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  1. So You Think You Can Write - January 2019

    Report post Posted January 1 Who I Gamed With Most In 2018 Who you gamed with most: @KSI SEXYMOMA Game(s) you played together most: Destiny 2 Best thing about gaming with this person: Dedicated to help others, always asking what other want to do. Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: An Unforgettable ease drop when she forgot to mute her microphone while telling a family member the what for, if you know what I mean. Our group we were playing with laughed about it with tears in our eyes. We all played along with it that we didn't hear the conversation they had for about a hole minute and then we couldn't hold it in anymore. Most memorable moment gaming: Another time Playing Destiny 2, we went up against gamer group in crucible's that seemed to have some Mods. We all were starting to rage a little but we buckle down and ran as a team and we one the match by one point. That feeling of all of us not giving up and beating mod-ed players was amazing. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: 10, Great Skills, when you become her friend (Not Easy) she is open and brutally honest but dedicated to her friends and if you need help, she will find a way to help. Who you gamed with 2nd most: @KSIxRONL64 Game(s) you played together most: Destiny 2 Best thing about gaming with this person: Very helpful to everyone and very selfless. Willing to stop what he's is doing to jump in help. Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: When he told me he might not be able to be an officer any more. This was a bad moment to me based on I consider him as a friend and his ability diminishing from him upsets me. Most memorable moment gaming: He was part of the party in the above ease drop and to keep this inside joke going for a long time has been priceless. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: 10 just a great guy to have around to either talk kid around or just say nothing and play. Who you gamed with 3rd most: @KSI kennyboy666 Game(s) you played together most: Destiny 2 and Neverwinter Best thing about gaming with this person: Very Helpful and plays a lot so very active Funniest or worst thing about gaming with this person: Gaming together generally but bad moments when he gets to competing with others and trash talk gets a little over the top. Most memorable moment gaming: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate this member as a gaming companion and why: 8, Skills are great but temperament with others kind of short.
  2. Of The Years 2018! - Nominations (Closing 12/16)

    Category: GeneralGamertag; KSIxRONL64Forums Account Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/37656-ksixronl64/ Reason: There are multiple people that do a great job and deserve a shot at this but the reason I have picked Ron is that He has never let challenges slow him down. He has a great time playing with people but he makes sure his duty isn't neglected. We had Squad that was left to fail and he wanted to give it a shot and try and resurrect life in it. He left his home squad with a little worry but thought it would be OK. He tried several ways without a lot support to Help them. We have had a lot of Challenges at this time and Focus had not been on this Squad. Eventually a decision was made to shut down the Squad an put efforts elsewhere . This would have put most people think they wasted there efforts and I'm sure it crossed his mind. He went back to his Home squad and noticed his worries came true and wanted this quad to get back to being active so it wouldn't end up like the other Squad. As a 1st CAP he jumped in there and got game nights going again. When all the other distractions calmed down it was realized there was ha need for change. He was offered a shot at GEN after Not just handed to him. He kept his Drive of making Squad active and tried to ask people in the squad what they was missing. Things have turned around but still needs some help and even with Health problems, he has puts the squad needs first. I got to know him and respect him more than he knows. He is an inspiration and has won CPT of the Month 2 times but I think he needs this OTY for GEN for more than one reason. Category: Captain Gamer tag: KSI Folkstyle Forums Account Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46612-ksi-folkstyle/ Reason: Same as above, several people can be looked at for this award. This is why I chose this candidate, Since he has been in KSI, I have notices his name coming up in chats, Game=nights being helpful to his Squad any kind of way. He helps and even joins Game nights more than required. He Volunteers for KSI needs in several departments. He has earned and deserves his position by constantly and consistently helping out More than just his Squad. Willing to except criticism and learns from them and accepts responsibility along with accountability. I am very impressed with his helpfulness. Category: LT Gamer tag: KSI SEXYMOMA Forums Account Link: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/46473-ksi-sexymoma/ Reason: There are people that you think are fun to be around and if anyone knows her like I do there is more to them. I never thought she would be Interested in being an officer. I will never say that again because of her. Watching her over time, she had been doing what an officer does and more. She has been a force in her squad to activity and promote team work. She knows the feeling of helping has its own reward, just don't take advantage. She is Brutally honest and if you are a friend she will set you straight first to keep you from looking like an idiot. She sides with the truth even if you might not like it. That trait is necessary for my friendship. I would rather you tell me i'm wrong to help me than agree and let you look silly. I have seen her help people even when she had her own problems to deal with and I cant get into details but definitely not minor problems, she never turned her back on anyone that really needed help. She has my utmost respect and I hope shes not mad at me for putting her up for this.
  3. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    WD is bottom of the selection but Top of the Line, Lets Go Team.
  4. KSI Taywick 77 OS lvl 1

