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  1. KSI WhyTry Productions App

    Applicant has been interviewed. Just going to meet with Gary about it today to make final decision. Sorry for the wait @KSI WhyTry
  2. KSI September Town Hall Question Submissions

    I got a couple questions!! 1. What year did KSI officially start. Like the original start? 2. What was your favorite rank you've ever held, and why? 3. How do you help a new recruit get accustomed to the culture of KSI? 4. What is one characteristic you believe every leader should possess? 5. What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time? 6. What do you like to do to unwind from KSI and clear your mind? 7. For members that are in both Clan & Web Ops, what advice would you give to them to manage their time well? 8. Can you name one division that is no longer around that you miss? 9. What are a couple resources you would refer someone to, if they wanted to become a leader in KSI? 10. What would you say to those members that are getting burnt out from KSI?
  3. Gamertag: KSI Chicago 7 Squad/Division: LW Co-Founder Link to Montage: Chicago 7/video/36760554 Short Description of the Montage: Madden is life! Watch my top 5 clips from the past month! Got a game winner and a Beast mode run!!!
  4. KSI WhyTry Productions App

    Hey Buddy! We appreciate your interest in the productions team, either I or the Head (KSI Gary 7) will get with you soon to interview you to be a part of the team! Please be patient til we get with You!
  5. Mod apps (Closing 9/25/17)

    Gamertag: KSI Chicago 7 Division/Squad/Rank: LW Co-Founder How active are you on the forums daily? Anywhere between 10 to 12 hours per day. And then periodically throughout the day What kind of past experience do you have being a Mod? I was a section mod while over DL. I also used to use the modCP and AdminCP for the IPB forums I ran for DGL. What do you seek in becoming a MOD? I hope to continue to build my knowledge on IPB Forums and also learn any tips and tricks you guys have. Why would you make a great candidate? With my familiarity, I will catch on pretty quickly. Any time I'm not sleeping I have access to the Forums to get things done as quickly and accurately as possible. Do you understand that this is a voluntary position and if we feel you are not doing your job correctly, we have the right to remove you? Understood. Finally and most importantly do you have a fun personality and can jump in on jokes and not get butthurt? Yes lol I hang out with @I am FuzzyMeep™ & @ImPyyy. They roast me all the time lol (HH Holmes).
  6. KSI August Town Hall Q&A Question Submission

    Questions: 1. What is one thing you know right now, that wish you would have known back when you first joined? 2. For those recruits that just joined, what advice can you give them if they want to be CEO one day? 3. Can you name a KSI Member that has been a huge influence and reason you are where you are today? 4. Between Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity... which of the 3 do you use/exemplify the most? 5. With the NFL season coming up, do you guys have a team you'll be cheering for?
  7. Iron Madden w/ Chicago 7

    Hello Everybody Do you like to play Madden? Do you think you can beat me? If your answer is yes to both of those, then IRON MADDEN is the thing for you! Iron Madden is my new show based on playing Madden with KSI members throughout the community and have a good time! The first episode will kick off on August 24th @9pm EST against KSI Airborne 7!! Tune in to to watch this epic battle! If you are interested in being a part of an epic battle moving forward, shoot me a message on xbox (GT is KSI Chicago 7) and I can get you signed up to play against me and coordinate a time.
  8. Just gotta keep moving forward, no matter how tough it is. 

  9. Looking forward to what this future holds. :frantics:

  10. "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, What! You too? I thought I was the only one"

    -C.S Lewis

  11. KSI Fantasy Football 2017 Season

    Invites have been sent to all of your Email addresses! Feel free to join when you get the chance
  12. KSI Fantasy Football 2017 Season

    KSI Recover, KSI Brawler, and KSI x Ninja1 have all signed up. They all messaged me personally. I apologize for the delay all. I will be setting up the league tonight and sending invitations via email.
  13. KSI Fantasy Football 2017 Season

    NFL SEASON IS HERE!!!!!! Which means... IT'S FANTASY FOOTBALL TIME!!! Here's how it's gonna work: Each league will hold no more than 12 teams. Each team will be added to a RANDOM KSI league. Only verified members of KSI may join approved by KSI Chicago 7 All League drafts will be live on August 26th @ 9pm EST. One team per KSI member. (Aside from League Coordinator - KSI Chicago 7) KSI Code of Conduct will be enforced within all Fantasy Football chats whether on this site, or on At the end of the fantasy season, each league champion will be given a prize from the KSI Fantasy Football Hall of Goodies. (All prizes will be announced at a later date.) *Draft dates and times for leagues can be adjusted once the league is full if the league can agree on a day and time that suits them better.* To Sign Up: Name/Gamertag: Squad/Division: Email: (If you prefer not to give your email over the forums, please pm it to me with the message title "Fantasy Football Sign Up")
  14. AAP staff application (open until 8th August 2017 )

    Name/ Gamertag: KSI Chicago 7 Rank/Title (If applicable): LW Co-Founder Time spent on the forums (Daily): 4 to 5 hour Experience and Time in KSI: Originally joined in 2010. Been in KSI for about 7 years. Been a part of the AAP department in the past. Very familiar with the IPB Forum setup as well. Why you feel you are the right person to join the AAP (Please provide details): I have the experience with being a part of the team in the past. It's one less person to have to teach. I am non-biased and able to help make sure people get the awards they deserve. I have always been one to highlight people's successes. Are you able to meet deadlines set for you? Yes Are you willing to undergo an Interview in addition to this application? Yes What do you wish to get out of this application? - (Please do not answer to get on the staff, think about it). I honestly look to just get some more experience. Look to build my knowledge on the AAP program and help out the KSI members with getting their awards. Are you apart of any other departments? If yes, which one/s? Productions If to advance the department, I was to ask you to join another department, how would you feel? I am always willing to help. Do you have any pending applications for other departments? If yes, which one/s? Nope Is there any further information you would like me to know, to put forwards towards your application? I know I was a part of the team in the past. I do really love the AAP team and would love to join it again. It is a chill environment and I am always willing to help!