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  1. You went places, many of those ive met have. Many not so good of places, but they are fun stories
  2. Senior director I was made a senior director after being a director for about 9 months, being promoted by KSI Worstplayer and one other board member (cant remember) and KSI coletrain 7 (even though he was a senior at the time) along with KSI Wyatt ad KSI adam a few weeks later. To clarify, i was hr and incharge of senior directors, billy told me to do as i wished. So, me and coletrain made a deal, we promoted fuzzy and wyatt. I picked fuzzy and he chose wyatt.
  3. As I have had the pleasure of watching most of Doctors career, his work ethics and output in this community are far beyond mere words. The mere fact that he recently received a position on the Board of Directors of this great community, and one that he carved for himself. His work with Social Media and trying to network our Departments is outstanding and unique. Do I need mention all the work he has put into the AAP? Do I have to mention how many Mod Actions the man has here on the Forums or how many people I have watched him help. To be honest...that would take to long and I am lazy. Just be happy that this nomination was enough to make me come here and witness.
  4. Anyone can google paperwork and credentials nowadays as well. This is not the place to be recognized for your service. This is a place to play video games and volunteer your time to better yourself, others around you and to enjoy the atmosphere we try to provide. Our AAP Awards are for achievements within the Community or in Gaming. Our Economy awards are for showing support or because they are funny or cool or just whatever. Those are the 2 categories for awards here.
  5. I retired from the bod in 2012 april and you were prior to that.
  6. Yeah, Coletrain couldnt promote a Senior Director without someone else, so he came to me(bill told him to). And so you and wyatt got promoted. :D
  7. Me and Coletrain promoted you to Senior FuzzyWuzzy...and that kid who followed coletrain around, wyatt. <3
  8. Lets go over the list of activities for you. I will highlight the parts where, anyone and everyone, can compete. (Purple because its for all the 7's...just incase you want to have an issue with that...) Personally, I see more green than black. We have Halo 4 and CoD Ghost events. So, people without 360 Ghost/Halo 4 are excluded from 2 events...And some might be excluded from one and not the other. So, are you going to not participate for the guys on BO2 squads who do not have a special tournament event? We surprisingly have more of them then we do X1 people. So, to be honest, X1 will end up with the main Spirit Week events, but only after it becomes the dominant console. A majority of the community does not have the X1 yet, so to put a main event on it would be to exclude the majority.
  9. Spirit Week last year set the number. Hopefully the number is higher on April 15th LMAO///
  10. This member is an excellent Staff member here on the forums.
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