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  1. Weekend Warfare - Prominence Poker (12/15/18)

    Gamertag: KSIfiremomma7 Division: DL
  2. So You Think You Can Write - December 2018

    #1: I Sawa Momma Kissing Santa Claus Youtube link: Reason: Because it reminds we of when I was younger and at my Grandparents, having fun and building snow forts. #2: Santa Claus is Comin' To Town Youtube link: Reason: use to help out at the local fire dept. where I lived most of my life and watching all the kids come to see Santa Claus. They would set on his lap and tell him what they wanted and det candy from him when they were done. #3: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Youtube link: Reason: Favorite song to go out Christmas Shopping with my Family and enjoy some Chestnuts. Just an all around relaxing song. #4: White Christmas Youtube link: Reason: Mother played this every night for 12 days to Christmas! Would put my brother and sister to sleep every time. But no one could sing this better then Bing Crosby! #5: Silver Bells Youtube link: Reason: because I love this song and listen to it everyday for 24 days is the way I use to do. My grandmother had speakers outside her windows and we played records all day long in the center of town!
  3. Of The Years 2018! - Nominations (Closing 12/16)

    Senior Leader - (Board members, Senior Directors) Gamertag; KSI VeRiiTaS 7 Forums Account Link @VeRiiTaS 7 Reason they deserve this award - As a Senior, I had a hard time communicating with him to start with. With no help from the leaders that were over me at the time. I have found that he is there no matter what question anyone has for him and no matter what issue has come up. Riita has been over DL for while and if the Director over DL is unavailable and the Div was having an issue of someone being added to Discord to someone joining a party that was blacklisted, he has been there to help leadership to get them removed. But Riita is also there to game with members and just have a chat in general. Riita has been there for members that are having a hard time with life to issues with KSI. Director Gamertag; KSI TexAngel 7 Forums Account Link @KSI TexAngel 7 Reasons they deserve this award - What can I say about this Lady! Tex was here for me when I needed someone to talk to and to understand the changes that needed to be made not only for DL, but for Me as a Div Leader to grow and become the Officer that I am today ! Tex has never pulled any punches with me and has always shot straight with me, whether I was going to like it or not. Tex has taught me how to communicate better with my Officer's and Other in KSI as a whole. Tex has stood beside me and let me make mistakes, but was there when I realized it and began fixing the issues that I had with the Div. Tex is there when anyone is ready to play and have fun to asking a question that we have needed answers for. Tex is loyal to a fault when it comes to KSI or helping an officer that has gotten off the path a little. Tex will step up when someone needs a player for Weekend Warfare. For all the things she does for any Div she works with and any KSI member needing help or answers, I believe she deserves this award! Co - Division Leader Gamertag; KSI PROPHECY v7 Forums Account Link @KSI PROPHECY v7 Reasons they deserve this award - Prophecy has grown over this last year and has shown that he can handle almost anything that has been thrown at him. He has stepped in to the Gen role several times and has brought Squads back from the brink of death and also shown that he is able to split a squad due to his good leadership. Prophecy has mentored several people and he is always helping others with name changes, games. He is there to game with anyone who needs help or is just wanting to play. Prophecy has stood by me with decisions that were good and bad. He has learned to control his anger and excepts when I have to reel him back in when his anger starts to get the better of him. He has grown in leaps and bounds with learning to see when he needs to control it on his own. For all this he deserves to be awarded this honor. Co - Founder Gamertag; KSI DropShot 7 Forums Account Link @Mr. DropShot Reasons they deserve this award - Well what can I say about this guy that hasn't been said already! He has his hands in a lot of KSI things and is a great asset to anything he is doing. I have watched him grow and become the officer, we all knew he could be. Drop is there to answer questions and game with anyone that wants to have fun. Drop is one that if there is a problem and he can solve it, will and makes sure that we all know that it is taken care of. Drop has been Gen in squads when needed and holds meetings, as well as workshops when ever he is needed. Drop is not afraid to let me know when he thinks I or anyone else is making a bad decision and always has a plan that may or may not be better. I have learned a lot from having him as a 7 and will probably continue to learn more from him. For these alone he deserves this award. General Gamertag; KSI SasquatchX Forums Account Link @KSI SasquatchX Reasons they deserve this award - this guy was handed a squad and split it with the help of his officer staff and Prophecy. Sasquatch has maintained and kept the squad growing. He is always willing to help anyone in his squad and the new squad. He has grown to become a good Gen and will continue to grow as he progresses down his path. He would ask questions and if asked a question he was unable to answer would come to the 7's staff to help him to get the right answers. He pushes his officer's to become better officer's and to make sure that they are helping anyone that is in need playing games. Captain Gamertag; KSI Shadowo45 Forums Account Link @KSI Shadowo45 Reasons they deserve this award - Well Shadow has grow into a Gen that is going to go places, although he was a Cpt for most of this year. He will game and help anyone that needs it. He has stepped up and is willing to help out others that are not in his squad. He has held workshops to help officer's and others to grow with in KSI. Shadow is there when there is a raid or any other thing you need to get done on D2. Shadow is always asking what he needs to do to get to the next level in KSI. Shadow is there when you just need someone to talk to because you need to talk about KSI or on a personal level as well. He has a goal to become a 7 one day and I believe he will be a good 7 when the time is right for him to become one. Lieutenant Gamertag; KSIxNamineMoon Forums Account Link @KSIxNamineMoon Reasons they deserve this award - This member has stepped up to become a great officer and is a great friend to anyone that she meets. Namine has become a important part of DL and grow into a even better leader. Namine is one that will ask questions and wants to learn even more. She is apart of DL's Welcoming Committee. She is always asking what is needed to be done and she is there to game with anyone that will ask. SGT/SSGT Gamertag; KSIPooFlngMnky Forums Account Link @PooFlngngMnky Reasons they deserve this award - This individual decided to become an officer and sprang to the challenge with hope of becoming a good one and is striving to be the best he can at it. He is one to count on when promotions and recruits are needed. He is one that will keep trying until he can get the job done. He is a friend to everyone and anyone wanting to game. He can be funny and serious but will always try to do the right thing and help others to learn with in KSI.
  4. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    Let's GO DL !!!
  5. KSI PROPHECY v7 Helping Hand, Good Samaritan, Philanthropist

