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  1. dun dun dun you looked

  2. kind of bored lol what to do for fun

    1. KSI xKamikaze

      KSI xKamikaze

      Give out some Bacon

      By the way Thank You Sir!

    2. KSI Bane

      KSI Bane

      I like bacon. Do you like bacon. Knock knock… Who’s there … bacon.... bacon who… bacon, so eat me for breakfast 

  3. 3 more left guys and gals and others. PM ME STATING: I AM A COOKIE

    to win the exclusive luci side award

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    2. go away

      go away

      still 1 remaining


    3. KSI Eyonia 7

      KSI Eyonia 7

      I'M A COOKIE!!!!!



      sorry got too excited.

    4. go away

      go away

      it has been claimed

      +2 lol

      xD event closed for today

  4. Happy Birthday

    1. go away

      go away

      oh baby trololol

  5. Who do you worry about?

    i worry that fuzzy gonna flirt while doing the fireman lift at training cause he can pick them up
  6. Who do you worry about?

    Fuzzlormerrp? I worry about rags.....because hes a awesome guy who has to put up with all of us >>(me)<<<
  7. O.o what happens when you poke your finger into a plug socket?

    A: you turn into captain marvel?

    B: you win a sammich?

    C: You get uploaded into the matrix?

    D: you will probably die moron?

    E: You prove that evolution doesnt cure being a dumbass

  8. KSI T1GER

    um same app?
  9. Who do you worry about?

    i worry about ghandi.....cause hes meant to be a docile saint but gets angry when i touch his toast ^ lol aap
  10. Who do you worry about?

    i worry about greenday when its a warm sunny day....because shes ginger
  11. Who do you worry about?

    I worry about what we will have to call fuzzymeep when he loses his hair? Baldingmeep?