drama and problems in the last few months than most people could Handle! I have seen him push this Division through multiple poaching states! And we always rise again like a Pheonix from the ashes! I also Have had the honor of being here for most of the Great times and The Bad times and watched Sworn Really light a fire under our Members, our Officers and 7's to really show KSI what we can do!! I Have the Utmost respect and confidence in this 7 and wouldnt trade him for anyone cause We need Leaders and he Is Definetly a DieHard Leader in KSI and In Life!! Love ya Bro!
  5. Our Impact Will Be Felt!! We Wont Go AWAY~~~

  6. The Worlds a crazy Place so make sure you Strap on your Helmet!! LOL

  7. I can witness for KSI Ni9hthawk he has been a crucial trainer in impulse helping get the squads recruits off the recruit tag and into the squad and making them feel apart of impulse as well as TW! He has always Gone above what is asked of him on more than one occation he has gotten me in a party chat and we have organized CO Squad Gamenights together as well as he has just come to me for advice and the fact that he is willing to take it upon himself to find the answer to his problem rather than wait for it to fix itself or someone else to do it for him tells me that Ni9hthawk will be an amazing officer here in TW!!
  8. Definetly Can Witness for this Guy he has been my right hand man in Trocity for So long that he is as much apart of being Gen as I do he has trained over 30 members as well as hosted Workshops to help all of TW. He has stayed on till the weee Hours of the morning playing with members in gamenights and making the members here in TW feel like this is definetly like a second family! I coundnt possibly have asked anymore of Trooper because most of the time I was telling him to slow down and let us do it together but the DUDE is a Workhorse LOL Keep Up The Standard For Us In TW Trooper!
  9. I can attest for Legal 7 as a mentor. I have known Legal since he was an officer and before Gen and 7 status!! He has always been an inspiration to me and those around him! I have had Legal as a mentor since I watched him Fly up through the ranks and Becoming 7 as well he has always done whatever he can to help out our members and myself as well he is now my CO FO over Trocity and I couldnt be happier cause I know there are more members that will take his teachings and become amazing officers under his instruction and Guidance!!!! GO LEGAL You Da MAN!!!!!
  10. I will Witness for this award because Flow was my Co Fo in overload and I remeber him dealing with the craziness of drama over there for awhile and then he transferred to a new squad and stepped down as well more drama follows and He moves again and as usual drama follows and He is always active in the squads hes in it just seems that drama loves flow and Flow loves Drama so They duke it out all the time but that doesnt keep Flow from being a Great KSI Member! Thanx For everything youve done for me and this community you crazy dude! lol
  11. I can witness for this award because I was an officer in his squad when we were having some major drama with a particular member and Domo dealt with most of those problems! And as well I remember hearing about the drama he caused in Overload before I got there. And Domo had also told me about him reaching his breaking point and ready to throw in the towel! He deserves this award for putting up with and giving out the Bullpoopy! lol
  12. Director Gamertag- KSI Greg 7 [ Director/ TW] Greg 7 is a very down to earth director that makes you feel on the same level as him when he instructs people. he also invites people to games and also joins in on Gamenights as well as Workshops. He is very active within our Division and makes his presence known all around KSI Div Leader Gamertag-KSI Heero 7 [ Division Leader/ TW] Heero has kept TW at the Top of the division heap since I joined KSI!! He puts in a ton of work to keep us leading by example. And I find he is a great judge of character and has continued to improve himself so to be able to lead this division to new heights. Co-Div Gamertag- KSI Sworn 7 [ Co-Div/ TW] Sworn is one of those leaders that is fairly quiet so when he is talking most people should listen because he is probably got something important to say. Also he is an amazing leader and always puts his Division first. I think Sworn as well as our other leaders is what makes TW run like a well oiled machine and without one of them the whole thing fals apart. Founder Gamertag- KSI Payton 7 [ Founder/ TW] Where to start Payton is a funny and intelligent founder. He knows when to have fun and ehen we need to be serious. He makes TW a fun place as well he interacts with recruits and officers alike. He is very active on all fronts from forums to game activity he is not far if members need to find him. Co-Founder Gamertag- KSI Nico 7 [ Co-Founder/ TW] Nico has made me into the KSI Officer I am today. He definetly leads by example and very active on a daily basis. Everyone in TW knows who Nico is because he tries to be active with all of his squads and does an amazing job at it. He definetly puts his members and recruits before himself which is a great trait for a leader and I hope I can continue in his footsteps. General Gamertag- KSI ToxicRain [General/ Killjoy] Ok so Toxicrain is by far one of the best generals we have. She is alaways active as well as always with her recruits showing them the KSI Way and mentoring The new future of Killjoy. She is also finds a way to be in gamenights with other squads as well as Co host a workshop with me. She is also a sweet person who genuinely cares about the well being of her members. Captain Gamertag- KSI YopYop [1st Captain/ Riot] Yop Yop has been around me since I joined KSI and has tried his best to lead his fellow members to be the best they can be. He has had to push through rough times and has put his nose to the grind stone when its needed. He has held together a squad that seemed like it may be failing and got his members to revive the squad and make it amazing!! Lieutenant Gamertag- KSIxTrooper [2nd LT/ Trocity] Trooper has been a key part to my squads success he is always on the forums with info on gamenights as well as updates on CTF team practices. He recruits like its nobodys buisness and still finds time to meet with his recruits and get them trained as well as answer any questions they may have and if he cant answer it he uses the chain of command perfectly to find the answer. I see a promising future with Trooper and I hope to see him with his own squad someday. Member Gamertag- KSIDethcorpse12 [1st LT/ Trocity] Dethcorpse has been with me from Overload to Trocity and has always been a key member to be around. He has helped members with Xbox live gold accounts and even spent quality time with the people he helps so that they feel comfortable with the squad as well as the officers and really pushes to make Trocity feel like a home away from home. And Make Trocity an Amazing squad to belong to I dont know what I would do without him he is a key officer in Trocity and KSI as a whole!
  13. I can definetly witness for this award because during my time with Domo just in Trocity not even in overload lol Most of the Drama in Trocity at one point was centered around Domo and his lack of activity as our General! lol Which goes to show even a ëneral can be a queen....as well as the incident in Overload too! Keep being You Domo!!
  14. Gotta Be Metal All Day : 1. Hatebreed 2. Sick Of It All 3. Madball 4. Death Before Dishonor 5. Wisdom In Chains 6. Famous Last Words 7. Attila 8. Lamb Of God 9. Parkway Drive 10. Upon A Burning Body ........ill stop there for now.
  15. Our Impact Will Be Felt...We Won't Go Away!!!!

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