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  1. Co-Founder: KSIxPapi77 Link: @KSIxPapi77 Reason: Primal was always there for me and through thick and thin when i was stuck in a sticky situation. He is always willing to help out everyone and he works great with everyone. he is the best guy to talk to and just to chill with and he does so much work for everything. he also keep everyones in order and he is a really great guy! General: KSI Galvanize 7 Link: @KSI Galvanize 7 Reason: Galvanize where do i begin from teaching and helping me when i was having a hard time in my squad and then moving to Vendetta and becoming one of your officers, i know it was a hard one but your a great general and a great teacher. he makes sures that everyone is happy. he is a really hard working gen and takes everything in his power to keep everyones energy up.
  2. KSIMuffinSachen new member certified Sat in a workshop with @KSI Skarzx 77 10/6/2018 @KSIMuffinSachen
  3. LETS GO EO! LETS GO! woooo #orEO coming for the win Good Luck!
  4. Helping Hand:Yes i recently got Promoted to SSGT and i was having trouble finding my feet and Galvanize swooped in and rescued the Poop out of me with guidance and options of what i can do and how i can do it(he's a great mentor and legend)
  5. i think jessii deserves this reward because she is a really good Gen. She has been through thick and thin to make everyone feel at home in KSI,when i first came into KSI i was nervous and scared to talk because of how nerve racking it was being around alot of people but jessii was there with open arms to talk about anything i needed. so if you need anything jessii is there to save the day :).
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