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  1. Category: Founder Gamertag: KSI Swag 77 Forums link: @KSI Swag 7 Reasons they deserve this reward: I believe this person deserves this role because ever since he became a 7 in my division he’s been doing an amazing job and gave me and a few other officers a lot of knowledge when he was acting gen of my old squad Glory and he continues to work hard and help all the members he can Category: lieutenant Gmertag: KSI DaKeech forums link: @KSI Scar1et reason they deserve this reward: This person deserves this reward because when I worked with him in glory he always worked always knew how to hype the members up and is really good with member retention
  2. Award: Basic Training certification Evidence attended and participated in the Basic Training workshop Host KSI Gh0st66 attendance: KSI BliTzx @KSI BliTzx KSI DaKeechZ03 @KSI DaKeechZ03
  3. Gamertag/Forums Name: KSI Ranger5142 Award Desired/Needed: New Member Certified Evidence (If Required - For this certification there is none): Completed individual training on the New Member Training Workshop, @KSI Assassin187 Can witness Link to forums profile: https://www.ksiforums.org/profile/48842-ksi-ranger5142/
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