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  1. Happy 4th everyone! Going to fireworks with my girl and a few friends, gonna enjoy the day off from work!
  2. I would pay off all my mom and dads bills and buy them a beautiful beach house. They have to me for almost 23 years of my life and If I came into some serious money, it would be time for me to pay them back and show them my appreciation <3
  3. Wishing everyone good luck in this years Spirit Week! I hope everyone has fun, enjoys themselves and meets a bunch of new people! Let the Voting begin!!! Best of luck!
  4. Security Check Guide This Guide is used in conjunction with the Security Check Workshop found here: Introduction: Security is a very important aspect of being a KSI Leader. You work diligently to keep your division safe from individuals who are toxic or have associations with others whom KSI deemed to be bad individuals via Blacklist and/or Security Risks. Other Security concerns you may have is how to handle a blacklist or security risked member reaches out to you; or if you witness a situation involving outside individuals trying to poach KSI members. We will cover all that in this guide! Note: Blacklist and Security Members are individuals that, KSI, recognizes as having malicious intent and cause nothing but trouble for KSI. In an effort to protect our members, these designations are issued to enforce a "NO CONTACT" policy with the aforementioned designated communities and it's members. When we are, searching for prospective new recruits, recruiting members of KSI and ensuring our members are safe we conduct Security Checks. The more vigilant we are with security the safer our members are from harm. So for these reasons KSI usually implements security checks which come in 3 different stages that each serve a purpose. These stages are: ● Pre-Recruitment Security Check ● Recruiting Security Check ● Member Security Check Please note that each process will be similar in terms of what you're looking for during your checks but also with some minor differences. For example, if you are doing a Pre-Recruitment you will look at their Gamerscore but you don't need to during a Member Security Check because by that point it's already been checked by recruiter, recruit club/tag holder and promoter. Before We Move On: Let's provide some clarity on what is a blacklist and a security risk. Blacklisted - a blacklisted individual is an individual that has broken one or multiple rules found in the C.o.C. in such a fashion that senior leadership has deemed them unfit for the community. Current members of KSI must remove and cease all contact with the individual once they have been blacklisted. These individuals are not permitted to be in or around KSI until the blacklist has been lifted Security Risked - A security risked individual is a previous or current member that has either associated with blacklisted or security risked Xbox users or communities, created situations that caused discord between members in a squad or division, mentioned past affiliations with specific clans or individuals, or created an undesirable and or uncomfortable environment within the squad or division. In the event of it being a divisional Security risk, members of that division cannot communicate with the member while other divisional members can. If it is Community wide, then the no contact goes for any KSI member. Core Discussion Courtesy of KSI Barb 7, here is a table you can use as a reference point for security checking after you read This Guide found here: NR - Not required, however a diligent security checker might check these if anything seems suspicious about the person/gamertag XX - The amount of members from other gaming communities is at the discretion of the division and it's divisional 7's staff. ** Friends list privacy settings During recruitment is at the discretion of the division. Some divisions ask recruits to add the divisional 7's staff as friends so their friends list can be set to friends only. Other divisions can choose to leave it open until their private promotion. Pre-Recruitment Security Checks This security check is a very quick one and for some it is considered the "Eye" test so to speak; as you are briefly determining if someone is eligible for recruitment before meeting them. Basically you're looking for any indicators that this individual wouldn't be eligible to be recruited based on the information you have at that time. Here is a quick checklist on things to look at during this security check: Gamertag Does the gamer tag reflect another community? Profile Information Does the Name, Location, or Bio reflect any other communities or ranks? Does it contain anything that's against our code of conduct? Gamerscore Do they have the required amount of Gamerscore? (1000 Gamerscore or higher unless on lockdown when requirement is increased) Privacy Settings Is their friends list closed or open? If Opened, do they have any noticeable clusters of members from another community? Checking for Blacklist and Security Risk members Recruitment Security Checks KSI is an invite-only community, this means that people can only join KSI if you as a recruiter basically "Vouch" for them. This is where we must always implement some security measures to help make sure we aren't allowing toxic, underaged, blacklisted and/or members currently in another community to sneak their way into the KSI. This type of check is MANDATORY before you go into the recruitment process and will