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  1. Titanfall 2 I have been playing this game on Pc and will definitely be getting it on Xbox soon. Unfortunately it is not very popular in my division. The game has the perfect balance of Gunplay and smooth fast-paced movement
  2. @KSI xKamibtw if you need someone to play eso with I’m here anytime
  3. @KSI xKami I still play it quite actively They recently made the first DLC free and they are gonna have an overhaul that make the games performance and load times better
  4. @KSI Barb130 does succubus still do those eso gamenights?
  5. Anyone still play eso been wanting to get back into it with greymoor coming out soon
  6. Gamertag: KSI Wise1 @KSI wise1 gamertag: KSI Sp3CtEr @KSI Sp3CtEr Award: Basic Training Certification Any evidence of required: N/A
  7. Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI Swag 77 Forums link: @KSI Swag 7 Reasons they deserve this reward: I believe this person deserves this role because ever since he became a 7 in my division he’s been doing an amazing job and gave me and a few other officers a lot of knowledge when he was acting gen of my old squad Glory and he continues to work hard and help all the members he can Category: lieutenant Gmertag: KSI DaKeech forums link: @KSI Scar1et reason they deserve this reward: This person deserves this reward because when I worked with him in gl
  8. Award: Basic Training certification Evidence attended and participated in the Basic Training workshop Host KSI Gh0st66 attendance: KSI BliTzx @KSI BliTzx KSI DaKeechZ03 @KSI DaKeechZ03
  9. Gamertag/Forums Name: KSI Ranger5142 Award Desired/Needed: New Member Certified Evidence (If Required - For this certification there is none): Completed individual training on the New Member Training Workshop, @KSI Assassin187 Can witness Link to forums profile: https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/48842-ksi-ranger5142/
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