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  1. KSI VENUM 7 Touch My Jaro @The ChadMin Proof sent to AAP Chat however I want this award as I already have luck of the Irish I just need approval from Loyalty and Sub to get this award.
  2. GT KSI Swag 77 Award Most Outstanding Account @KSI Swag 77 Testimony Most Outstanding is a award reserved for essentially the best of the best and when it comes to this nominee it's not because of the position they hold in the community that makes them deserve its the hard work and dedication that sets them apart from everyone else because if we based it off that all the board deserves most outstanding but now let's talk biz and shiz Swag Swaggy P The Pickle Man himself is hands down the hardest working and most dedicated person I've met in this community throughout all my time here and that's a long time I never really encountered Swag until he was transferred from LS to SL and the division Leader at the time didn't have the most faith in him as I was their Performance Officer but looking back on that I'm definitely sure he's proved all of them wrong by climbing the ranks and helping grow SL into a household name and even though it's no longer with us in the community except in the division graveyard Swags contributions can't go unoticed and to back that up I'm attaching his SL HoF Induction Testimony Testimony: Swag came to SL as a business transfer on September 11th, 2019 as a Co-Founder. Since that date Swag has entered himself in the division as a force to be reckoned with. Swag is an expert in clan ops and has played a pivotal role in SL's security, sustainment, growth, overall morale, and current infrastructure within the division. He cares for all of the members of SL like they’re truly family. He’s always on top of things, making sure everyone is enjoying their time in KSI. He’s responsible for much of the growth SL has sustained, in recently months. Swag is always hopping from party to party, helping people get in good moods and focus their energy into KSI and fun. I never directly worked with Swag because we were in different divs and had different paths laid out until I became Head Admin and ultimately CAO and I can say this I remember being a young KSI member and when it came to the board you only seen us if you were in trouble and today that's not the case at all Swag plays a big role in that stigma not existing anymore when something goes wrong in Clan Ops Swag is the first on the scene to get to work fixing the issue at hand so everything can get going smoothly when you look at the Clan Ops Scene Swag plays a big role in that from building divs and squads, boosting morale among the members mentoring current and future leaders of this community and its not because it's apart of his duties it's because he wants the members of Clan Ops to have the tools and knowledge that perhaps he didn't have coming through the ranks when you sum it all up nobody has the love for KSI that Swaggy does even if he has to remind you a 100 times but he isn't lying he eat sleeps and breathes KSI he's even got the ink to prove it so I've said all I can say I'll leave it up to his other witnesses to do the rest but no matter what thank you swag for all you do this place wouldn't be what it is if you weren't here.
  3. Verified Luck of The Irish (Already Has] Battlefield Yes
  4. Legacy not at this time however yes to others
  5. Why mine dont look like yours?

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