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  1. April 2018 OTM nominations (Closing April 30)

    General @Nebula~KSIxNebula (Gen - DW/Samurai) Reasoning why the deserve this - Like a small boat on the ocean, This is my fight song. This is just a example of the memories I have had with Nebula. He is a great leader and doing a great job at building his squad from the ground up. This guy deserves more credit then he is given. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and also answers questions for everyone in the community. Just recently he has started hosting motivational workshops in our division and is doing a great job at rising our divisions morale. Keep up the great work bro. LT @LeedleLee 16 KSI LeedlelLee16 (4CPT - DW/Samurai) Reasoning why they deserve this - KSI LeedleLee16 has done a lot of things since she has come into KSI to make Samurai a better place for everyone. She is always throwing game nights and getting members together to meet new people within the community. She just got promoted this last Friday to 4CPT and has gone above and beyond when she was a LT. I can't wait to see her next move in KSI and see nothing but a bright future for her. Forum Staff @xKing 77 KSI xKing 77 (Co-Founder - DW/Join Area MOD) Reasoning why they deserve this - KSI xKing 77 deserves this award because of his diligence with all the join apps he has approved in the past to make this community stronger as a whole. He has also had conversations with me about how much he enjoys making sure that these potential members are the right fit for KSI. Keep up the great work.

    KSI ShadowFoxx has definitely done her share for KSI since she has joined the community. When I first came into KSI last year, she helped me with a lot of things I didn't understand completely. She goes out of her way to help members when they have questions, when others would just keep their knowledge to themselves. She is always available for T&E events and does a great job at holding herself with great integrity. ShadowFoxx is a great moral booster for her Division and her squad. She is always changing members gamer tags and buying members games. Keep up the great work and I cant wait to see your next move in the community.
  3. Graphics card help

    One word Cryptocurrency
  4. How much ram do you have?

    I have 64 Gb. over kill but hey.
  5. Member Assistance For KSI IrishSaintz

    Name: KSI IrishSaintz Link to Forums Account: @KSI IrishSaintz Award-/-Achievement: Member Assistance Reason-/-Evidence: KSI IrishSaintz deserves this award for all the questions he answers for Samurai. I’ve personally witnessed him going above the call of duty to help members in the community find the right answers and help members around the forums.
  6. KSI Gary 7 Mentor Award

    This Gary guy has been somebody I’ve looked up to since the day I came into KSI. I have followed his footsteps I remember asking him so many questions and him always going out of his way to find them for me. He was the first person who has made me challenge myself in the community. Everything he did I tried to do it a little better. To this day when Gary gets a award on the forums I ask myself do I even deserve it yet. He is a Superb role model and has a great sense of urgency. I claim KSI Gary 7 as my Mentor! Thank You for all you have done to keep this division together and I hope for nothing but a bright future for you in KSI.
  7. April 2018 Short Clip and Montage Submission Monthly Event

    Gamertag: KSI xKamikaze Division: DW Game: Dark Souls 3 Link to clip: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AusnvdyhYnl_kE3OKdgPAx49ATHP Description: Helping Hand!
  8. KSI ShadowFoxx Member assistance

    I can be a witness to this. When I first came into KSI ShadowFoxx is one of those members who greeted me with open arms. She answered so many questions that for me and offered up a lot of information about KSI to me. She is a great Asset for KSI. Just recently when I had some questions about T&E and Productions and guess who was there to answer them for me. I’m very happy to see her sitting back in the CPT spot and only good things are to come from her. Keep up the great work. She deserves this award.
  9. KSI April Town Hall Q&A Submission Thread

    What way is the best way to recruit in your opinion?
  10. Gamerpic request for KSI xKamikaze

    Thank You looks great.
  11. So You Think You Can Write: Prank Game Release

    KSI Training Simulator Today is the day everyone has been waiting for and finally with your support we can make this dream come true. Free on the xbox store for a limited time only with xbox gold. I present to you KSI Training Simulator. Have you ever had a question a 4:00am in the morning and a officer or 7 was not around to help. Well have no fear now With KTS all those worries will be a thing of the past. KTS works together with KSI Forums and Cortana. All you have to do is make sure you have your mic turned on and start asking your questions to your hearts content. But it doesn't stop there. With this games Free dlc, depending on what squad you are will be suited for you. From the games start menu things will be displayed like your rank structure to if you really shouldn't be talking to that person. I hope you enjoy this game as it took many years to develop through trail and error. If you are a fan of learning new things about the community then this game is for you. Please give a rating of 5 stars under the rating of this game or you better be appearing as a guest. Thank You for your interest in this game.
  12. Gamerpic request for KSI xKamikaze

    Xbox Gamerpic (1080x1080) Image: Standard KSI Logo. Sorry I dont have a Link to one. Please let me know if I need to make one. Main Text: KSI xKamikaze Subtext (if any): No Subtext please. KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: Big KSI Logo in white. Background set to baby Blue. My GT at the bottom. Most Recent Past Request: FIRST REQUEST"