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  1. Oh geez what can I say about rogue. Ever since I was recruited by rogue she’s shown nothing but hard work and dedication to this community. If there was any kind of issue she would get right to it and handled it anyway she could. if she sees members by themselves the doesn’t hesitate to invite them and play a game with them. Even when I’m unsure of something she is always there to help me out with whatever it is. She’s taught me a lot (including to be sassy) through out my time in this Community. P.s jackpot says hi
  2. Name: KSI xShooter Link to Forums Account: https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/48884-ksi-xshooter/ Award-/-Achievement: Gamerscore Hoarder Reason-/-Evidence: I have 20,000+ Gamer score
  3. Name: KSI xShooter Link to Forums Account: @KSI xShooter Award-/-Achievement: legend Reason-/-Evidence: 5 Awards Staff Award Requested: Execute Order 77
  4. Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Shooter9283 Award: New member certified Evidence:(If Required - For this certification there is none): Completed individual training on the New Member Training Workshop Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI xJAM
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