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      After much thought and re-work, the KSI Board is happy to announce the revamped and improved KSI VIP Donor System for 2019. Unlike the past where one donation netted someone the VIP group, now the group will reset on the 1st day of each year. Requirements In order to get re-added as a KSI VIP Donor, you will have to contribute in one of the following ways: Donate $10 to KSI's PayPal Donate at least 1000 bits to KSILive Sub to KSI for at least 2 months Once the new year begins, just donate in any of the 3 above ways and you will receive the 2019 Donor Award as well as the 2019 Donor Group. Just provide proof in the AAP area when you apply. Your donation can be made by someone else, so just have them provide you with the receipt. This only applies for PayPal donations and Subscribing. Bits must be your own. Donations can also add up, so you can contribute $5 for two months and receive it. Just keep the receipts as proof for your request and you will be given Donor access. With this revamp, we have improved the perks of donating to KSI. Because of your financial commitment, we want to reward you for believing in KSI and contributing in that way. Benefits Access to VIP Area on the forums to talk with other donors. 2019 Donor Forums award Special sneak previews of KSI News stories and community announcements Recognized on the KSI Front Page's Donor list Ability to give input on upcoming events, such as Divisional Cup, Spring Break, Spirit Week, Fall Classic, Turkey Bowl, and Award Show. Special Donor-only giveaways during the yearly KSI events A special Donors-Only Weekend Event full of FFAs and Giveaways in August. Overall We want to provide the best KSI experience for all of our members, and those who fund the websites, events, and so much more should be rewarded for contributing and believing in the community. So please enjoy this revamped system and allow us to work with you to forge a better, more inclusive KSI. Thank you, KSI Board of Directors


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  1. KSI Ruby GS Horder

    Gt: KSI Ruby Award: Gamerscore horder Evidence: have well over 20k GS
  2. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Name: KSI Ruby Award: gamerscore horder Evidence: have 32572 gs Link to Forums Account: @KSI_Ruby Name: KSI Ruby Award: New Member Certified Evidence/host: attended new member workshop w/ KSI Breakfast 7
  3. KSIxPapi 77 Outstanding Service Level 2

    Gamertag: KSIxPapi77 Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/28985-ksixpapi77/?tab=node_awards_Awards Award: Outstand Service Lvl 2 Reason: Papi is an excellent guy. He works his butt off helping out and keeping things in order. Personally he has helped me in many situations such as giving advice on issues that occurred in my squad. He has taught me many things in how to be a great officer and has been a great leader mentor, and knowledge giver to everyone in EO. Papi is never unreachable with issues and is always happy to lend a hand.
  4. June 2018 OTM nominations!

    Co-Founder: KSIxPapi77 (Co-Founder, EO) Link: @KSIxPapi77 Reason: Papi has need an amazing co-founder to my squad as a whole and I'm sure others he has been over. He is always keeping himself in the loop positively and helping with any issues see fit. He has of advice on situations that we run into and overall works his butt off keeping things level headed. Luietinet: KSI Sinz (LT, EO/Volatile) Link: @KSI Sinz Reason: Sinz is a fantastic officer. Originally he was a capital in another squad amd due to the transfer and lack of positions he was forced to be moved to a LT however this didn't stop him from working his butt to get our squad where it needed to be. In his time here especially this past month sinz has single handedly trained all our officer potential amd current 2 SSGTs. He has done everything and more that's asked of him. He puts his sweat & tears into his work. There isn't a soul in my squad I'd rather have as an officer then Sinz.
  5. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

  6. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag/Forums Name: -KSI Ruby Award Desired/Needed -New Member Workshop Evidence (If Required - For this certification there is none). -Hosted by KSI Breakfast 7 Link to forums profile: @KSI_Ruby -This was like a month ago I just never requested for it.
  7. May Monthly Spotlight!

    Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - Gratz u failed (CPL EO Volatile)Link to forums account or @ mention [email protected] U FailedReasoning why they deserve this - Gratz is an outstanding member. He goes above and beyond as a CPL in ensuring all myers are happy and satisfied in our squad. He plays with new members and teaches them how things are ran around here. For a member he is on top of things always attending meetings and gamenights. He is an amazing member and friend to everyone. He comes straight to officers when any issue occurs and makes sure to be kind and respectful to all members. He is fun and goofy when hanging out and serious and alerting when needed. 7 Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad): KSI Skarzx 77 (Founder - EO) Link: @Scarface 77 Reasoning why they deserve this: Skarzx is a leader. There isn't a soul alive that I know who can lead a party like him. Whether it's workshop or just talking and playing a game with the man, you will learn something. He is a mentor to many including myself. He helps the little guys even at the position he holds. I've seen him talk to SGTs & CPLs and pursuade them to be an officer. I'e seen him speak to SSGTs and help them out with any issues they have I know because when I was one he helped me out. He invited me to a party on the day of my first workshop he wanted to know a few things and after I was nervous so I asked if hew had tips on hosting and workshop. He told me not to stress it and to get the party silent and say what needed to be said. He influenced me as a young officer and helped me through and through. Today I'm proud to be a Gen that was taught be so many amazing people but forever Skarzx will be one of the best mentors and leaders I have ever come to know.
  8. Member Assistance - KSI Guyy 77

    He has answered many questions I had personally about our KSI C.O.C. in workshops and one on one about certain rules and what is expected in KSI.

    She is an absolute overachiever and she takes her officer duties serious she has done a fantastic job over helping our newest squad in EO grow and run smoothly. She is pure and puts her heart into all her members never leaving anyone behind. She is what nany members call there mother because she takes care of them all.
  10. Spring Break Forums Challenge!

  11. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI Skarzx 77 Forums Account: @KSI Skarzx 77 Reasons they deserve this award: I'm nominating Skarzx because I've never met someone who held so much passion as well as professionalism as this guy. Everyday he works so hard and puts in 110% to make sure EO is getting the work done it needs to. He checks in on squads and makes sure we are doing what it takes to make EO better. He is dedicated and hard working but on top of checking in to see how everyone is doing as a squad he makes time for the little guys. He takes time out of his day to talk to people and encourage people to work harder and try new things. The past few weeks Skarzx has sat in a couple workshops in my squad volatile and in those workshops he spoke to everyone about what it means to be in KSI he told everyone that being in KSI is what you make it, it's about the time and effort you put in as a person and how much it means to you will range from person to person. Well I must say that his words bring tears to my eyes because it gave me motivation to do more for this community. Skarzx helped me grow as a member without even realising the difference his words made for me as a member. My first ever workshop was the scariest thing to me, I was so afraid if doing bad, but just before workshop I met Skarzx for the first time and he helped me calm down about it. He took time to reassue me when I was just a SSGT. He takes the time to listen and give a helping hand and that is something that no matter how high you go in KSI and no matter how much you do, it will always be a gift to be able to listen. It' s quality that some people don't have but Skarzx always goes out of his way to make sure everyone is happy and everyone is in place. Skarzx is an example to follow, from motivation to working non stop to having time to listen and teach, he is always doing the most to ensure that we stay happy and on track.