be more thorough then Pre-Recruitment Check. When you find a potential recruit you should conduct the following security check: Friends list - No Blacklist or Security Risked Members on Friends list. Must have some friends (No Minimum requirement) Must not be apart of another community club and/or have other community squad clubs A community is a group of individuals organized with a: Rank structure Similar recruiting style to KSI Currently have more than 30+ individuals in it with a Community tag in their gamer tags. (Ex. KSI,XGN,LOG) Doesn't have Alot of members from any 1 community. (The amount is at the discretion of your divisional 7s staff) Note: If the member has any of the issues listed above, ask them questions regarding it. They must remove any individuals deemed by the recruiter to continue with the recruitment. If you don't feel comfortable with the member anymore based on what you see and what they told you, you may direct them to the join/rejoin area to get recruited post join area security check or get recruited elsewhere. Profile: Bio and Location do not contain any other community information such as; Recruiting Information Rank Derogatory message against COC Real name spot must also not contain a rank or title for another community. Gamerscore must be over 1000 or higher if on Lockdown. Activity feed Must have a history up to 30 days for you to analyze You are looking for game variety , game clips etc. Any and all friends added during that time Last part of any security check should be asking 2 simple questions. 1st Question: How Old are You? What Year were you born? Note: The purpose of this question is to ensure the member is the proper age to join KSI. If they tell you their actual age they should be able to tell you the actual year they were born as well. Any slip ups and confusion usually means they are lying. 2nd Question: Have you ever been apart of another community like KSI before? Note: You need to make sure you aren't recruiting someone who is a former or current member of another community. You are asking if they have a similar rank structure or recruiting style as we do, not concerned with small clans that played 1 game. If you find these members, direct them to the join area or rejoin area, if they are former KSI. You can also take it a step further and google the recruits gamer tag. This can be surprisingly helpful as you would be surprised what information can pop up for you. However this isn't mandatory and not always reliable but just some food for thought. After you have checked and verified that the aforementioned requirements are fulfilled you will continue on with the recruitment process. For tips on improving your recruiting, please read : Member Security Check: Creating a Security Checklist A Security Checklist is a list of members in your squad that have any of the following issues: Blacklist or Security Risked individuals on friends list Location/Bio Errors Privacy Settings Errors Appearing Offline or Last seen 5+ days ago Joined Clubs that belong to other communities When compiling this list it is recommended that you create a KSL Xbox account. This will help you double check privacy settings from an account that is NOT Friends with your members. Note: Creating a KSL account helps ensure people cannot create it to impersonate you. Even though Xbox now employs the use of Discord tags it just another way to be safe. You will go through each member assigned to you and begin with their privacy settings and profile information. When checking location and bio make sure everything is spelled correctly and capitalization is correct. From an account that is not friends with the member you should: ● Not be able to see their friends list ● Able to see their location and bio Then you will check their friends list from your regular account as long as your friends. It's recommended that all officers have their members added and all members have their officer staffs added as friends partly for this reason. Similar to a Recruitment Security Check, check their activity feed for any recently added individuals that they should not have added. Then check their friends list for the same thing; ● Other community clubs/squad tags ● Blacklist or Security Risked individuals Note: Over the course of your time within KSI, some people in your squad or division will leave to join another community. In some cases that includes groups like TSB, J2H, or any community that is designated as blacklisted/Security Risked from KSI or Security Risked from your respective division. This is why divisions utilize the security channel on discord to communicate whenever a member has left and joined one of the aforementioned communities. Ultimately, that member/s would need to be removed off the friends list you are checking. Once you have fully checked a member, write down any errors or things they need to fix. Once you have compiled a list of all members you were required to check, begin communicating with the member to get the aforementioned issues fixed and report to your general when finished. Summary We as a community work very hard to ensure our members enjoy a safe and positive gaming community. Through our security checks we make sure everyone has the proper privacy settings as well as a clean Friends list to help prevent toxic individuals from affecting our members. During situational problems like poaching or actions that force divisions to go into Lockdown, our security checks are at the foremost importance for keeping everyone safe