    Here is list of the ones I know that he has helped out : KSI TexAngel 7- Crash Bandicoot KSI Dread803- Destiny 2 Forsaken Complete edition KSI EZZY- Destiny 2 Forsaken + Annual pass KSI ZambieQueen- Name change, Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC KSI Majessiq- Destiny 2 horsemandeath91- Rock Band 4: Rivals KSI Mountain 7: Rock Band 4: Rivals KSI Shadowo45- Name Change LilDucky1223- Name Change KSIxB00TYANIMAL- 3 month xbox live and roughly other 20 name changes throughtout his time in DL to help people who wanted to become leaders. and roughly 10 3 month xbox live gold memberships for members who could not afford it at the time
  6. Helping Hand, Good Samaritan, and Philanthropist Name: KSI PROPHECY v7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI PROPHECY v7 Award-/-Achievement: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/39043-ksi-prophecy-v7/? tab=node_awards_Awards Reason-/-Evidence: Prpohecy has helped more then 10 members in KSI with Name Changes, Games, Xbox Live for Month or Year, and DLC"S for different games.
  7. KSI DropShot 7 OS Level 1

    Name: KSI DropShot 7 Link to Forums Account: @Mr. DropShot Award-/-Achievement: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/6272-mr-dropshot/? tab=node_awards_Awards Reason-/-Evidence: I have watched as DropShot worked his way through the ranks and make his way to a CO Founder. He is one who will help out anyone if he has the game or with any questions they may have about KSI. He is a great Recruiter, Mentor, gamer, and friend to all in DL and KSI as a whole. He has helped members with name changes and with what ever he can. He has his hands in several dept. and still makes time for playing with members and be a great CO Founder. I believe he will be a great Leader in KSI when he gets there. DropShot is always good with coming up with new Ideas and ways to improve DL as a whole.
  8. DL Division of the Month

    Name of Applicant: KSIfiremomma7 Division Name: Dark Legions Name of Milestone being applied for: Division Of The Month Reasonings why this milestone should be awarded: DL won Division of the Month for Oct 2018
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  10. KSI Shadowo45 GamerScore Hoarder & Master

    here is his evidence as it would not let him post it
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