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  1. This month's SYTYCW theme is Short Stories. We, as the News Team, are asking members to take the time to write a short story for KSI. Please keep it PG-13 but write about whatever you wish. Keep in mind that if it is not PG-13, it will be removed from the site. Please try to aim for 300 words, as it is one of the things the writers will look at when nominating the winners. If you cannot reach this quota, that is also okay. Everyone is encouraged to participate! This thread will be open until December 27th, so help us spread the word! The top three posts will receive the award "Write Right." We will also be keeping track of all divisions that participate. Divisions with the most participation within the departments will receive a special award come Spirit Week!
  2. Squad Tags What is a squad tag? An Xbox account meant to manage a squad within a division A member management system A private account meant for the general or acting general only Should only be accessed via Xbox. Why? When a squad changes generals, and this happens fairly often, the account is pulled and the password is changed. If the account is logged on to a cellular device, computer, tablet, or any other device capable of internet connection, the password is normally saved. If the account is logged on to any of these devices, the profile becomes crippled and will need to be re-created. Should not ever be in an Xbox Live party. Why? These accounts do not belong to the members, they belong to the community. With the lack of Xbox live for silver accounts on the 360, this was not a problem. Now that "Gold sharing" is a thing, having these squad tags in Xbox Live parties endangers them to the risk of being hit offline, friends lists being revealed, squads being attacked. What are squad tags intended to be used for? Managing incoming and outgoing members Providing a list of people in the squad to turn to in order to find someone to game with Sending out messages a minimum of 3 times a week What are some messages that should be sent out every week? Squad Meetings Weekend Warfare Happy Hour Game Nights What are some of the other reasons you may need to send out extra messages? Blacklists Security Risks De-fluffing Potential game type changes Access Denied What is Access Denied? A member management system Generals and higher only Is not to be mentioned by name in front of lower ranking members. Why? Having the name makes access to the site to easy (Google). We do not want this information falling into the wrong hands. How does Access Denied help leaders? Members are found more easily Upkeep with members Upkeep with games and game types Descriptions - What can they be used for? Officer potential Officer rank Other game types members have Activity levels Fluff Leaders List Access List (Lv 3 and higher) Shows last time online Should be used to keep an eye on divisional 7s and generals Why is it important to log on to Access Denied at least once a week? (Ideally, members should really go no longer than 3 days offline) As a general, people will be coming from and leaving squads on a regular basis. This will build up if not kept up with As a co-founder, Access Denied should be used to keep an eye on generals and make sure their squads are being updated accurately and correctly Lv 3 and higher, Access Denied should be used to keep tabs on all leaders in your division, ensure all updates are consistently occurring correctly Access Denied and Squad Tag Both should be accessed almost daily, no less than once every 7 days. Longer than 7 days offline can mean disciplinary actions Both are extremely important in squad management Members come and go, this helps leaders keep track Messages convey important information, access to all members at once Do not share your password to either of these accounts, ever.
  3. Promotion Guide

    With every promotion, there are new things to be trained on. This lists all things each rank will need to be trained on. If you see an issue with any of these points or anything that should be added, please message me personally. We, the senior leaders of KSI, will be working on writing up workshops for each of these things for members to use as they see fit. Please feel free to let us know what you think below Staff Sergeant Recruit Train people how to recruit Background checks Lieutenant Train to PVT Train to CPL Train to SGT Begin solving minor problems Train SSGTS Rank Structure & COC Assisting Captains with running workshops How to host Game Nights properly Captain Handle minor issues Train LTs Oversee squad teams Begin learning to host meetings Begin learning to create schedules for squads SGT workshops General Access Deniedbasic use, how to add/remove/edit squad members Squad tag use, what messages to send out Ensuring squad tag and Access Denied match Squad transfers and how they work Training officers at each level Begin learning how division transfers work Co-founder Separation from squads Learning to advise people rather than tell what to do Management of generals and Access Denied usage Begin HR representation Add all Directors, Senior Directors, Greg, Fuzzy, Impy, Rags Founder Codes access - how to use, where to find How to approve codes How to use rejoin area (LV 3 and higher) Become section mod on forums/learn how to mod Use of the Recruit Tag Ensuring there is a successful recruit training program Access List usage Co-division Leader Begin learning management of entire division Division Leader Division transfers and how they work Final calls on Rejoins Division Removals 7's staff promotions Division Meeting sign-up and attendance Stats - what they are and why they are important Section mod access, how to post & train
  4. KSI Event News Coverage Request

