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  1. Favorite NBA Team and Player?

    Team: New York Knicks (for over 20 years) Current Player: Klay Thompson Past: Grant Hill
  2. OTM: February 2016 Nomination (Closing 9th March)

    Member KSI Vegeta MZ Staff Sargent Bravery Ground Zero Link to forums account - http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/33112-ksi-vegeta-m7/ Reasoning why they deserve this -Vegeta has been a very important part in developing or squad of late, he has focused on recruiting and developing new members within the squad and always presents a cando attitude. His quest for knowledge and personnel development with in KSI is an example for members across the community.
  3. What's the last movie you watched?

    The hateful 8
  4. What songs are you listening to?

    Notorious BIG and Method Man: the what https://youtu.be/F_Z_B7UQ5bU
  5. What songs are you listening to?

    method man and mary j blidge - your all i need
  6. Star Wars the Force Awakens

    In my opinion it was a good film. But its not a good star wars movie. the acting is good, brilliantly shot film unfortantly the story is weak at best and in some respects that damaged the credability of the whole film.
  7. 2016 Election choices

    Though I a from the UK I follow American Politics quite closely, I don't see Donald Trump being the next president though I think he will get the republican nomination. Once he has the nomination his mouth will get him into too much trouble. Hopefully Bernie Sanders will get the Democrat nomination, but my gut tells me Bill Clinton will win it, oh sorry I mean Hilary Clinton will win it.
  8. Your favorite qoute or speech

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to share my favorite quote/speech. It comes from Benjamin Sisko played by Avery Brooks (yes im a Star Trek fan). It would be great if you all could share some quote's and or motivational messages, which in turn I can send out on a weekly basis to the whole squad. "You value your ignorance of what is to come?" "That may be the most important thing to understand about humans. It is the unknown that defines our existence. We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions, but for new questions. We are explorers. We explore our lives, day by day. And we explore the galaxy, trying to expand the boundaries of our knowledge. And that is why I am here. Not to conquer you with weapons or ideas, but to co-exist and learn."
  9. Is UFC real.

    Agreed, Rhonda knows its real
  10. Is Lebron about to be the GOAT?

    For me, Lebron is a great player but will never be the greatest of all times, too many wholes in his game. If you add that to the diminishing standard of basketball in the NBA and the rise of Steph Curry I think his time as King is over. He does not make my top 10 players Micheal Jordan off course his number one, the rest are in now particular order + he never lost an NBA final Magic Johnson Larry Bird Tim Duncan Hakeem Olajuwon Shaquille O'neil Isiah Thomas Oscar Robertson Bill Russell Kobe Bryant Honorable mentions to: Charles Barkley and Grant Hill
  11. Favorite teams

    Football :- Aston Villa NBA:- San Antonio Spurs F1: - Williams
  12. Xbox 1

    I have just got a fresh batch of 'MAN UP' pills if you are in need Vermillion
  13. KSI Members from the UK or Europe?

    Im from the UK,feel free to drop me a friend request, I mainly play Halo and Forza
  14. Why did you join KSI?

    I joined because of the social interaction. It's amazing how a collection of people from a broad spectrum of society can come together and have fun in a virtual world. At the moment I love gaming with our American cousins, your BBQ chicken tastes so good !
  15. Xbox 1

    Ooh my bad