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  1. Farewell KSI

    Hello Everybody, I wanted to start off by saying thank you to every one of you for being family to me. The memories I have from this community will be great memories I can hold for the rest of my life. I also want to let you know the direction KSI is headed, is on the up. The leaders and dedication this community has is really starting to hit it's peak and there's nothing KSI can't do. I originally joined in 2010. Back when things were much different. 7 years of being in (and out) of this community has been a really eventful part of my life. I have met many friends along the way. From Mr. FuzzyMeep himself, to KSIxNebula in LW that I will be a huge fan of for the rest of my life. I know that I have a legacy for being someone that leaves often. I want to apologize for not being the person I could've been. KSI has been a huge part of my life, at certain points it has controlled my life. I got to a point where all I cared about was KSI and it affected my home life in ways I wouldn't have imagined. I've had many ups and down throughout my years and want to thank those that helped talk my through them. KSI Mpliers 7, KSIDarkxAngel 7, KSI HHooters 7, KSI PANTSIR 7 were all there for me in my darkest days when I thought I couldn't move on with life. The bonds have been something i will cherish for life. From my time in TW with KSI Pinky 7 & KSI GameCrazy (my crazy fun general). To the first time I spent in LW. Helping build up samurai with Starset 7 & XC (a.k.a Bravo Duck 7). Or even my return to LW, getting to know Ascend & Collector, the 2 guys that pushed me more than anybody else in my life to be at my best. My time spent in DL, where i went over as the only 7, worried that the division may fall and doing everything I could to make it succeed. Meeting Pantsir 7, Bushmaster 7, Squish, Stolen 7, and so many more friends that helped rebuild DL as a family and in a short few months, DL had flagship. To my time in DR where KSIx TheKing 7 took my under his wing and showed me a whole new style of leadership that I couldn't have even dreamed of knowing. He took a chance on my and let me take over Zenith DR. My first meeting was just me there. I sat in a party and read the notes to myself, not to be silly but to get in the habit of doing it so when people showed up, I'd be ready. Fast forward a couple months and Zenith was one of the best squads in DR. I met members like Starkiller, Brawler, and WhyTry, guys that were down to do anything to make sure that squad succeeded. I also got another opportunity to become a 7 in that division. Working alongside Breakfast 7, DarkAngel 7, and King 7 on a daily basis. When DR split, I felt accomplished, I had never been a part of a division split and felt happy and excited for all involved. Then my most recent stint in LW. Meeting Gary 7, Nebula, Kamikaze, and finally being in a division with karma 7 (my dream team partner). I got a chance to come into a division that needed help and really get to know some lifelong friends. I got to work my way up in the Dept world. Becoming Co-head of Productions and finally feeling like I was in a dept I was passionate about. From late night Madden sessions with Ninja, NightFall, Panda, Starset, Brawler, Throne King, and others. To late night Rainbow Six games with Nebula, Karma, and Hhooters. I will always be a fan of what this community can do for people in their everyday lives. As I conclude, I'd like to make a couple more shoutouts to members that have impacted me along the way. True 7, Impyyy 7, Ivy 7, Green 7, Skarzx 77, Veritaas 7, Bearded 7, Greg 7, CheddarBob 7. Thank you for the memories, it's time for me to move forward in life and start to be more active and spend time with family. Thank you KSI. For everything. ~With this I now announce my resignation/retirement from KSI~
  2. The way things fall into place doesn't always happen to plan. But they do work out. Keep Moving forward.

