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  1. Your thoughts on CoD WWII

    Love the campaign it's great that there's no health regeneration makes the game that much more fun, haven't played online yet but the story is awesome
  2. Your thoughts on CoD WWII

    "Adulting" I know the feeling havin a job and then home life it'll be late night if I'm even on tonight
  3. Your thoughts on CoD WWII

    I'm in the same vote as you I haven't even picked it up but I here it's a big download so I hope I'll be able to get on sometime tonight, I wis everything didn't have to be installed to play
  4. Your thoughts on CoD WWII

    The servers are always terrible at first, but it gives me time to enjoy the campaign which I hear is amazing
  5. Your thoughts on CoD WWII

    The time is here, I hope that WWII lives up to the hype and somewhat helps to bring CoD back from the poor ratings of yesterday. This topic is about discussing pro and cons of the game.
  6. AMC's The Walking Dead

    Who's your main character? What do you think about the show so far? Where do you see all this going?
  7. The Walking dead of course
  8. What's your real job?

    I'm an arborist for a tree company that contracts along powerlines what do you do?
  9. What Is In Your Garage?

    94 jeep cherokee
  10. Prominence Poker players in KSI

    How many people still play this?
  11. wow thats all i have to say

  12. Welcome to the forums KSI TuRoC 7 :)