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SW: Minecraft Build-Off (Building begins 5/19/18)

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Only Division Leaders (or highest rank available) should post up the team roster below.

This event is a part of KSI's annual Spirit Week. Saturday, May 19th marks the start of a three (3) week long Minecraft Build-off! Divisional Leaders have until 5/19 at 7:30pm EST to sign up their Division. 


Rules and Regulations:

  • You can start building on 5/19 at 8pm EST.
  • The world seed and the theme will be messaged out to all Map Holders on 5/19 at 8pm EST, this seed and theme must be used by all teams. 
  • Any team that does not use the provided seed/theme will be disqualified.
  • Must be in creative mode.
  • No texture packs can be used in the build-off.
  • Only one team per Division.
  • There can be an unlimited number of teammates on your team, as it is Division wide.
  • Only members from your division may participate in the building of your map.
  • Judging will take place in-between June 9th and June 19th, by T&E Staff Members and the BoD.
  • There will be a points system involved for judging that adds to your divisions Spirit Week score.
  • Please make sure to include a time that works best for the Map Holder for judging purposes.


Please use the following format:

Map Holder: 


Best Viewing Time:

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