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  1. I responded to you through Xbox. Please put Malice WD down as the squad and division.
  2. We spend so much time sweating about the small stuff in life, complaining, worrying, wishing, wanting, waiting for something bigger and better. Instead I encourage you to focus on all the simple kindness that surround us every day. Life is so fragile and all it takes is a moment to change everything we all take for granted. We all need to focus on what’s important. The person who sends you a message out of the blue just to say hi. The person who invites you to a party just to talk because they saw you were all by yourself. You know the little things. -Melanie Koulouris (Original Thoughts) We can all do this together so when you get done reading this think to yourself, What can I do today to make somebody’s day a little bit brighter. I talk to many people in the community on a regular basis and the number thing they always say is “Why is everyone’s party locked down”. My challenge to you is to leave those parties unlocked to met new people. The ones who are looking at the parties wishing they could join but are thinking in their head, “oh something important must be going on in that party and move on.” I wish the best for you in the month of December. Once again Thank You for reading. KSI xKamikaze
  3. Name: KSI xKamikaze Link to Forums Account: @Chi Town’s Finest Award-/-Achievement: Wasted Life Reason-/-Evidence: I now have 2000 posts.
  4. Award: Recruiting Workshop Host: KSI xKamikaze Evidence: I hosted the workshop 12/9/19 Attendance: KSI GrimmReaper @KSIGrimmReaper KSI Kilroy69 @Nowak1776BRAAP KSI xHoots @KSI xHoots Mikazuki775 @Mikazuki775
  5. Category: Director Gamertag: KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link / @: @Mr. King 77 Reasons they deserve this award: King has been a Inspirational leader since the day I met him. He gives you the confidence you need to succeed by letting you learn for yourself but at the same time knows when to step in. Everything he has touched in KSI has turned to gold. He spends the time to get to know the members of the division and isn’t afraid to make changes that people might not like to in turn better everything across the board. I came into WD on the same day King did and I can honestly say the place I wanted to transfer to because of the great member retention has become a place where everyone wants to be. I now have the honor to be in the Join area where he gave me the tools to succeed. He always makes himself available when I have a question. My hats off to this guy. Thank You for always taking my ideas into account and making me feel like I mean something to KSI. Category: Division Leader Gamertag: KSI Venum 7 Forums Account Link / @: @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award: This is one of those leaders in the community that knows how to treat people with the same respect that you have shown him. No matter where the road takes us. This member is always there when you have a question and ready to take shift action if something needs to be handled. This member hasn’t changed at all since the first day I met him in the Samurai Savage days to now. He has his hand in areas in KSI, PO/Clan Ops/AAP/Join Area. These are the places I see him on top of his game and trying to make these places better for KSI moving forward. My experience in the community wouldn’t of been the same without you here. Always remember man if you ever need anything at all I’m here to payback the respect you have shown me. Knowledge Strength Integrity. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI xTiger 77 Forums Account Link / @KSI Tiger 77 Reasons they deserve this award: When you think of people in the community that could be the face of the community only a few stand out in my eyes. Tiger is one of the most approachable people I know and her reach goes far beyond WD. She is always reaching out to members that need help. Sometimes even before that member even realizes that they need a little extra help in the first place. I have found myself lost more then a few times and Tiger has been their to give me the uplift I need by having a open ear. By not just listening to what I was saying, but also by making changes. She proudly wears WD on her cape going out daily to strive to make her division better then the day before. I strongly believe that if Tiger wasn’t in the division that WD wouldn’t be half as great as it is today. Always leading by example by not asking anyone to do anything she wouldn’t do herself. Keep up the great work that you do for KSI and just remember at the end of the day that I appreciate your hard work and dedication to the place I call home. Category: Forums Staff Gamertag: KSI DarkAngel 7 Forums Account Link / @: @KSI DarkAngeI 7 Reasons they deserve this award: She deserves this award for her hard work and dedication to the join area. She is always putting her best foot forward by picking applications up when needed and getting them completed in a timely matter if complications don’t arise. But if they do she does her best to figure out if these members are the right fit for the community. She just got promoted to senior Join moderator and I honestly don’t think their is anyone else I would want to work side by side with. Keep up the great work that you do for the department and just remember all those headaches were worth it to keep the community safe.
  6. Much more then this......I did it My Way!!

    1. KSIdontask


      And I'm so glad you did

  7. Hope you are feeling better man. Miss you homie!!!!

  8. @KSI TrimHarbor1 Thank You for sharing your feedback. Definitely Agree. @December I definitely agree with your statement. Thank You for sharing how you look at it. When we sit down at the end of the day and think about certain situations that inspired us to write something for everyone to read it comes out different.
  9. I will start this off by saying that it is always important to be yourself and never be afraid of making mistakes. Yeah it’s always better to learn from other people’s mistakes but if it is a gray area and you know in your heart that it’s the right thing, Go for it. The only way this starts to be a problem is if you don’t learn from those mistakes. I know that if somebody came to me and told me that they did something with their best intentions that I would always overlook the fact that it was the wrong thing to do. “If you aren’t making mistakes are you even trying” One of my favorite quotes. Also the main reason for this post is to never try to act like nobody but yourself. This is what makes you unique. Yes you can have Mentors that teach you how to do certain things along the way but then make it your own down the road by adding your own twist to things. You may eventually make these things even better then they once were. KSI xKamikaze
  10. Name: KSI Fondu Link to Forums Account: @KSI Fondu Award-/-Achievement: Helping Hand Reason-/-Evidence: KSI Fondu bought me the new Modern Warfare. Thank You Sir.
  11. Well I know this might be last minute but I need to drop in my thoughts about KSI Venum 7. This is one of the greatest leaders in the community that I know to date. He is the kind of leader that always makes you feel like you are apart of something greater then KSI. The love that he spreads throughout the community can be felt not only in his division, but throughout KSI because of the hard work and dedication he puts forward in Performance Ops. He makes you feel like family and has a open mind to your all ideas. His ear is always open and not just listening but reacting to the changes that need to be met. New accomplishments this member has made since his last OS level two that stand out are Divisional Hall Of Fame and Founder of the Month. His hard work and dedication just recently got him a spot as a Forums Moderator spot on the web ops side of things and we all know that only the most trusted and hard working members get this spots. I still have the pleasure of working with him in the join area where he still picks up applications and keeps everything on track. My hats off to you for all that you do for the community. Thank You.
  12. Name: KSI xTiger 77 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Tiger 77 Award-/-Achievement: Forums Newb Reason-/-Evidence: Member has over 100 posts on the forums.
  13. Team Captain: KSI xKamikaze Division: WD Teammate: KSI Hoots Division: WD
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