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    This may be a bit late but here is my take on this assignment
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  5. Hi . I hate asking but here it is. Me and my husband have a 7 month old son who needs a place to live. I had a rough pregnancy and it resulted in a operation to remove 10 galstones. Due to this and starting a new job it took 6 weeks to get my first pay check . when my husband had to stay home to watch our son and lost his job. He ended up doing uber and got a part time job. He has applied to many new jobs as well as got an interview . I picked up a new job to get back on our feet. Due to all this we got evicted with no place to go . it is winter and if we do not have any money we will have to live in a car with our son. Please help even a dollar will help. We are a desperate family in the middle of a chrisis. Thanks and God bless. (update from my wife) Link to our gofundme campaign:

  6. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2016!!!!! Redo

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  7. I am the White Fire

    I am the AchievHuntr

    I am the Sword Art

    I am the GalaxyHuntr

    But Now I am HuntrX

    I am KSI HuntrX GTRK

  8. today is the LAST day to get Dirt 3 for FREE!!!
  9. here they are guys! novembers free games of the month for xbox one and xbox 360
  10. Starting tomorrow October 16th The Walking Dead Season 1 goes FREE on XBOX 360 AND XBOX ONE
  11. here are octobers free games of the month for X1 and 360!!
  12. Starting tomorrow you can get on Xbox one tomb raider definitive edition and on 360 Crysis 3 for FREE