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  1. AAP 2019 Event Awards

    Type of Image/Size: (250px x 19px) Main Text: Spirit Week 2019 4th of July 2019 Fall Classic 2019 Turkey Bowl 2019 Merry Christmas 2019 Deadline: Either as the events come around, or ahead of time. I know Spirit Week has already begun so a 2019 award is needed soon. Additional Comments: Please just design these in the same types of way the older year's events awards are structured, Thanks @December
  2. Multi - Department Award Notification

    awarded awarded
  3. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

  4. KSI SouthPark Twitch Sub Nom

    Awarded, closed
  5. KSI Nevermore On Point

    awarded, closed
  6. KSI UppishB592 On Point

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  7. Mentor award

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  8. Helping hand Nomination KSI DCRUNK

    Staff votes, please
  9. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2019!!!!!!!

    Woot! Spirit Week! Have a good one everyone!
  10. Helping hand Nomination KSI DCRUNK

    @KSI YeetQueen We need names of people that have been supplied name changes, their names before and after the change was given. Guest account statements are not admissible in the AAP.
  11. KSI UNDYING Helping Hand Nomination

    Awarded, closed
  12. KSI Jynxie 7- Clip Commander Self Nomination

    Awarded, closed
  13. KSI DarkAngeI 7 self nom

    @KSI DarkAngeI 7 What about this statement in your committed nomination? " Well I was recruited back on 6/10/14 and I changed my gamertag from AngelxOfxLight to KSI DarkxAngel sometime around 7/15/14 and have kept it ever since. I have been in KSI for almost three years now and plan to keep going, helping out as much as I can. Almost got lost in the mass changes that kept going on within the squad but I made it through haha. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Other then that, have a nice day." This would imply that you are not able to receive the Devoted award until July 15 of this year if this is correct.
  14. WD HeadHunter Awards

    Closed, Pending awarding
  15. Mentor award

    Remaining staff votes please