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  6. Hi . I hate asking but here it is. Me and my husband have a 7 month old son who needs a place to live. I had a rough pregnancy and it resulted in a operation to remove 10 galstones. Due to this and starting a new job it took 6 weeks to get my first pay check . when my husband had to stay home to watch our son and lost his job. He ended up doing uber and got a part time job. He has applied to many new jobs as well as got an interview . I picked up a new job to get back on our feet. Due to all this we got evicted with no place to go . it is winter and if we do not have any money we will have to live in a car with our son. Please help even a dollar will help. We are a desperate family in the middle of a chrisis. Thanks and God bless. (update from my wife) Link to our gofundme campaign:

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  10. today is the LAST day to get Dirt 3 for FREE!!!
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