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  1. Mod apps (Closing 9/25/17)

    Gamertag: KSI UBERDUCKY 7 Division/Squad/Rank: Last Strike/Impulse/1st Lt How active are you on the forums daily? I live on the forums. I am on everytime I am near my laptop! What kind of past experience do you have being a Mod? I used to be a section mod I beleive way back in the day, but I am always ready and willing to learn! What do you seek in becoming a Mod? I am always looking for opportunities to beter myself within the community, and I have always wanted to become a mod since I have been around. I love the forums so I would like to help out with them as much as I can! I also want to be in a spot where members know that they can come to me with any questions that they have regarding the comminity, as well as, the website! I am always happy to help and to be a relayer of information. Why would you make a great candidate? I know when to get serious if I need to be, and unbiased when it comes to making difficult decisions that will make the forums a better place for all members. Like I said previously, I am always happy to help members if they have questions regarding the forums, and the community. I love the forums and would like the opportunity to help out. Do you understand that this is a voluntary position and if we feel you are not doing your job correctly, we have the right to remove you? I sure do! Finally and most importantly do you have a fun personality and can jump in on jokes and not get butthurt? I love having a great time with everyone, but I also know when to get serious, and do what is right!
  2. Teach me how to ducky!!! :frantics:

    1. UberSuperman 7

      UberSuperman 7

      I will teach you the ways of the DUCKY :)

    2. KSI BadKitty 7

      KSI BadKitty 7

      Quack quack!!! :wub:

  3. Fuzzy's Meep 2: The Lost World

    Luci will not take my soul because I already do not have one!
  4. Fuzzy's Meep 2: The Lost World

    Hmmm....... A good day to you sir
  5. Human Resources Department Application

    Current Gamertag: KSI UBER 7 Kik: Uber76 Skype: [email protected] Date recruited:Present:1/17/2017 (Originally recruited in 2008) Current Squad/Division/Rank: Caesar/LW/2CPT (Fuzzy has given the ok for me to apply because prior Cofo experience) What other KSI Departments are you a part of? (Note: Moderator and Courts does not count. If you have any other applications to another department please state that as well.) N/A What are you interested in achieving from being on the Human Resources team(Why do you wanna be apart of our Team?) I have wanted to see an HR team created for awhile now. My number one priority is the members. I want to do whatever I can to help ensure and support the day to day operations, and ensure everything runs smoothly. I have been affiliated with KSI for awhile now, and I just want to do my part to help out this lovely community and all of its members! I love this place What assets do you have that the team may benefit from? Why?I am a great people person. I can have a great time with anybody, but also know when it is time to get serious. I am also a perfectionist. I will do whatever I need to that will benefit KSI as a whole. I also have a lot of experience in the community , as stated above, so I know the ins and outs, and what is expected of me.Lastly I am a problem solver. You give me an issue and I will fix it to the best of my ability. Also I will never play favoritism when it comes to any issues brought to my attention. I will be just! Why should you be chosen for the team over other applicants? As I have stated I have many years under my belt in this community, and have seen a lot of things. I want To ensure that the members are happy, and feel like they have a second family when getting online. I am in it for the long haul, and extremely committed! I will not disappoint Are you willing to meet certain deadlines (for updates) every 2 weeks? if not will you be able to communicate with leaders on why not? Yes Are you willing to dedicate time to speaking with other members and leaders outside your own division? Yes for sure Are you willing to host workshops for the department? And if so what type of workshop would you be interested in? (Squad training, leadership training, IA training, recruiting workshops, etc.) I would love to host any kind of workshop at anytime! I am here for everyone so to be able to pass on more knowledge only makes me happier!
  6. Newbie here

    BELLA!!!!! We are going to make CAESAR awesome!
  7. All Things EDM

    Very true, I like the Chainsmokers. They arent to bad
  8. Favorite Video Game Music?

    Pokemon games have pretty catchy music
  9. NEW MeTallicA ablum come out nov 18th

    Hope it is good
  10. What Is In Your Garage?

    2016 Ford Focus

    Push you off the hill, now it is my hill
  12. Welcome!

    Hey there everybody!
  13. Tattoos, I've got 'em. What cha got?

    I wish I had a tattoo already, but I will be getting a sleeve soon very excited!