    I have known KSI Tawick 77 for a while in WD and actually asked him to be one of my officers when I was General over ABADDON. He has always given help without asking anything. He decline based on when he had to work he felt he couldn't do a good job. He was always helping with game nights and giving good advice when asked from his previous KSI experience. He has tried to help without looking for a position or promotion..
  5. TB: Uno (11/23/18)

    Gamer Tag: KSI BRUNAN 7 Division: WD
  6. TB: Destiny 2 FFA (11/24/18)

    KSI BRUNAN 7 Wicked Destruction
  7. KSI T1GER- Outstanding Service Lvl 1

    I have known KSI T1GER (ModernTrash)when she was with another Division that ended up merging with WD. She has always wanted to learn how to be better in KSI. She has spent many Hours helping people and helping her squad way before she became an officer without being asked. She has worked hard in every roll she has been in and deservingly became GEN over CYANIDE. She has worked harder at This position even when I thought couldn't do anymore. Great example of hard work and self training. Yes, She has had training but most of it was from her constantly asking the right way to do things. She doesn't stop at her squad, she helps anyone that needs it in WD. This is my Witness
  8. KSI Trendies 7 - OS3 Nomination

    Trendies Has been a rock supporting whoever even not in his division. He answers people promptly with good advise and information. He use to be over WD and when presented with Ideas he always looked at it with a open mind. If he thought it should be presented to the board to help KSI, he would do that without any thought. One of these everyone who has been around long enough to know was the writing of the notes by every general or representative at Div meeting. This would take forever and most people would miss something so we asked to get updated to the 20th century much less 21st and post notes on Forums to follow. Xbox always has connection problems or someone's microphone would be echoing. This saved a lot of time and frustration and I thank him for going to bat for that. He has also moved on to other Divisions and will still answer anything or direct the right way to get it done, thank you for that also. Over the years I have watched him deal with so many controversial issues and he handled them with a calm demeanor and I was impressed by the way he handled them. He has always been loyal to KSI and has looked to improve it every chance he can to make it better. This is why I think he deserves this award. KSI BRUNAN 7 Rank WD Founder
  9. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    Let's do this WD
  10. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Let's go WD
  11. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamer Tag: KSI BRUNAN 7 Award: New Member Certified Evidence: I attended @KSI TexAngel 7 new member workshop. Person (s) who ran the workshop: @KSI TexAngel 7 Link on forums: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/38175-ksi-brunan-7/
  12. When joinining KSI, most people create an Forums account. Sometimes they match Gamertag but most don't. To have this added or linked in the G15 would help in several ways. When you put a person up for AAP you need their forums link. This also creates a way to find someone on forums to send messages and use forums more with pm's. This could also be used quickly to limit a threat on Forums if gamertag dosnt match and you need that profile Shut down ASAP. There also should be a page of archive names so you can find someone on forum that's not in KSI anymore but still on forums. I know Gen's and up can find this info. So it shouldn't be abused.
  13. Spring Break Forums Challenge!