  5. Problem Solving Introduction Along the road of learning to be a leader of a gaming community you will find yourself in different situations. Having an open mind will guide you through understanding different personalities, beliefs and ideals. Although for some this can sometimes result in a disagreement or altercation which can lead to a variety of potential disciplinary actions, if applicable; such as rank suspension, verbal warnings etc. We will cover classification for some problems you may encounter and the recommended parties that should be handling it. Lastly, We are going to discuss some ideals and tips to prepare you as both members and leaders to avoid situations; or resolve them correctly if you cannot avoid them. Note: Please keep in mind that while multiple situations could be the same, i.e 2 situations that both broke the same Code of Conduct; doesn't mean that they will receive the same disciplinary action. Conflicting Witness accounts, lack of evidence, past history (repeat offender or first-time offender) are just some of the reasons that disciplinary actions in response to that situation despite being, similar to another situation, can differ. Core Discussion So to explain this better we will be breaking up all potential situations into categories that will classify what ranks should be handling these problems. These categories are: ● Inter-Squad ● Inter-Divisional ● Community Wide As the name suggests, problems involving a singular squad can be considered an Inter-Squad situation; where a problem that affects multiple squads in a singular division is considered an Inter-Divisional situation. Anything that affects multiple divisions and/or multiple operations in KSI is considered the latter, Community Wide situation. We will also cover potential MAJOR and MINOR infractions that can fall in each category which will depict whether higher ranked leaders may be required or not. Note: To save some time we will try to cover the most consistent or common situations but if you think more should be added please contact the Education department. Inter-Squad So Inter-Squad situations are defined as any problem that involves 1 or more members of a single squad. These are typically disagreements, arguments in a game night, verbal altercations between squad mates, etc. Most of these situations are normally handled by experienced officers and/or the squad's General especially when talking about Minor Inter-Squad situations. This is especially true when handling first time offenders and issuing verbal warnings. However, Major Inter-Squad are more severe situations that should only be handled by the General and/or divisional 7's staff. These are when members are beginning to leave KSI or transfer from the squad because of a situation. This is also the classification when you will rank suspend , issue a 1 strike or remove a member from the squad and/or division. Note: Refer to the How to Resolve section for explanation on strike system, rank suspensions and "1 strike policy". Additionally, There may be situations that are considered Inter-Squad but handled mainly by the divisional 7's staff. These situations are usually due to a conflict of interest or the general unable to remain unbiased. Note: Rank suspensions, a "Issuing of a 1 strike" and Squad/Divisional "removals" must have a divisional 7's staff present for their approval or for execution of the disciplinary action. Inter-Divisional So Inter-Divisional situations are defined as problems that involve 1 or more members of a division but not in the same squad; or that the situation AFFECTS the division as a whole. These are typically scenarios like poaching, demoting 7's staff member, altercations between 2 or more squads, etc.These situations are ALWAYS handled by either a divisional 7's staff member and in some cases with assistance from the Director especially if it's resulting in the removal of an individual from the division. Minor Inter-Divisional situations are usually handled by the respective Co-Founder and passed up to the Divisional Leader or Highest ranked 7's staff member and Director. These altercation are the most common to be recorded and submitted for a Court Record as it tends to be severe if the 7's staff have to be involved. Most commonly these are “altercations” that result in a "1 strike policy" being implemented or rank suspension of an officer within a squad. Major Inter-Divisional, are situations that are more severe than the aforementioned Minor situations. These altercations or situations put the very health of your division at stake so the disciplinary actions are usually more severe including but not limited to removal from the division and even security risking an individual from your division. These will ALWAYS require involvement of the Director and in some cases the Chief of Staff/ Board of Directors (for Security Risk). Community Wide The less common classification is Community Wide situations that affect the entirety of KSI Clan Operations branch. Infractions on this level usually result in actions such as Divisional Lockdown, Blacklist or Security Risked designations from the Board of Directors and can affect the health of multiple divisions. The most common situations in recent memory is attacks by TSB on multiple divisions that resulted in poaching, harassment, kicking individuals offline and other toxic behavior. These infractions are usually committed by another community rather than 1 or 2 