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  1. Of The Years 2018! - Nominations (Closing 12/16)

    Category: Gamertag; Forums Account Link / @ Reasons they deserve this award - Categories For nominating; Senior Leader - (Board members, Senior Director) @Mr. North Forward reason:Im one of those people who have lots of questions, any time i message him or invited him into a party he was always with a response ASAP if it was a message or jumped into my party. So when there was not a seven around i could always count on Ronnin and get that issue resolved or that question ans. Director @KSI Cherry 7 reason:This is definitly one person who you want to follow in your career in KSI. She has a very outgoing personallity and nothing brings her down if sheis upset she hides it well and continue on with that spirit you need to keep moving forward. She is the one who help me stay when i saw nothing good coming out of Cyanide. She would get you excited about those div cup points and get you to want to sign up and get them points by participate and have fun on the events. She always has the time for either division she is over. You can always get ahold of her either discord or xbox with one of my many question and she always gave a ans. Division Leader Co - Division Leader Founder Co - Founder @KSI UNBORN He deserves this because he does eveything he possibile can to help the squad he is over he works with the Gen. He never gives up even when the squads gen desides to leave he just moves on and works with the next one with no complaining General @Kalakoi This man works his butt off when he is the gen he sits with the officers to make sure that they know and understand there positions. He makes sure the workshops get down evry week and that all the meetings are done with every posiable person is in that meeting so they know whats going on in KSI Captain @KSI Folkstyle The man has no problem jumping in and getting things done. You give him a task and he is right on it. He feels as though he dont do enough so he goes and joins departments which with that it helps the division and the squad. He gets along with any one he is in a party with. Lieutenant @KSI x Rogue She deserve this award because when she was a lieutenant she help with getting to know all the members in Cyanide playing together as a community. You never had to tell her to get with a staff sergeant she was always ready to get with them to teach them what they need to know to be a positive good officer. SGT/SSGT @MiniFuzzball81 When he was a staff sergeant he did every thing he could to learn more on how to be the best officer you can be. He has the drive to do anything if he is taught. He loves meeting new people so his favorite thing is playing the game and gettting new recruits . With his love to recruit and meet new people has help alot with our squad getting ready to split. Member Forums Staff (Mods, Senior Mods, Admins) Department Head Department Member
  2. December Clip/Montage Submission

    Gamertag: KSI T1GER Division: WD Game: Black Ops 4 Link to Clip: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ksi-t1ger/video/65012864
  3. DISCUSSION OF THE MONTH: Goals For 2019

    Gamertag:KSI T1GER Rank:GEN Date Recruited:04/29/17 Personal goal(s) in KSI:Get to be a 7 How you plan to achieve it or them:work hard and learn everything i can Goal(s) for your Squad:Get more members to game with each other How you plan to achieve it or them:Bring members from squad in party and get them to know each other Goals(s) for your Division:the squad more axtive with one onother How you plan to achieve it or them:meet people in other squads and introduce them to each other Goal(s) for your Department: How you plan to achieve it or them:
  4. FuzzyMeep AMA

    Hopefully i asked this question and it makes sense. I go on the forums and it seems backwards, the last post should be the post you see first not the post from a hundred years ago the question is why is the forums so backwards?
  5. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    We got this WD
  6. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    I see all the tournament events are on the evenings of American time, we are world wide how about doing a KSI event on a sat mid morning to early afternoon for those who are not American and want to attend the events but it is the mid of the night when we do the events.
  7. TB: Destiny 2 FFA (11/24/18)

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  9. TB: Uno (11/23/18)

  10. KSI Taywick 77 OS lvl 1

    My witness statement is: Taywick has been in my squad for two and a half months as he comes in he says im not gonna move up again,well he felt he could help out by doing so after a month and a half .He has help with member retention and have awesome game nights. Hes at every meeting there is.He is very willing to learn the new ways of how things are done now compare to five years ago. He learns really fast. He is awesome officer willing to do anything to help the gen or any member in the squad.
  11. KSI Folkstyle Member Assistance

    When it comes to a question on AAP stuff i know i can send them to Folkstyle he always has the ans. He also has ans for. Weekend warfare and happy hour due to being in marketing. He has much knowledge due to asking question himself so he can ans question for the squad. You have a question Folkstyle will have a ans or get one quick for you.
  12. KSI Skychild Outstanding Service Level 1

    I meet Skychild a couple months back. He works with all his officers and makes sure they understand there dutys at the rank they are. Skychild is a easy gen to work with (me being a gen as well in WD) to help the division as a whole.He puts out those workshops on a weekly basis with no thought.He gets with his members for pole challenges when we have our big events. He knows all his members and they know him. He puts 100 percent into his squad
  13. Mexican or Chinese food

    Chinese food
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