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  1. I second this KSI BinGin1913 Ares Dark Legions 2nd captain
  2. Yea that makes sense. Anything like this. A hooded figure works. I am terribly sorry I was just inspired. “Can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread man!” is my theme. Pls ignore the hooded figure. Unless someone prefers to do that instead either way unless asked to add more to my theme I will not make anymore amendments. If you want to incorporate that quote as well. I’m ok with that. Thank you for your patience.
  3. I can resize it maintaining an aspect ratio to 1920x1080 would that be ok?
  4. Type of Image/Size: Choose one of the following. - Standard Signature (Artist Preference Size) - Forums Profile Picture (128x128) - Xbox Gamerpic (1080x1080) Image: Screenshot Main Text: KSI BinGin1913 Subtext (if any): Warrior of Ares KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: Anything you would like to add? Specific size, colors, style, etc.? No. Most Recent Past Request: First Request
  5. Gamertag: KSI BinGin1913 Link to Forums Account: @KSI BinGin1913 Award-/-Achievement: Capped Out Reason-/-Evidence: I am part of Tournaments & Events Staff and Productions Department
  6. Orange Juice to me goes with any breakfast food where has milk does not sit well with certain breakfast foods.
  7. I have both but Hulu does have a tendency to release new content more often. So I watch it more
  8. Division Leader Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -KSI Firemomma 7 Division Leader, Dark Legions Link to forums account - @KSIfiremomma7 Reasoning why they deserve this -She has been instrumental in what has been KSI Dark Legions. She has been nothing but kind and has made my time in KSI meaningful. She is definitely a mother figure. General Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -KSI SasquatchX, General, Dark Legions, Ares Link to forums account - @KSI SasquatchX Reasoning why the deserve this - He is a strong leader that demands respect with his presence in party chat but can make you laugh when its ok to laugh. He is knowlegeable and very helpful if you need his hand. Just make sure you give him have his chimichangas. Captain Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) -KSI Follow, Captain, Dark Legions, Ares Link to forums account - @KSI Follow Reasoning why they deserve this - When I joined Ares it would not surprise me if a tiny glint appearred in this young man's eye. He was happy to see me there and eager to help me through my training. I have seen him help others with anything he could. Time and time again he as shown me why he was made Captain in DL/Ares. I could not ask for better.
  9. Gamertag/Forums name: KSI BinGin1913 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: KSI Follow Hosted Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI Follow
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