individuals. These are ALWAYS handled by the Directors and the Board of Directors. How to Handle a Situation Now we gave you a brief description on what different classifications for situations that happen within KSI. Now we will focus on handling Inter-Squad situations and resolving them as the other 2 classifications utilize the same process but the resolution can vary GREATLY. Note: If we are considering KSI disciplinary actions as a "3 strikes your out" system then a; ● Verbal warning is considered strike 1. ● Rank Suspensions are usually strike 2 Rank Suspensions are temporary removal from officer position and duties for a specific time. ● Officer demotions and removal from division being strike 3. ● If placed on a "1 strike" typically it means you are on probationary period for a specified amount of time where another infraction can result in your removal. So first and foremost you are brought a situation as an officer from your members. You must ALWAYS get every side of the story from ALL parties involved. This should be done in multiple parties with limited attendance meaning just you, and who you are speaking with to prevent distraction. Do not engage in conversating about punishments or opinions on the matter with any of parties involved you must remain professional and unbiased. Lastly analyze WHO is at FAULT and if it's more than 1 individual what is the best way to resolve it Also Ask for any potential evidence including but not limited to: ● Screenshots of conservation ● Witness accounts written and submitted ● Screenshots displaying the offense (party lobby, Profile Bio's etc) After Collecting Information: Once you have obtained what you believed to be the full story and sufficient evidence, communicate and submit everything to your general and divisional 7's staff. If it was a very minor altercation solely between 2 individuals you should act as a mediator for them. Sit them down in a party and try to help them get on the same page in regards to why their actions were unacceptable and they could potentially be friends if they give it a chance. At the very least tell them that type of actions will not be tolerated and issue verbal warnings to them both if they refuse to drop the issue. If they decide they can no longer coincide within the same squad, communicate with your general to see if transferring them is a potential avenue to help them out. In most cases that no code of conduct was severely broken and only has 1 individual in trouble, it should be resolved with an explanation as to why that action cannot happen again and that this will be the only verbal warning they will get; further infractions can result in a more severe disciplinary action taken. Note: If you have sufficient evidence you may send this to your divisional 7's staff members to be submitted in for a record. If the member is a repeat offender or was already placed on a "1 strike" while causing the infraction, the situation now becomes a MAJOR Inter-Squad situation and should be handed off to your general. The disciplinary action for this infraction should always result in a new court record created to continue tracking the history of altercations involving this member in cases needed in the future. Note: General's can only remove an individual from their squad with cause. Removals from a division must come from a Divisional 7's staff member (Along with Director) and followed by instructing the removed individual on how to post an kicked and remove application. This is to prevent any confusion that the member was simply removed from their division and not security risked or blacklisted from KSI. Summary Hopefully this guide helped clarify some questions regarding how to resolve problems within KSI. There will be situations that could fall into more than 1 classification listed above but using what you learned here, you will be able to treat it as a specific classification and handle it accordingly. Note: If you feel something should be edited or added in please contact KSI Skarzx 77 or @Scarface 77
  6. Advanced Recruiting Guide Introduction Recruiting is one of the most important aspects of Clan Operations within KSI. Through recruiting we increase not only the size of our squads and division but potentially bring a future leader into the community. The process itself is outlined here: Basic Recruiting Guide. To further assist our officers throughout the Community, we will go over some additional tips and methods to help improve your recruiting prowess. Personality is one of the biggest aspects that goes into being a successful recruiter. People buy into what you're selling because they are essentially buying into you as an individual. However there is a lot more that goes into the act of recruiting then just following the procedure step by step as sometimes you get thrown a curveball. We will cover in-depth several aspects that coincide with recruiting such as: ● Vetting Potential Recruits ● Different Recruiting Methods ● Game Type Note: If you think there are more aspects we should add to the guide please contact the Education Department. Main Discussion Vetting Potential Recruits You should never recruit anyone into KSI without at least spending some time with them in game. You need to make sure they are positive and good individuals who don't disrespect or act toxic towards others. While you are playing the games you can even conduct your SECURITY CHECK in the middle of waiting for the next game to start. You can also spend this time