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  1. Pup has shown how truly dedicated she is to CD and KSI in general, and she is so compassionate with practically everyone she meets. Even though she hasnt had actual wifi lately, she still tries her hardest with what she has to get online, and hangout with everyone, aswell as do her duty as an officer in her squad. She goes out of her way to check up on her squad members aswell as other squads. On top of her not having actual wifi, and work outside of KSI, she still manages to find time for the jobs she has within KSI and outside of her division, with productions and news. Her dedication to KSI is obvious.
  2. Allstar is always there for members whether they are his or not. He goes out of his way to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves aswell as making sure they are safe. He has done so much for Prodigy, and CD in general through thick and thin, always being loyal, is hard-working, and even though I haven't really known him for very long, I can definantly tell he deserves his rank and more within KSI.
  3. Team Captain: KSI AppleBapple[cant make it] Division: CD Teammate: spiculajaguar Division: CD Teammate: KSI PapaSmurf10[cant make it] Division: CD
  4. Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Oakleyx2 Award: New member workshop Evidence: completed workshop with KSI Blood 7 Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI Blood 7
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