  3. I got a couple questions!! 1. What year did KSI officially start. Like the original start? 2. What was your favorite rank you've ever held, and why? 3. How do you help a new recruit get accustomed to the culture of KSI? 4. What is one characteristic you believe every leader should possess? 5. What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time? 6. What do you like to do to unwind from KSI and clear your mind? 7. For members that are in both Clan & Web Ops, what advice would you give to them to manage their time well? 8. Can you name one division that is no longer around that you miss? 9. What are a couple resources you would refer someone to, if they wanted to become a leader in KSI? 10. What would you say to those members that are getting burnt out from KSI?
  4. Questions: 1. What is one thing you know right now, that wish you would have known back when you first joined? 2. For those recruits that just joined, what advice can you give them if they want to be CEO one day? 3. Can you name a KSI Member that has been a huge influence and reason you are where you are today? 4. Between Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity... which of the 3 do you use/exemplify the most? 5. With the NFL season coming up, do you guys have a team you'll be cheering for?
  5. Hello Everybody Do you like to play Madden? Do you think you can beat me? If your answer is yes to both of those, then IRON MADDEN is the thing for you! Iron Madden is my new show based on playing Madden with KSI members throughout the community and have a good time! The first episode will kick off on August 24th @9pm EST against KSI Airborne 7!! Tune in to www.twitch.tv/ksilive to watch this epic battle! If you are interested in being a part of an epic battle moving forward, shoot me a message on xbox (GT is KSI Chicago 7) and I can get you signed up to play against me and coordinate a time.
  6. Just gotta keep moving forward, no matter how tough it is. 

  7. Looking forward to what this future holds. :frantics:

  8. "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, What! You too? I thought I was the only one"

    -C.S Lewis

  9. KSI Fantasy Football 2017 Season

    Invites have been sent to all of your Email addresses! Feel free to join when you get the chance
  10. KSI Fantasy Football 2017 Season

    KSI Recover, KSI Brawler, and KSI x Ninja1 have all signed up. They all messaged me personally. I apologize for the delay all. I will be setting up the league tonight and sending invitations via email.
  11. Handbook Rough Draft so far

    I don't know if I would correct anything, and maybe I misses this... but it would be cool to have the squad transfer process right below the division transfer process. Have had quite a few members as of late message me, asking for the process.
  12. NFL SEASON IS HERE!!!!!! Which means... IT'S FANTASY FOOTBALL TIME!!! Here's how it's gonna work: Each league will hold no more than 12 teams. Each team will be added to a RANDOM KSI league. Only verified members of KSI may join approved by KSI Chicago 7 All League drafts will be live on August 26th @ 9pm EST. One team per KSI member. (Aside from League Coordinator - KSI Chicago 7) KSI Code of Conduct will be enforced within all Fantasy Football chats whether on this site, or on nfl.com. At the end of the fantasy season, each league champion will be given a prize from the KSI Fantasy Football Hall of Goodies. (All prizes will be announced at a later date.) *Draft dates and times for leagues can be adjusted once the league is full if the league can agree on a day and time that suits them better.* To Sign Up: Name/Gamertag: Squad/Division: Email: (If you prefer not to give your email over the forums, please pm it to me with the message title "Fantasy Football Sign Up")
  13. Name: KSI Chicago 7Link to Forums Account: @Windy City GuyAward-/-Achievement: Clip CommanderReason-/-Evidence: Video of my gamenight up on the KSI YouTube.
  14. AAP OTM July 2017 (Closing 8th August)