speaking about KSI or answering any questions they may have about the community. The primary goal is to find out WHAT they would look for in a gaming community and utilizing your knowledge of the community, inform them of how KSI can appeal to that. Examples: ● If the member wants a competitive atmosphere Inter Squad Game Night's and Tournaments Weekend Warfare KSI Annual Events like Spring Break. ● More people to play with Mention your division size and how many squads you have. Mention game types your squad plays ● People to raid with or play specific game modes Mention if you have players who have similar interests ● Tend to play at specific hours of the day or specific days of the week Ask yourself if your squad has events available for this person to attend if they join Ask yourself if your squad has members who are online around that same time Note: If you feel like the individual is a good fit for KSI but your squad doesn't have the resources they are looking for you can direct them to another squad within the division or to the Join Area for another division to pick them up potentially. You never want to put someone in a position that they cannot fully experience KSI as they will potentially leave with a sour opinion of the community. Different Recruiting Methods There are quite a few different methods you can employ to recruit future members into KSI. The trick is finding a method that fits your style of recruiting and plays to your strengths. If you think you're a good salesman up front, a more personal and lengthy process might be beneficial. If you operate with time constraints and can't sit in random lobbies for hours, you can try a process that allows you to contact individuals even when you're not online at that moment. As you read these styles don't be afraid to practice them or tweak them to find the perfect method for YOU. ● 1. Friend Zoned This is the tried and true way of finding new members, to simply become their friend. This can be broken down in one or two ways. In no way is it being suggested that you befriend people only to recruit them. Basically, you meet someone in a game and they message you to join up and play, or you invite them to your party. You play a few games with them, spend time to get to know them. This can sometimes take a few days, or even weeks, to accomplish. The more interactions and time spent with the individual will inherently also introduce them to other members in KSI as well. Ultimately, this will help develop a relationship between the recruit and the recruiter, as well as other members of the squad. ● 2. New Phone, Who Dis? It is as simple as this: play games, send out a mass message. This recruiting style has been around for a long time and does have it’s benefits. Whatever game you are trying to recruit for, load up a few matches sand fill out your recent players list. When that list is full, send out a mass message inviting them to learn more about KSI. Normally, the message will look something like these examples: "Hey! I’m recruiting for KSI, a semi-competitive gaming community, and Ii was curious if you might be interested in learning more. Hit me up if you are!" "Sick of queuing with rando’s? Well, hey I’m from a large gaming community called KSI and we are always looking to grow our player base! I ran into you a few games ago and thought you would make a great addition to our ranks if you are interested feel free to message me back and I can answer any questions that you may have!" Now the messages can change from person to person, and it is, in fact, better to personalize them. Note: Please keep in mind that we still want to get to know our recruits, so don’t forget to take the time to do so. 70% of the time you will be ignored, 5% of the time you will get a positive response, and the remaining 25% will most likely be people getting crude with you. Like any good salesman, however, getting your foot in the door can be a good first step to introducing them to the KSI lifestyle. This method can be very useful if you do not have as much time to spend online as you do to answer messages through your phone or computer ● 3. Gone Fishin’ An Xbox One recruiter’s best friend, Looking For Groups aka LFGs! Utilizing this tool allows you to communicate a message to any and all players who are also looking to group up within a game. There are two ways to use LFGs. ● First, send out a Looking For Group message on the Xbox One. ● The second is to use an LFG application on your phone. For both of these instances, you can personalize what you are looking for, such as age or microphone requirement, whether you are playing casual or competitive, etc. Example: “Recruiting for a KSI *game* squad. NO name change required. If you are looking for a group of gamers to play and create friendships, consider joining KSI today. Any questions let me know via message.” Similar to mass messaging, you can use this method while you're casually queuing in a game and just interact when you get a hit. This is especially useful if the in game communication is limited as people who don't have a lot of friends to game with will rely on this more than sporadic conversations in game. ● 4. Welcome to the Thunderdome! So this can be a go-to, bread and butter, whatever you want to call it because its effectiveness is solely based on your abilities as opposed to the other methods. All you need to do this is a game, and, depending on the size of parties each game allows, enough people – including yourself – to