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  1. Sign Ups 7's Poker Night Wednesday June 21st

    I'm reposting, since my last edit seem to have erase my original post completly. Feel free to erase this post if my original says the same thing as this one here, I just can't see it and wish to ensure DR participation in this event. Division - Divine Reign 7's Gamertag - KSI Charming 7 Alternate 1 - ...
  2. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    DR rules you all !!
  3. Sign Ups Destiny Clash 4v4 Thursday June 22nd

    Division - Divine Reign Team Captain Gamertag - ... Team Members Gamertags - KSI NightBloodz KSI Koolaidman2 KSI Maniac5 CoD Rising Alternate 1 - ... Alternate 2 - ...
  4. Sign Ups Cod Blops 2 7's Party Game Saturday 24th

    Division - Divine Reign Gamertag - KSI Charming 7 Alternate 1 - KSI Commander 7
  5. Sign Ups 7's Poker Night Wednesday June 21st

    Division - Divine Reign 7's Gamertag - KSI Chicago 7 Alternate 1 - ...
  6. Sign ups Karaoke Night Friday June 23rd

    Division - Divine Reign Member 1 GT/Skype Name- KSI R3TR1BUT1ON Member 2 GT/Skype name- KSI REX
  7. Sign Ups Halo Reach Multi Team Multi Game 3v3v3 Thursday June 22th

    Division - Divine Reign Team Captain Gamertag - KSI Brawler Team Members Gamertags - KSI Brawler KSI NateDor KSI Hype 1shot Alternate 1 - ... Alternate 2 - ...
  8. Sign Ups Halo 5 4v4 CTF Saturday June 24th

    Division - Divine Reign Team Captain Gamertag - ... Team Members Gamertags - KSI Brawler KSI NightBloodz NewLivingHell KSI Natsu End Alternate 1 - ... Alternate 2 - ...
  9. Sign Ups Cod Blops 2 TDM Saturday June 24th

    Division - Divine Reign Team Captain Gamertag - ... Team Members Gamertags - KSI Enzyme KSI x Ninja1 KSI Hype 1shot Get Killed Bruh Alternate 1 - KSI NightFall Alternate 2 - KSI REX
  10. First word in your Head (Do not remove)

  11. Friday April 28 KSI Town Hall Q&A

    KSI Old History.. Would it be possible to have an accurate history of KSI ? There are many stories, many rumors and hearsay going around KSI When was KSI created the very first time ? XBOX or PC ? Halo or Runescape ? Who were the creators of KSI ? What were their very first gamertags when creating it ? or even before ? Are ther any true founders still among us ? Is it true KSI stood for asomething else before ? Is it true it had 2 previous meaning ? So for how long as KSI been here as a clan & gaming community ? Can the actual story of KSI split from what it was to .org & .com be told, so all know and stop creating rumors about it ? Did United come from .org or .com ? Do we know if they still are ? There are rumors about them being gone or using another name now... Our current BoD... When did you join KSI ? What was your GT ? What does your GT means or where does it come from ? Plz tell us about your history in KSI, your old squads or better your first squad... There's always some fun "stuff" to hear about each others in our KSI past, please will share you with the community ? You call it Town Hall, I see it as Fire place story time... Please bring truth to the Legends. I know soome of these answers already, but many don't. Please bring some light to the darkness and let the rumors die once more, until such a time is needed again.
  12. Admin Request Box

    KSI Taipan4 is attempting to rejoin KSI, he is however unable to access any section when connecting on his forums account. Could someone get in contact with him and figure out what the issue is ? Thank you. Forums account link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/34420-ksi-taipan4/ kik info: gryffindor.Potter56 (Gabriel Travis)
  13. KSI Spring Break 2017 Check-In/Poll!

    Guess what ? DR rules !!
  14. how do i get to the application part for that because I do not know how to.

    1. KSI DEATH


      are you talking about the sign up for this website?

    2. KSI Commander 7

      KSI Commander 7

      Answering your own question now DEATH ? :rolleyes:

    3. KSI DEATH


      Oh lol I did sign up on this website and even got a message from them 

  15. I thought I was following you! Dx

    I'm sorry! lol

    I am now.:angel: