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  1. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    Let's go wd
  2. KSI Skychild Outstanding Service Level 1

    Every since I joined KSI, Skychild was allways there for me. I was with him in DW and now in WD. He's tought me just about every thing I know about being an officer. He is a great gen to him his squad is family. Cares for everyone in it. And keeps caring for everyone that comes in. He works hard. He has tought me patience. That's something you need in the real world and KSI. He works his butt of to get everyone to participate in the KSI events one way or another. When ever my xbox isn't working or I need to get something electronical or just need help with the squad I always can go to him. He's my best friend in KSI and like a brother to me. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't probably be a captain right now that's how much he has tought me. He donates his own money to the squad when we do tournaments. Over all hes a great KSI member to have and an even better friend.
  3. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag/Forums @Populist @KSI xGHOST21x Award Desired (Squad Leadership Certification) Any evidence if required (For this, just you posting is the evidence required) Above members have completed individual training Squad Leadership Workshop
  4. Tacos or Enchiladas

    Tacos all the way
  5. PubG or Fortnite?

    Ping for the win
  6. KSI T1GER- Outstanding Service Lvl 1

    Tiger has been a great leader. She has done po workshops every week not just for her squad but for the division. She gives me advice of what to do when my gen isn't on. She always has a large party of sargents and below. That is i call member retention. She always is getting people to sign up for weekend warfare. She is always getting the word out there about all KSI events. All and all she is a great KSI member.
  7. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    Let's go wd
  8. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag / Forums Name KSI Khaos 8856 KSIAngelOfDeath KSI TRUCKER69 Award train the trainer Any evidence if required (Pictures are great too) they attended my train the trainer workshop Profile Link if possible @KSITRUCKER69 @KSI Khaos 8856 @KSIAngelOfDeath
  9. KSI Skychild Mentor Reward

    I claim KSI Skychild as my mentor He has helped me become an officer. He saw potential when I first started. He's tought me each rank I have had. I also feel that he helped me on how to do workshops and meeting
  10. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name:KSI WaviestSnow Award: New member certified Evidence:I attended KSI Skychild's workshop for new member certification Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI Skychild
  11. Spring Break Forums Challenge!

    Let's go DW were not the biggest but WE THE BEST!!!!
  12. KSI Spring Break/Div Cup Town Hall

    KSI WaviestSnow DW How do think KSI is doing like how's the growth the active members do you like the direction we r going and if not what can we as lower members do to help
  13. KSI February 2018 Town Hall - 23 Feb 2018

    Who showed you the ropes of KSI and who influenced you to join
  14. Favorite NFL Team and Player

    Dallas cowboys
  15. Favorite NBA Team and Player?

    Miami heat