allow for a full party, minus 2 empty spaces – for recruits. You fill out those empty spots with potential recruits, whether it is through others’ friends lists or loading up with randoms, and PLAY SOME GAMES. As you’re playing, you can do some things to make recruitment easier such as security checking the members friends list, or paying attention to how they act/react to various stages of the game. If you catch some rough losses as well as some overwhelming victories will help you to figure out how these potential recruits carry themselves. Once you are comfortable, you can pitch the recruitment. Or, also, as you are playing, you can drop information to let them know how you roll as a squad/division. At this moment, if they say yes or agree to be recruited, you can then send them and one of your already established party members to another party to do the recruitment, while you rinse and repeat, filling your lobby up with new people. You can also do this on a wider scale by setting up teams of two or three in multiple parties, as long as each party has a recruiter present. When one leaves to go do the recruitment, there will still be someone available to continue the lobby, and rinse and repeat. Note: Some divisions do this as a weekly Division Wide Recruiting Game Night. Consider trying that out in conjunction with your divisional 7's staff. ● 5. Social Networking To expand on an idea pitched during the previous method we will delve deeper into utilizing friends list for potential recruits. One of the easiest ways to find recruits is either the immediate route a recruiter will go or the last route they never considered; utilizing your Friends list. In the grand scheme of gaming you develop bonds and friendships with people over time so when you find yourself now a member of KSI, why not offer your friends the opportunity to try out the community as well? For newer recruiters trying to learn the ropes this is a good tool to begin with simply because you already have a rapport created with your friends and that can be a big help. It's as simple as reaching out either via xbox message or a party invite and just have a chat with them; if it seems like something they're interested in then don't be afraid to offer recruiting them into the community. Game Type Every squad in KSI is made up of members who all play the same game or in some cases multiple games (Open Game Type). So when we are discussing recruiting, unfortunately some games are just easier to recruit off of than others for a few reasons. So for a game to be a solid game type they should have most if not all of these qualities: ● High Activity/ High amount of Looking for groups New and/or Popular Games ● Reliable and loyal fanbase Example being Call of Duty & Halo ● Possible custom games/lobbies (for game nights) ● High Replayability or frequent updates (like battle passes, etc) ● Games with similar themes (Pubg to Apex/Fortnite, etc) Also recognizing the best method to recruit can also be determined by the game. If you check out that games LFG channel and only notice about 30-50 posts on average it might not be as effective to rely on LFG as a primary recruiting style. (Compared to other games that usually have 100+ , also keep in mind about 10-15% of all LFG posts are trolls or spammed nonsense) If the game doesn't update often or drop new content, there is a good chance the player base will move to a similar game with newer content. A good example is the decline in PUBG players when Fortnite and Apex were debuted. Granted they will sometimes return to PUBG but the fluctuation can affect recruiting. This is not to discourage you from trying to still recruit but to help you understand why the results can differ despite putting a lot of effort into it. Lastly, game series like Call of duty tend to come with a reliable and loyal fanbase. Recognizing that you must also understand if newer titles drop the transition to the new game is inevitable. But unlike the topic of PUBG vs Fortnite, most COD players own multiple titles so it doesn't diminish recruiting results as quickly. Note: NEVER recruit on a game you don't enjoy playing or won't be playing consistently. If you want to try a different game for your squad then try to find others to help you with recruiting and retaining those new members. Summary So hopefully you can take something away from this guide. We covered security checking potential recruits, vetting them, different methods to get more potentials and the effects your game type may have on recruiting. Do not be afraid to mix up how you recruit to become proficient in multiple ways, nothing wrong with having options. Note: Any ideas or suggestions to improve the guide please contact KSI Skarzx 77. Or @Scarface 77
  7. Division: The Board 1. Team Captain: KSI xKing 77 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSI RiiOT 7 3. Gamertag of Rep: KSI AIRBORNE 7 4. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Ronin 77 Team Captain's Discord: Mr. King 77#8433
  8. Division: Board Team Captains Discord: Mr. King 77#8433 1. Team Captain: KSI xKing 77 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Ace 7 3. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Ronin 77
  9. Gamertag: KSI xLupa 7 @KSI xLupa 7 Award : 101 Graduate Reason: Member Sat through all 101 classes with Myself. @KSI Starset 7
  10. I can verify the time that this member has been in the community they have gotten more then the required amount of recruits for this award.
