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  1. I will be hosting a Bo2 game night on Saturday April, 22nd. Message me on xbox with any questions ( name is same as gamertag) 

  2. Happy Birthday to one of the most influential members and leaders in KSI that I have met so far! Hope you had a good day! 

  3. September 2016 OTMs - Nominations

    Gamertag- KSI Ms Leigon-General-Vanquish WDhttp://www.ksiforums.org/profile/36316-ksi-ms-legion/ Reasoning why they deserve this - Ms Leigon was the one to recruit me when I joined KSI. I was a part of Vanquish HD now in WD but anyways.. She worked her way up and Was a staff Sargent when I had initially joined. The work she put in and the time she has commited to KSI today and even before today is beyond amazing. She gives her time unconditionally and shows nothing but respect for anyone. Her work has nothing but motivated me to do better and as she now takes over vanquish I wish her the best of luck and I know she will do the good job she has been doing since starting off in vanquish. In conclusion.. Ms Leigon has impacted my experience in KSI and many more in her squad and through out KSI as a whole.. So on behalf of myself I thank you very much for what you do for your squad and the work you put in daily..
  4. Happy Birthday Mpliers!!