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  1. Name: KSI xKamikaze Link to Forums Account: @KSI xKamikaze Award-/-Achievement: Over Achiever Reason-/-Evidence: I have 91 Awards on the Forums. Staff Award: Lady Luck
  2. 2019 Donor: Verified - Yes https://1drv.ms/u/s!AusnvdyhYnl_niHn6uomzd-yGhRH
  3. Please fix your post to the required format: Name: Link to Forums Account: Award-/-Achievement: Reason-/-Evidence: Thanks @KSI Zordon
  4. Helping Hand: Verified - Yes
  5. Donor 2019: Yes
  6. Please include a screenshot with your Twitch username in it that shows you have subbed to KSI twice in 2019. A great place to find one would be your Twitch Transaction history under Category dates. Please don’t include any sensitive information. @SouthPark
  7. Name: Link to Forums Account: Award-/-Achievement: Reason-/-Evidence: Please Fix your format by including your gamertag. @KSI Sir Berry
  8. 2019 Donor: Verified - Yes https://1drv.ms/u/s!AusnvdyhYnl_nht0xLB97pS70JBX
  9. Just relaxing this weekend with KSI on Xbox. No big plans
  10. I know it is hard to remain positive at all times especially if you are going through things in your personal life. Some things are easier to get through then others. Always remember that negative undertones bring down your whole audience. This is a positive gaming community and I know when I get on my Xbox that no matter what rank I am that I’m going to have a influence on that. By all means I know I have not always said things that where positive but I’m also not perfect. Everyone needs to vent once every now and again. If we have it in our mind though that we never know what that other person is going through themselves you just might pull yourself and them through the day. Ever hear the old saying that laughter is contagious. Well it definitely is. For those of you who practice this well pat yourself on the back you are awesome. For those of you reading this and saying to yourself that this guy is trying to tell me how to live my life, I’m not by any means. I’m just trying to say try it. It’s the building blocks to great friendships ands trust. Thanks again everyone reading my thoughts when I just need to say something. KSI xKamikaze
  11. Name: KSI xKamikaze Link to Forums Account: @KSI xKamikaze Award-/-Achievement: 2019 Donor Reason-/-Evidence: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AusnvdyhYnl_nhrB9oK7YcNfKyOk https://1drv.ms/u/s!AusnvdyhYnl_nhlxCLj1foO7KiUg
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