  11. KSI Nyx 7 @KSI Nyx 7 Award: Outstanding Service Level 1 Reasoning: I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Nyx when she rejoined the community into WD. I was her Director and I got to watch her hit the ground running. Everyday she was online asking questions on what she had to do to become and officer and how to be the best of the best. She sat through all the required workshops without any hesitation and from there she began learning. By the time I got to be in a party with Nyx she was a SSGT and we got to shooting the breeze about the old days and you could just feel the energy flowing off of her. Nyx sat everyday in a party with anyone who would listen and run them through every workshop they needed, would tell them things they should/could do to become an officer as well as she would Co-host people gamenights just to make sure they got the experience of hosting one. Number thing I think I've always loved most about Nyx is that no matter how busy she is, what's going on in her personal life or anything like that, she never gives up. She legit keeps her door open for all the members instead of just fading away until she feels like reappearing. Nyx's goal is to regain that rank of Co-Founder and showing everyone what shes all about. I could honestly say In clan ops Nyx is amazing.. As for web ops, I got to be the Senior Mod over Nyx for awhile when she joined the mod team and at first (like every new hire) there were a few hiccups but she took from those mistakes and has since started really making massive strides. Recently Nyx has started helping the newbies when things arrise, picking up multiple apps to try and get these apps done quick and correct as well as getting with Kami (Senior mod over the join area) to try and learn more and better her experience. I'm happy to have her on our mod team and hope to see big things. If she gets this award or not atleast she knows alot of people see the amazing work she does for KSI and it is more then appreciated!!
  12. Even tho I never worked with DntAsk I've seen everything that she has done for DM from the outside. She is very passionate about her division and has been since the beginning. She is always giving the community all she can no matter what. She has earned the rank of Co-Founder by listening to members when they need her, helping bring new faces into the div and just giving all the knowledge she can to the members below her. Let's not forget DntAsk is apart of the Leadership Council letting her voice be heard by giving ideas to help better the community as well as things she thinks could be changed or even just improved. At the end of the day, DntAsk is a valuable member of the community and a huge asset to DM. Hopefully one day I'll be blessed with the chance to work with her but until then, Keep up the amazing work!
  13. Name: KSI xKing 77 Link to Forums Account: @KSI xKing 77 Award-/-Achievement: Over Achiever Reason-/-Evidence: I have 90+ awards Staff Award Requested: Airborne's Legion
  14. Is there a game you play a lot that doesn’t have its own subforum in the Gaming Area that you'd like to see?? Let us know! Tell us what it is, how often you play and how popular the game is in your squad and division. We look forward to your feedback!
  15. Kami who??? So I've gotten the pleasure of working with Kami since the old LW days. When I became Gen of Samurai LW It was in need of a massive rebuild one of the first people I reached out to was Kam. We talked and not long after he dropped a rejoin app, honestly probably the best thing to happen to not only Samurai but KSI as a whole. Kam has dominated the clan ops scene for years from helping rebuild/splitting Samurai, to successfully running Paladin, to helping with the revamp of Malice and currently leading Malice down the path of success. Kam takes his knowledge and experience of KSI and uses it to help mentor and guide his members and officers! Even during the tough times of getting poached, people up and leaving and squads being at there worst, Kam always gives it 100% and does whatever it takes to keep not only his squad but his division happy, safe and in the right state of mind. As for web ops, I have been working with Kam since his days as a join mod. Kam has been one of the fighting forces on the web ops side of the community. Today Kam has worked his way up to Senior Forums Mod and Everyday he is asking questions and trying to better himself and trying to give ideas to help improve our forums for the better of the members. He oversees the day to day operations of the join area as well as working with Airborne to keep mod activity at an all time high. Even with his hands full with clan ops, Kam still always gives his all to web ops. He is one of my go to guys and for that I am grateful. He deserves this award more then anyone.
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