    This thread is designed for KSI members to post events that they would like coverage from the KSI News Team. We will accept requests for news coverage for the following events: Recent promotions Squad splits Division splits Divisional game nights Live streams Inductions into the Hall of Fame And more! Please post the following template for news coverage:
  5. Oct. 2013 KSI Impyyy 7 promoted to Senior Director Apr. 2014 KSI Greg 7 promoted to Senior Director Aug. 2015 KSI Cheddarbob 7 promoted to Senior Director Nov. 2015 KSI Havoc 7 promoted to Senior Director June 2016 KSI Havoc 7 promoted to Chief Performance Officer July 2016 KSI Impyyy 7 promoted to Chief Department Manager Aug. 2016 KSI Azrael 7 promoted to Senior Director Sept. 2016 WI and HD merged to create WD Nov. 2016 KSI Mpliers 7 promoted to Senior Director Jan. 2017 KSI Greg 7 promoted to Chief of Staff May 2017 MP merged into FI TI merged into WD June 2017 KSI Pantsir 7 promoted to Senior Director KSI Azrael 7 promoted to Board of Directors KSI True 7 promoted to Senior Director DR split into CD KSI Illusions 7 indicted into the Hall of Fame KSI Paratroop 7 indicted into the Hall of Fame Aug. 2017 KSI Mpliers 7 promoted to Chief Performance Officer Sep. 2017 KSI Ashhh 7 promoted to Senior Director KSI Impyyy 7 indicted into the Hall of Fame KSI Doctor 7 indicted into the Hall of Fame More to add later!
  6. What is the News Team?

    What do we cover? Annual events: Spirit Week, Fall Classic, Turkey Bowl, Awards Show, Spring Break KSI events: Weekend Warfare, Happy Hour, KSI Live Streams, AAP "Of the Month" winners & "Of the Year" winners Member spotlights/interviews - typically for promotions or inductions into the Hall of Fame KSI speaks: Ask KSI a question and record the answers Time Capsule: Re-publishing of older articles or forums topics KSI History: Member or Division histories Game reviews and/or comparisons So You Think You Can Write competition: Winners are featured in articles Unfortunately, KSI Fantasy Football And much more! Your mind is your only limit. What do we need? People who are willing to learn and speak their voice Voices from around the community to share experiences Articles and ideas that attract other KSI members Out-of-the-box thinkers What do we offer? A fun environment to learn in Writing styles, tips, advice Writing experience An outlet to voice opinions and tell stories A way to meet new people from across the community How do we cover events? Show up Have fun Write about the winners and other contestants Mention a joke/statement/fact to complement the article Do we cover non-KSI events? Yes!* E3 Game Reviews Occasional personal pieces Sometimes comedy or poetry *We try to stick to KSI or gaming topics because the News Team is for KSI If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not be afraid to ask!
  7. KSI Rank Structures (Updated 09/24)

    Updated! New Directors!!
  8. What's Up

    New phone, who dis
  9. Divisional Transfers

    The two week transfer is used to unsure all parties that must approve a transfer do approve it. Also, the two week hold stops most transfers from happening as well as gives the Division Leader time to handle the problem that is most likely pushing this member away. There are occasions in which the 2 week hold is waivered, normally when the transfer is causing more stress than it should. The list of people who must approve each transfer is as follows: Division Leader of the Division the member is transferring from Director of the Division the member is transferring from Director of the Division the member is transferring to Division Leader of the Division the member is transferring to
  10. KSI Rank Structures (Updated 09/24)

    Goodness gracious does that look astoundingly better
  11. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    KSI for the win! True for the Director's Cup! @Pirate Chinbeard 7 @KSI Ashhh 7 @I AM W1CKED @Fresh Ascend Of KSI
  12. KSI Rank Structures (Updated 09/24)

    @I am FuzzyMeep™ I can see what I can do and update it. This chart will change at least once every two weeks so I have no problem updating. I will be getting with you today to sort that out
  13. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    I could use a tutorial on how to spell EO, let's hear it again!
  14. Host: KSI Bearded 7 Co-host: KSI Ashhh 7 Notes taker: KSI True 7 Stats taker: Attendance: Notes: Spirit Week! June 21 - 25th Sign-ups are going live tonight! 3 days left to sign-up for Minecraft. Closes on the 10th @ 11:59 pm EST (T&E section of the forums) Make sure to have your teams set up Don't forget about the forums challenge! Make sure your members are signed up and ready to compete Weekend Warfare No WW until Spirit Week! AAP OTM nominations are up until TONIGHT Please go recognize people who have done hard work Happy Hour MWR/Spirit Week Preparation LEAD 101 (06/11) LEAD 101 W5 @ 4 pm EST, hosted by KSI Pantsir 7 If you guys have people that want to take LEAD classes and have a particular time that they can attend them, let the directors know so we can coordinate our classes accordingly. Promotions KSI Bearded 7 - Director KSI W1CKED 7 - Director KSI Airborne 7 - Head Judge KSI Ascend 7 - Co-head of HR Discussed Topics: