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  1. VENM VII @VENM VII OTY Atendee I hosted it
  2. VENM VII @VENM VII Spider Fan Club Sent Proof to AAP Chat
  3. When I got the N64 when I was 8
  4. Hello all it is I The ChadMin and I'm coming to witness on my boi Tony Two Blades OS Nom. First and foremost Shootah has taught me things maybe not KSI things but still things such as "Waste Management" and the infamous Banana Palace. In my opinion Shootah is the clear definition of the ugly duckling turning into the graceful swan. When he came into the community back in 21 he was a bit rough around the edges but after a few weeks he settled into his own and started to make the moves necessary to progress in his KSI career so much that things he was doing were with such grace and poise that it was hard to believe he hadn't been in for a year at this point and it's that dapper style he possess that made him into a Boss Aka the Gen of Hydra now some things in life came up that took him out but Shootah being Shootah took the necessary steps to come back and climb the ranks to become Gen again and now he is that swan I was telling yal about.
  5. GT VENM VII Award Thankful For You @VENM VII Evidence sent to AAP Chat
  6. My late grandfather served in WW2 but to me this is a day to honor and recognize the men and women past and present who fought or continue to fight for our freedom.
  7. Honestly as a kid I didn't like trick or treating I always told my mom I didn't need to go my dad had money for candy lol nowadays I don't get many trick or treaters so when I get tired of giving candy out I will give someone the whole bucket
  8. It's that time again for another Forums Blitz this time we're gonna be collaborating with our Twitter So here's the prompt: What is your favorite Halloween memory or if you celebrate Day of the Dead what's your favorite memory of that.
  9. VENM VII All Eyes On Me @VENM VII I have the right amount of views
  10. Hello all so I just want to come on here and give my two cents on this subject ever since day one of her joining KSI Mama has been the definition of outstanding service with all the hardwork and dedication she's put in to help keeping this community be what it is today in fact I'm not sure if it's a record or something but this lady got her first OS two months into being here as she joined in July of 21 and got the OS in September of 21 so that definitely has to count for something but as we talk about nowadays Mama wears many hats and she still executes everything with poise and grace just as she did on day one she sets the bar as to what a Leader should be and plus she got blocked by the .com X account so if that don't show you she's made it then I don't know what will but thank you @KSI WldMama7 for all you do
  12. VENM VII @VENM VII Human Billboard Check AAP Chat or My Twitter if you follow me
  13. GT VENM VII Award Fear The Beard or SH Socialist Party @VENM VII Evidence I'll post it AAP Chat and I know they're both retired so I'll let you guys decide on if I should get one of them
  14. Infinitum VI @The ChadMin The Pinklist Sent proof to AAP Chat
  15. So pardon us we're a little late but it's time for another Blitz and this one pertains to the 4th of July so comment below what you did this year or your favorite memory and recieve the 4th of July award Me I cooked out lol and celebrated my birthday
  16. KSI VENUM 7 @The ChadMin Merica Sent proof to AAP chat
  17. KSI VENUM 7 2023 Annual Event Participant and Winner @The ChadMin @KSI Akame 7 can verify that I won the destiny event
  18. KSI VENUM 7 Mount Olympus @The ChadMin I have over 200 awards
  19. KSI VENUM 7 We All Fit Together Marathon Subscriber @The ChadMin Proof is posted in AAP Chat
  20. Inducted Fall Classic 2022 Gamertag: KSI Jewels 7 Jewels joined Web Ops around November of last year. And during that time she's put in the work to make herself a household name. She's a major if not key factor in the running of the day to day operations of the area. She always has her "list" of things that are going on and these are daily things so it is safe to say she keeps up with everything. Aside from doing her daily duties she's a person who likes to organize and host events which is the Web Ops Game Nights. which is something that is exclusive to Web Ops because it gives the members a sense of belonging to the area and not just a sense of them being here to run applications which has always been a plan of mine which with the help of Jewels and the Mods it's became a reality. Now as far as doing her job she does it exceptionally well whenever issues with applicants arises she doesn't tell the Join Mod where they've messed up she let's them find their mistake and WILL TEACH THEM how to fix it which is what we're supposed to be doing here. She has even called me out on mistakes ive made while running apps. There has been a great amount of Senior Join Mods in this area. But Jewels is the first ever Nominee for DHoF at this rank as its usually been the Mods and higher but in my opinion she has set herself apart from past Senior Join Mods and she embodies what her name is and that is a Jewel but most of all she is the clear definition of mentor, a friend, but most of all a leader! Inducted Fall Classic 2021 KSI DarkAngeI 7 Testimony: Why does this member belong in the Web Ops Hall of Fame? DarkAngel has been around Web Ops for a while but her dedication to the area is something that is admirable I can recall the initial months of her tenure in Web Ops and she was definitely was one of the go getters in the area I definitely recall never having to correct her on Web Ops issues which that hard work that led to her promotion to Senior Join Mod now this is where she did hit a little bit of a rough point but dark was constantly in contact with me and trying to figure out ways she can remain active and not fall inactive and ways she could better herself which she did and did those things exceptionally well and even though she got skipped by some other people in promotions she never let that prevent her from being an impact in the area which now leads her to next promotion of Forums Moderator and even though she was a Join Moderator she wanted to Branch out to the other area of Web Ops which was GSM and even though that area is no longer around Dark was definitely something that area needed always promoting positivity and activity and was the main person to get with one GSM who was special needs and those two working together brought forth some of the best work in that section of the forums now Dark is a Senior Moderator and essentially my right hand woman for Web Ops at this point even though she works these crazy hours she's always available to chat about issues and ideas and such Web Ops is a vital point to the community and she is an important part and aspect of that she definitely goes above and beyond for the staff ensuring everything is running smoothly and accurately which I strongly feel is deserving of her induction to the Web Ops Hall of Fame so with that being said i do wanna tell her thank you for all the hard work and dedication she puts in the area and I'm definitely grateful for her being here
  21. KSI VENUM 7 May The Forth Be With You @The ChadMin Sent proof to AAP Chat
  22. GT KSI VENUM 7 Award Noice Account @The ChadMin Evidence I meet all the criteria
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