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  1. Rank: General Gamertag: KSI MercX Forums Account Link: @KSI MercX Reason they deserve this award: KSI MercX has been an excellent leader and General, his straight shooting style of dealing with issues has avoided many issues due to his clear communication and lack of condescension. It is very obvious he takes his position seriously and wants nothing but the best for his squad and KSI as a whole. Rank: Captain Gamertag: KSI T StackG Forums Account Link: @KSI T StackG Reason they deserve this award: KSI T StackG has been a great encourager and motivator, a strong leader for his squad. you will almost always find him online and filling out his officer duties, overall an excellent Captain. Rank: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI Walrus Forums account link: @KSI_Walrus Reason they deserve this award: KSI Walrus has shown that he is a dedicated officer and KSI member, he always supportive and encouraging to both his fellow officers and all other KSI members. Always making a point of welcoming new members and making them feel included without neglecting any of the other KSI members
  2. Hosted: KSI TRU USMC
    Co-Hosted: KSI Downish
    Game: open game night
    Date: 11/20/21

    KSI PROPHET#2021

    King Zyyrrik

  3. KSI MercX /General CS WRATH @KSI MercX As General Merc has been has been an excellent leader, and has many times personally coached me in recruiting and helping with tips and techniques. He’s always encouraging me and his other officers and made it known he’s always available for us to come to him for help of any kind. KSI KingdomX /Captain CS WRATH @KSI KingdomX Kingdom has been an excellent mentor to me and helping me through the process of becoming an officer, always encouraging and positive and ready to help out a fellow KSI member. Truly a top notch Captain! KSI Walrus / SSGT CS WRATH @KSI_Walrus I believe Walrus has proved he is an excellent officer, in the span of a couple weeks he has become and officer and proven himself driven and motivated to become a top tier officer, he’s constantly encouraging any and all of his fellow KSI members and volunteering to help out KSI members any chance he’s been given. Seeing his drive has been a huge motivation to me personally and made me want to do better as well.
  4. KSI Blk0ut21 @BlackKaiser Award: New Member Certified Evidence CS Activity Log
  5. KSI Blk0ut21 @BlackKaiser Award: New Member Certified Evidence CS Activity Log
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