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  1. Work and Get to watch my beautiful daughter smile and enjoy her day
  2. Dadddddddddddddddddddd

  3. Name: KSI xKing 77, KSI Shootah, KSI BlurryTV, KSI Sassy, KSI Oni, KSI Blast, KSI Tubular, KSI Mayor 7, KSI DEMOTED, KSI Zwei Link to Forums Account: @KSI xKing 77 @KSI Shootah@KSI Sassy@KSI BlurryTV@KSI Tubular@KSI DEMOTED@KSI Oni@KSI Mayor 7@KSI Blast@KSI Zwei Award-/-Achievement: Squad splitter Reason-/-Evidence: Hydra Squad in ES split to create Cerberus on 07/15/22
  4. Let's get it ES! Have a great Spirit Week everyone!
  5. When I first met Star she was a LT in Prestige SL, me and her instantly clicked and we talked almost all the time about KSI work and about her wanting to progress through the ranks. Star was always out trying to learn more and trying to make strides in her squad, was always there for her members regardless of the situation and regardless of the time. Star unfortunately ended up leaving the community for a bit but we stayed in constant communication, When she was ready to come home she hit me up and I helped get her back in. She didn't disappoint she rejoined the Join Mod team and super grinded her way back up. She was always going above and beyond to make sure things on the web ops staff got done in a timely manner and if she was needed to do literally anything she made herself available. Star is now making the attempt to work her way back up the ranks in clan ops while still making sure her duties in web ops are being completed daily. She is more then deserving for this award and I'm more then proud
  6. Good to see you around old friend:ahappy:

  7. Hope you’ve been doing alright, old friend. Big ups for keeping it strong and staying in for this long! :cool:

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    2. KSI PaladnMouth

      KSI PaladnMouth

      Thanks man, you guys on PC now as well? Or still just Xbox?

    3. KSI xKing 77

      KSI xKing 77

      Still Xbox but you can join if you play like cross plat games on your PC. Like cod rocket league apex etc. 

    4. KSI PaladnMouth

      KSI PaladnMouth

      Alright, alright. Will have to put in some thought. 

  8. I KSI xKing 77 can confirm this message. Didn't ever get to work with Kakashii but he has been here WITH a KSI tag for 5 years;)
  9. I can verify Hatter obtained the rank of div lead because she was my Founder when I was Div Lead and got promoted when I got Director. I can also verify Hatters time as the Co-Head of the News Department.
  10. Since joining the community momma has been more then just an asset to the team, she's been a mother figure to all of Hydra and she's played a huge role in our success in ES. When Momma joined KSI it was her first time in a community and she had to learn everything from scratch, not ever really playing the main stream games like cod etc but she dived in head first, buying games for members to be able to get people together and pulling people into parties to try to get member retention up. Momma will be the first to admit that she isn't to great the recruiting but everything else she does to contribute balances all that out, I've personally never seen a squad really come together so quickly until momma started doing what she does best. Best thing about momma is when you need someone she's always there, not just in the sense of "is there officer online to recruit for me" but more in the sense of "i need a shoulder to cry on", she's always willing to sit in any party and hear out any member and try to help the members feel better in any way she possibly can. Momma is a well respected member and officer in ES and I'm honestly proud of how far she came in such a short time, she gives it her all everyday while still trying to be an amazing mother and wife at home. No matter what there's no way I could ever be more appreciative of what she's done for not only Hydra but ES as a whole. If there's anyone who deserves this award, it's most definitely KSIMommaBear, When you read this just know we're all proud of you!
  11. Name: KSI Hidan, KSI Kisame 7, KSIDemonWolf, KSI Nagato, KSI Frieza 7, KSI Impix, KSIMommaBear, KSI Nagisa, KSI Echo, KSI Obito 7 Link: @KSI Hidan@KSI Gambit 7 @Obito 7 @KSIMommaBear @KSIDemonWolf @KSI Nagisa @KSI Nagato @KSI Starset 7 @KSI Impix @KSI Echo2365 Award: Squad Splitter Proof: All were apart of the Hydra ES staff that split tonight to create Angels ES. I am Acting cofo over both squads so I can confirm.
  12. Nagi was here for 12 months with a gold KSI tag.
  13. I can verify all three tbh. DC did successfully obtain a 7 in clan ops, Dept Ops and the CDC.
  14. Division: ES Team 1: 1. Team Captain: KSI Mfninja 2. Gamertag of Rep: KSIDemonWolf 3. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Bratty 4. Gamertag of Rep: KSI Starset 7 Team Captain's Discord: Mfninja#2163 alt: KSI xKing 77 KSI SirBerry
  15. Hope everyone has a fun spirit week! Lets go!!
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