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    My passion is singing & writing my own music, I also write poetry & short stories in my spare time. Former dancer - Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Gymnastics, Cheer & Point. Kick Boxing on the side.
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  1. @December I AM IN LOVE! Thank you so much, it looks amazing!
  2. Type of Image/Size: Xbox Gamerpic (1080x1080) Image: https://wallpapersafari.com/w/7khXRy Main Text: LilDreamer Subtext (if any): Sinister DM KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes Additional Comments: If there's a way to make the picture "pop" out more, color wise that'd be amazing. For the logo/gamertag, can the text color be neon pink if possible? Enough for it to stand out from a far Requesting @December Most Recent Graphics Request: None, this is my first.
  3. I'd like to give a huge shout-out to @KSIxROMEO 7 for not only being an amazing mentor but a trusting friend. At first I may have been intimidated but as he became Sinister's acting Gen & I was given the opportunity to work with him side by side, he has taught me so much. Everytime I'd message him asking questions regarding the squad/division or if he needed me to do anything, he always replied accordingly with a sense of humor. Night or day Romes is there for not just myself but literally everyone in DM. There have been countless days & nights where we've spent hours discussing plans for Sinister which led into heartfelt conversations that helped me get to know him more as a person rather than just my Gen/Div Leader. He made me feel comfortable & motivated me in ways I didn't realize until just recently. He didn't come into the squad & start demanding things or make us feel any different than before; he brought us together when we really needed the foundation to stand on in the wake of (at the time) recent events. This man does sooo much for us & is one of the key factors as to how/why DM is thriving more & more each day. I am incredibly thankful to have him as my friend & fellow KSI mate. Thank you Romes, you deserve to know you are very appreciated & I hope this makes you smile
  4. I'll be taking my son to the zoo either Sunday or Monday, looking forward to seeing the monkeys & lions. Gonna feed the baby sharks & stingrays, possibly watch the dolphin show. Really looking forward to some wholesome quality time with my baby boy
  5. Name: KSI LilDreamer Link to Forums Account: @KSI LilDreamer✨ Award-/-Achievement: Clip Commander Reason-/-Evidence: I have had content featured on KSI YouTube Channel
  6. Just want to give a shout-out to @KSI JonahAlex12 for being an amazing co-host for our first joint gamenight together. It was our first time meeting too & I truly appreciated him making me feel so welcome & comfortable. His dedication to being an officer, being 5-6 hours ahead of everyone else is pretty admirable Twas an amazing night and I honestly can't wait to co-host another with him!! Also gotta give a shout-out to @KSI WHISKEY82 for coming up with Wrath Reaches Out week. It was a brilliant idea that he didn't hesitate to put into action & the results were better than expected. Now, because of his spontaneous idea I see other squads wanting to do the same thing & it's pretty amazing. He may have just started something great within the division & I can't wait to see what other ideas he's gonna throw at us #InspiringGreatness
  7. Name: KSI LilDreamer Link to Forums Account: @KSI LilDreamer✨ Award-/-Achievement: Ripple Effect Reason-/-Evidence: I currently have 10 awards Staff Award Requested: Winter is Coming
  8. KSI LilDreamer✨

    DC or Marvel?

    I like them both, but Marvel has always been my personal preference
  9. Neapolitan. Flavor for each side of my personality
  10. Shrimp Alfredo is the bomb. But burgers are my favorite food for any time of day. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.. if there's burgers I'mma smash haha
  11. Definitely coffee. Hazelnut Coffee is the best... Bite me
  12. After thoroughly reading all submissions, I have chosen #5 "Summer Slam aka Members Appreciation Week (OR Hall of Fame Week)." For many reasons, i think this would be an amazing idea. The diversity of games along with time/dates were well thought out, definitely gotta give props to that. But it wasn't the merch or Xbox Gold/$$$ giveaways that brought it in for me although that is a good idea, it was the award at the end stating that the winner can have an award specifically made for them that they're able to give to any member they see fit. I think that that is an excellent idea because it's something new & different, it's like that person holds the power (in a sense) to either keep this award to themselves or share with their friends whether in their squad/division or from another without necessarily going through the AAP process. But at the same time, having an award named after the winner & available for others to request in the Staff Award section would be an empowering feeling. Seeing others reppin' an award in honor of you (the winner) would be a pretty awesome reward in my opinion.
  13. KSIDntAskImAwfl, more known as Pam is honestly the most warm-hearted, outgoing, helpful, inspirational person I've had the privilege to meet in my short time here in DM. She has such a kind soul & will go out of her way to help in any way she can. Though I have not known her as long as everyone else, I have heard SOO many nice things about her & how she is like the "rock" or "anchor" for everyone here in Demonic Mayhem. When I got the chance to finally meet her after she jumped into one of our parties, it was like a parade of people welcoming her with so much happiness in their voice that it could cheer Eeyore up that kind of happiness can't help but be contagious when it comes to DntAsk. When she felt bad for being a low light level in Destiny 2 and was apologising for not being "caught up" with everyone else, she had 10 people easy offering to help run her through the story and get her to where she wanted to be. Because no one wanted to see her sad when she makes everyone feel so loved. I remember asking a friend who did his Gamer Pic because it looked awesome, which led me to asking Pam. She was more than willing to help! I told her to take her time, knowing her real life schedule was kinda hectic at times but this woman, this dedicated, amazing woman surprised me at 4am the same day (technically, to us night owls) with a beautiful gamerpic that's now my Forums cover photo. She didn't have to do it that night, but she did. Because seeing someone happy makes her happy! Her SYTYCW submission last month was so heart warming, it honestly made me cry because there's so much hate and cruelty in this world & reading what she wrote made me think of the impact she could have on not just KSI but the world. And I'm not saying that to sound cheesy, I seriously don't have a single doubt in my mind that she could truly make a difference in more than the everyday lives of us here in KSI. She is like the angel you never knew you needed until the moment you need her, & she will go out of her way to be there just to make sure you're okay & happy. She is someone that is looked up to not just for her KSI knowledge/experience but as a person. This woman is a blessing & is 210% deserving of this award.
  14. Name: KSI LilDreamer Link to Forums Account: @KSI LilDreamer✨ Award: Legen- Evidence: I currently have 5 awards Staff Award Requested: Imagine Dragons
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