    Senior Leader (SENIOR DIRECTOR through CEO) Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI PANTSIR 7 Senior Director Link to forums account - @PANTSIR Reasoning why they deserve this - Pantsir is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met in KSI. When he is helping me out, he will give me the correct answer every time. If he doesn't know the answer, he will find it before he tells you. He also is always down to game and just connect with members, get to know them and what they want to do within the community. Pantsir is a very relatable leader and make sure that he connects with the people below him on a friend level rather than a KSI level. Director Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI MetaTron 7 Director Link to forums account - @KSI Metatron 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - This guy has been going above and beyond with his duties. He has specific divisions he is over, but often helps approve and situation things for LW when our director is away. He is always willing to jump on any opportunity to help the members of KSI, regardless of division. He makes sure that division transfers are handled in a timely manner and is always on top of his information whenever he gives notes at meetings. Co-Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Seraphim 7 Co-Div LW Link to forums account - @KSI Serapheeeem 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - I got the chance to meet Seraphim a couple months back. He's a really dedicated member and makes sure that the best interest for LW is in mind when he makes decisions. Seraphim is the kind of guy to be very honest with members about what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. He isn't afraid to discipline members that don't do their job. He also does a great job of including the rest of us 7s in LW with all decisions that we make, from promotions to meetings, etc. Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Gary 7 Founder LW Link to forums account - @ASM Gary Reasoning why they deserve this - I mean... come on... it's Gare-Bear.... But on a serious note, this guy has been the most welcoming person to me since transferring to LW. Any questions I have about members, he is quick to answer. Gary is the type of leader to know a story or two about each member in his division. He works hard with Productions and still manages to have time to attend meetings and gamenights every week for LW. He is someone I look up to and believe he will do big things within this community. Co-Founder Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Panda 7 Co-Founder CD Link to forums account - @KSI Panda 7 Reasoning why they deserve this - Panda has always been someone i can go to when I'm having a rough day. Cheesy or not, it's true. This member does the same with his members in CD. I have worked with him in 2 different divisions and have had the opportunity to see him first hand. He is self movitated and driven, meaning he doesn't need constant reassurance. He is very confident when making decisions and always gets all sides of the story before handling situations. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI GenghisKhan Caesar LW Gen Link to forums account - @KSI GenghisKhan Reasoning why the deserve this - Genghis came over to LW a little over a month ago and has been killin it ever since. He has been on top of his officers, making sure they are posting on roll call, recruiting, training and often tests his officers to make sure they are on top of their stuff. Genghis is a very welcoming guy and is always open for feedback on what he's doing wrong in order to learn for the future. This guy will do big things in this community if he keeps the open mind that he has now. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSIxNebula Hannibal LW GEN Link to forums account - @KSIxNebula Reasoning why they deserve this - The Nebbi Plebi. Where do I even begin with this guy. Nebula has been a very outgoing person since the day I met him and probably well before that. Nebula has never been shy to ask if he is doing well or ask how to become better at being an officer. There was a squad we had that was struggling, and without hesitation, he jumped on the opportunity to help them out. He transferred over there and started to rally the squad. Now that squad has almost doubled in activity, has more people attending meetings, and the officers are much more motivated. Nebula works really hard to show people what he can do, and recently got promoted to General. So he is well deserving of Captain of the month. LT Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Spec Achilles LW 2LT Link to forums account - Reasoning why they deserve this - Spec is a quick learner and always willing to receive feedback. When I first quizzed him on KSI information, he didn't really know much. Since then he has been in parties with Karma consistently, asking questions and learning all about KSI. All about squad tags, recruiting, training and what it means to be an officer. He is one that isn't afraid to say he doesn't know an answer but always willing to jot down the answer so he can learn for the future. Writer Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Kamikaze708 Samurai LW GEN Link to forums account - @KSI KamiKaze708 Reasoning why they deserve this - Kamikaze is one the best writers I have seen in KSI. He is very thorough with his questions when gathering information about a member and he always makes sure to highlight members in the best way possible. I loved the writing he did about Bearded 7. Kamikaze has always been a really open person and he does a good job expressing that in his writing. Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI HHooters 7 LS Co-Div Link to forums account - @made you look Reasoning why they deserve this - Hhooters is one of my favorite KSI members. A couple weeks back, I had a personal issue occur and felt lower than I've felt in my life. She was there to help cheer me up and keep me motivated to go on and keep moving. She is a huge inspiration for the members under her in LS and always seems to find a way to make members laugh. The best part about KSI has always been that it feels more like a home and family than a job. And although we all can get stuck in that mindset of it being a job, HHooters always does a good job of helping members feel at home. Productions Team Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad)- KSI ShadowFoxx Savage DM GEN Link to forums account- @KSI ShadowFoxx Reasoning why they deserve this- I have been in the productions team pretty much since joining back into KSI. When shadowfoxx joined, she started to ask questions right off the bat. Making sure she understood what she could and couldn't do and what it asked of her in the productions team. Shadow has been more than willing to stream events from T&E events to DM gamenights. She even bought a capture card in order to build her skills in the productions dept. When she loves something, she puts all her effort into it and she has definitely done this with the productions team.