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  1. Check out our #Destiny2 clan! https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=2246729


    ^^^*plent of room

  2. KSI RiiOT 7/KSI Luci Lux 7 LB DHoF

    ^ he already did that..... LB was Light Bringer......MY division......
  3. yooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu looked

    1. KSI Eyonia 7
    2. go away

      go away

      made you notice again

  4. made you look....hahahahahha i WIN THE WAR OF THE TaKEN

  5. Today marks a Day that i knew was coming but also Hoped would never come. All the sides that make up who i am feel different things for different Reasons, While you were never much of a talker when we were growing up you were a good man....Scary but good. My Selfish side wishes it Never came to pass. My Kind side knows you are finally at peace. My Regret is that I never told you how much you meant to us and that i Will not Be there to say my goodbyes in person.

    Despite not having had always the best memories of being told off for holding the tv remote as a kid when we came round to visit....I remember the little things like the wooden Ride on Airplane toy you made me when i was little.....

    R.I.P Grandfather. September 11 2018: 3:30pmGMT 


    Ps.....I Have no problem Perma banning out of anybody dumb enough to trash talk this..........

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    2. KSI Eyonia 7

      KSI Eyonia 7

      Awe sorry to hear that hun. I always have an ear to listen if you ever need it.

    3. KSI GOT EM 7

      KSI GOT EM 7

      so sorry for your loss bro if you ever need someone to talk to please hit me up

    4. KSIRestInPeace7


      Sorry for your loss thought with you and your family 

  6. Died of laughter

    1. KSI xKamikaze

      KSI xKamikaze

      Great I laughed a lot also.


  8. :P 32 in 7 months mwhahaha

  9. the moment you pass gas....and the cat looks at you and just walks away.....

    1. KSI GOT EM 7

      KSI GOT EM 7

      or grabs a gas mask lol

    2. go away

      go away

      ;) i eat thru those lol


  10. Solstice of hero's armor on D2, expires 28th

    ========================== Whisper of the worm: cheat sheet. This is a basic Cheat sheet guide to the time gated mission whisper of the worm, while simple the restricted time of clearing this mission within 20 minutes can be troublesome. So this is a prep guide for people planning to either do it or looking to improve their runs *my current best time left on the clock has been 7:23 minutes remaining, done with KSI iLegacy* I do recommend studying youtube runs with this to show the routes to get the jumping puzzle into your head. ========================== To start this you must go to IO between friday-/-Monday it starts when the Daily refresh happens. 1pm Est is refresh time for east coast USA. (if you are not sure please google your time zone to take into account what time it will be, whatever timezone you are in double check since we have alot of nationalities. ) IO: lost Oasis you need to wait for the Taken blight public event, wait for it you dont need to take part in the Pubevent you are looking for a gold bar taken boss that spawns in 1 of 3 locations. Concerns for weapons: if you have people running who have the whisper already you're doing good, if you dont you WILL probably want heavy and HARD hitting snipers like the Darci or the Tractor cannons. ALOT OF VOID SHIELDS>>>> AUTO RIFLES AND PULSE RIFLES *Tractor cannons make short work of most of the things* Shield types to be concerned about FALLEN CAPTAINS: SOLAR FOR ALL <<roughly 8 in the whole thing KNIGHTS: SOLAR<<< 3 or 4 CENTURIONS: ARC FOR ALL <<think theres 6 ACOLYTES: VOID FOR ALL <<<ALOT OF THEM WIZARDS: VOID FOR ALL << 3 to worry about ========================== basic: No ELEMENTAL BURNS. < gets you the whisper of the worm Class: Warlock: subclass preferred: ARC- Mob clearing Jumping puzzle loadout: Armor: transverse steps>>>once jumping puzzle cleared TEMPEST CROWN should be your exotic armor. Class: Hunter: ARC- mob clearing Jumping puzzle loadout Stomp-e Exotic boots for jumping>>>>RAIDION FLUX ONCE JUMPING PUZZLE CLEARED: Class: Titan: SOLAR- Mob clearing *bottom tree works well* Jumping puzzle loadout: Lion rampart boots then when going into blight rooms Hallowfire chest. Blight room 1: Base strategy, there are two sniper gold bars and two gold bar captains along with a large amount of red bar vandals and acolytes and thrall along with the blights. Taking down the two goldbar vandal snipers should always be your primary goal, then to move onto the 2 gold bar captains, following those there will spawn a couple of gold bar vex who will shield people. sniper A is located in the back left corner. Sniper B is located on a ledge in the back right corner. Both can be taken out by standing on the ledge to the left just behind the blight on the left right as you come in, since it provides cover and lets you drop them easily. The two captains, have Solar shields but some well placed hits can drop them before the next spawn cycle. ########################################### Once clear at the back of the room a small blight barrier will spawn allowing you to shoot it to open the doorway that leads to a small blue room with some solar Shield captains and a handfull of basic vandals, kill them and progress into room 2. ########################################### Blight room 2: Arc supers like blade dancer and storm caller in here will drasticly reduce time taken to clear the room. This room is abit of a handfull.....ALOT of void shields to take care of, ignore dropping the blights since you can use them as cover from fire. upon entering you will need to immediately kill the taken Knight *SOL* on the top left ledge or he will wreck you. To the right there is a group of acolytes*void* and another knight*sol* so while one person drops the knight on the ledge somebody needs to hit the right hand grouping. Down this right hand path there are two gold bar wizards*void* and another Knight*SOL* on the right hand ledge. There are also a group of taken snipers at the back of this room to take out also, middle of the room on the "floor" there will be a grouping of Acolytes*Void* In the back left of the room in a small corner is another wizard*Void* There will be 1 blight to make sure you remove regardless, right at the back of the room at the door to the next area is a blight, remove it before moving forward. Once you move forward 2 Taken Phalanx will spawn<<KILL THEM. There will also in the next section area a large group of psions, you can ignore them but i do recomend dropping the 3 snipers 1 on floor, 2 up and to the left from the door. Blow up the mini blight in the triangle of the floor and drop down. Boss room: This room the boss's will NOT come down until the Gold bar Centurions*ARC* are killed. Use this time wisely to remove ALL the blights in the boss room to prevent the boss's using them as cover. Aside from the boss's there are 2 other enemies you will want to drop. left-/-right there will be fallen captains*sol* and Centurions*arc* becuase these will spit out the floating big blight balls and the smaller tracing ones and they will hinder your time if they are dropping you. Supers to clear Adds once blights down, rinse and repeat. *this is the prefered order for my fireteam runs but the fallen boss should always be the priority to remove* KILL FIRST>>>>FALLEN: stands to the right side launching the big blight ball at you so taking him out MUST be a priority or you will be stunned and blind for the majority of time. KILL SECOND>>>>HIVE: Goes down Easily, tends to stand on the left of the room keep nailing him in the head. KILL LAST CABAL: This annoying boss likes to hide behind a stone cube in the middle and moves left and right and can be a pain to hit. ========================================== IF YOU SUCCEED YOU ARE NOW THE PROUD OWNER OF THE WHISPER OF THE WORM ========================================== Heroic: ROTATING ELEMENTAL BURN <<<COMPLETE ONCE TO UNLOCK THE CATALYST >>COMPLETE ANOTHER TIME TO GET PROGRESS + CHESTS IN SEPERATE RUN Same strategy as basic, but everything is alot harder, only you dont have to wait for the public event you will have a map icon you can launch directly from on IO during the event. VIDEO LINK FOR STUDY: for the short jumps CHEST LOCATIONS: <<<DOESNT SPAWN UNTIL YOU CLEAR HEROIC ATLEAST 1 TIME.
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