    Lets Get out there and vote WD
  14. February 2018 OTM nominations (Closing Feb 28)

    Member Gamertag (Rank - Division/Squad) - KSI Frostiie96 (WD/Vanquish)Link to forums account or @ mention -http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/10392-frostiie96/ I have talked to KSI Frostiie96 for a while and everything he does that I noticed is to grow KSI and he works hard at it, He moved to WD just a short time ago and I can tell first hand it wasn't just talk. He works hard in all aspects, getting out there to play game nights, coordinating activities, Training and motivating others. He sets the bar High for others and I can see other leaders being intimidated by it and that they will have to work that hard just to keep up. People of all types need to realize that this is whats missing. The drive and effort should be rewarded not shut down so they don't have to work so hard. Work Harder, Work Faster or get out of the way because here comes Frostiie. Keep it up Great job
  15. Of The Years: Nominations 2017 (Closing 18th December)

    KSI.org has a lot of members that need recognition do to the feeling of team work commitment and sacrifice of their time they put into this community. I would like to list a few I know on a personal level and understand that we need all members to share some of there commitment to grow in a positive selfless way. Some people like to do things to "Rank Up" and nothing is wrong with that others do it because they believe in the real KSI.org Community experience and what it stands for. The stand outs that I have noticed are the following and I will try to describe "Why". The list is not in any order they are all important to get that out the way: KSI Kalakoi 77 as CPT of the Year. (He is GEN of ABADDON WD now) or GEN of the Month . http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/11784-kalakoi/ He rejoined KSI.org a while ago when I was 3rd CPT and I noticed him as a do'er and he had suggestions without any preconception that it was the only way to do something. He would bounce Ideas back and forth to grow them into something. He never asked for a position but i thought he would be a great addition to our staff. Since then he has always gone over and above working with everyone in KSI.org not just Squad related. He introduced and even set up "Discord" for WD on his own creating chat rooms for all squads under WD officers squads for each in WD and more. Very positive and willing to help. If you ever get to know him he is what he is on the game or off the game. He surprised me one time when a member left that he knew for a while and he deleted him, I asked him why. He said that If he didn't like what was going on he should had worked on fixing them to help KSI out not just quit if he had personal reasons I would understand. This showed me commitment to this community KSI Trendies 7 CoDiv of the year (Now a Director) http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/34187-ksi-trendies-7/ On many occasions, I was unsure if there was anyone above him because issues would always be answered and never had wait long for an answer. Committed Unselfishly by giving his time to the Community. On many occasions he was spread thin trying to keep everyone informed on KSI Business with very little 7 staff in our DIV. Willing to step in and give anyone a hand also very respectful to everyone. I feel like I can always go to him and ask a question no matter what DIV he is over and will get and respectable answer not "Why are You asking me?" He will always ask if He can help but he will always give respect to the others staff and Chain of Command that he is might be answering for by saying "Check with them, don't just go by what I said". He is very committed to this community and it spreads through out his staff. If you get to know him he legitimately cares and wants to make a difference. Also Known as "Grandpa Gary" FYI KSI MrWabbit 7 Co-Fo of the year (Now a SGT in ABADDON) http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/32747-ksi-mr-wabbit-7/?wr=eyJhcHAiOiJmb3J1bXMiLCJtb2R1bGUiOiJmb3J1bXMtY29tbWVudCIsImlkXzEiOjM1MzMzLCJpZF8yIjo3Mjc2Mzh9 At one time I wasn't sure about his age and position but notice his devotion of growth in the community and to make it the best. When I got to know him he was open about himself and what he need to learn and was willing to ask. Having someone ask for help with an issue showed me he was willing to learn and get better personally and in the community.He worked hard with forums and tried to make it easier to navigate by creating new topics and quick links. Stepping down to complete his last Year in High school after reaching Founder showed me he respected the community knowing he could not do what the job required based on school activities. Hats off to you young man. KSI Cherry 7 Div leader of the month http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/34399-cherry/ Because I'm Scared of her LOL, No seriously She has been someone I have respected watching from afar for a while. She came from a 360 squad and took over a XBox One squad as GEN and made it better and that was hard to do based on the people in that squad that think they deserve it. Most people would had said no because of it. With her Knowledge and commitment, she took this on based on the people at the time could not handle it in that squad. She set up structure and made it fun and that is what its all about. Since then she has been promoted up and has earned it by being Very respectful but not a push over and definitely gives you room to do your job not being a Dictator. She is still in contact with her members and active by having game nights and helping where needed Loves new ideas to help KSI grow and have fun for everyone. She has never forgotten an officers position is a volunteer position but still need to perform to keep us strong and united as a community. She is a true leader and Thanks for being there, its not an easy volunteer job. There are several others I would like to nominate but I don't know their Forums account to link too.