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Web Ops Hall of Fame Inductees

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Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 @KSI xKing 77

Rank: Admin

Recruit Date: 7/31/2013

Induction Date: 3/28/2021


The inaugural Web Ops HoF class wouldn't be the same if King wasn't in it looking back on his nomination everything he wrote in there is the absolute 100% truth he changed the game of Web Ops for the better getting new and fresh things for Web Ops is something hes always been about  He changed the way people were trained in the Join Area when i got in i was handed a Google Doc and was sent on my way and I hit him up and was really confused and he asked if I was trained and I told him im not sure honestly so at that point he took it upon himself and even though he was still a Join Mod himself he ran my first ap with me making sure no mistakes were made and to this day almost three years ago and that practice is still used to this day to train any new Join Mod hammer swinger extraordinaire is something he is he might actually hold the record for most forums bans in a day lol especially when it was time for us to use our Moderator powers to ban people i believe the term he used F*** Em Ban That B**** when we look at the Web Ops Team even though he's the CEO of the community he still comes in to lend a hand when needed he's always got your back especially when you gotta deal with a hostile individual or a div that has made a mistake hell even when you gotta take on the scariest person you ever meet in the community (Brutus 7) that's entire story in itself. When you break this all down the contributions to Web Ops by King you see the impact he has had here and continues to have whether its the present of future he's gonna be around making that impact for everyone in Web Ops.



Gamertag: KSI Dropshot 7 @Mr. DropShot

Rank: Head Admin

Recruit Date: 7/23/2012

Induction Date: 3/28/2021


Dropshot was the last Forums Moderator to be hired through the application process but once the switch up where Mods either came from the Join Area or GSM sections Drop stepped up and learned both areas so that he could be familiar with them so that he could assist anybody with any questions or issues they might have and he took to these areas naturally and it wasn’t long before he was on par with Moderators that came from these sections eventually his hard work got him to Senior Mod where he kept that hard working mentality going that eventually gained him the Big Bossman title or Head Admin as its properly known Drop has wrote many of the training guides and tools we use currently.

His contributions to Web Ops are many he is truly a pillar of this area and the community as a whole often times achievements is what matters to some but honestly to me it’s always been about the impact we make and yes he a lot of achievements here but I truly feel his impact in this area is what matters the most for this Hall of Fame recognition



Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7 @Chad 2 Badd

Rank: Senior Forums Moderator

Recruit Date: 5/18/2014

Induction Date: 3/28/2021


VENUM is that leader who will help anybody in need and even those people who are hard to deal with it doesn't matter who you are or what rank you are he's gonna be there no matter what and he will ensure that you are understanding everything your being taught. Sometimes he finds himself having to make the hard choices that affect this area  and some of those choices have him staring down an angry mob but no matter what, he does the best for this area, when I got into Web Ops last year I honestly hadn't got to really interact with him even though he was my former Division Leader and he had reputation of being scary but once I was in here he was one of the first people to reach out to me to make sure I was getting acclimated with the area I can recall going to VENUM about many thing join mod related and he was always there to help me and tell off all the assholes on the join apps and I realized that his reputation in Clan Ops wasn't the actual person. VENUM is a person who takes pride and passion in what he does. Venum has definitely always been there for me and helped me when others weren't available. He is a great leader in the area and is always looking to help.


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