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  1. KSI Gambit 7 - Trainer Award

    He has trained over 30 people in the time of being in the division with me
  2. KSI Joe - Master Recruiter

    I have witnessed this member recruit more than the required amount of 120 people he is still currently recruiting I hope this is enough detail
  3. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    Dm all day suck it killer

    Cool now that I'm a seven I can't do that any more can I

    How does one get the grifball award
  6. Human Resources Department Application

    Current Gamertag :ksi bixby 7 Kik: bixbyclay2 Skype: [email protected] Date recruited:7/11/2016 Current Squad/Division/Rank: DM co founder (titan,cruelty) What other KSI Departments are you a part of? (Note: I.A and Courts count. If you have any other applications to another department please state that as well.) productions What are you interested in achieving from being on the Human Resources team(Why do you wanna be apart of our Team?) i have an innate urge to help people i have been wanting to be on this team for a while. i wat a community where i would feel ok with my sister being in this community and this team is a great way for people to feel safe. What assets do you have that the team may benefit from? Why?my personality i am very approachable person i am a very people orientated person Why should you be chosen for the team over other applicants? i can not speak for myself better or worse i can not say what the other applicants have or do not have in the end it is up to you (the person reading this) Are you willing to meet certain deadlines (for updates) every 2 weeks?yes if not will you be able to communicate with leaders on why not? Are you willing to dedicate time to speaking with other members and leaders outside your own division? yes i already do that Are you willing to host workshops for the department? And if so what type of workshop would you be interested in? (Squad training, leadership training, IA training, recruiting workshops, etc.) all of the above
  7. Destiny HH season 2 roster signups

    Division:Demonic Mayhem Team manager: ksi bixby 7 Team memebers name and link to forums account if they have one. 1 ksi neoassassin 2 ksi spi 3 ksi mf replayz 4 ksi gambit XX Backups 1 ksi exoticxbamb 2 ksi aero3 3 ksi solohan 4 tbd
  8. How old are you?

    i am 21
  9. games of the year 2016

    hey guys i have an idea we i am thinking about the top games of 2016 what do you guys think hit me with a reply of your fave game of the year. mine is witcher 3 for goty
  10. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    sparrow racing league ww when they come out for customes
  11. Name/ Gamertag: KSI Mpliers 7 Current Rank/ Title in KSI: senior director Category Nominating for: director of the year Forums Profile Link: Reasons I feel this member should receive this award: this person has helped my division DM through a very troubling time. He has mentored me in specific times in my ksi career and has helped me through a time of doubt when i was thinking about stepping down as a leader He has helped mold my leadership as a person and a leader with ksi. he is an outstanding member in this community which. He has guided my former div leader ksi true 7 who is now a director to run and lead this division to the great place where we are today. He has helped mold my leadership as a person and a leader with ksi. He is an outstanding member in this community which he loves and adores he puts so much time and effort towards this community KSI Mpliers 7 is a leader we should all strive to be.
  12. Human resources

    Thank you my good sir
  13. Human resources

    Thank you