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  1. Name: KSI Berry Link to Forums Account: http://www.ksiforums.org/profile/38451-ksi-berry/ Award-/-Achievement: Gamer score Hoarder Reason-/-Evidence: 20,575 GS
  2. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    To whom it may concern, I did see a Karaoke night for February and I personally wanted to take part of it. But, do you guys allow duets? I mean if not, then I am suggesting this to you guys now! To me, Solos kinda frighten me haha. So, I feel like Duets would be lovely to have. Maybe like a spring duet type of thing for this season? It would be fun to have people sing with a buddy of theirs. Hopefully this idea finds you guys well ^-^ You guys rule! -KSI Berry
  3. Spring Break Forums Challenge!

    Let's go FI!
  4. KSI Silence 7 Mentor Nomination

    Witnessing: I claim Silence 7 as my mentor For a while before I completely reunited with KSI, I felt lost and incomplete. Thinking I have been left behind by people. I've always felt like that but, Silence has taken me under his wing when I did find KSI again. Throughout my progression in the ranks, Silence has been guiding me, teaching me and most of all, be there as a person I admire. When I progress again in the ranks, I wish to be more like Silence. I thank him for teaching me how to be a better person for this lovely community and my squad. His words had changed me for the better of what people need.
  5. What is the highest K/D you have gotten on any COD??

    13 and 2 on BO2 XD I'll never forget it :,)
  6. Aw thank you for the award ^-^

  7. The Meaning Behind Your Gamertag Name

    My last Gamertag was Blaze The Cutie Since I am doing an animation major, I have a character named Blaze. She is a cutie so, there was that haha. Th3 Blaz3 was given to me because I couldn't decide since I wanted to keep the name lol
  8. Oh! I won most liked content? Well, thanks for making me feel better Forums XD

  9. When you feel like a failure and ready to give it up, It is always best to think positive and hope tomorrow is a brand new day filled with adventures for you.:thumbsup:

  10. What game does your KSI Squad mostly play?

    Mostly Black Ops 2
  11. OTM August 2017 (Closing 9th September)

    Founder KSI Silence 7 Founder FI @KSI Silence 7 Silence is such a reliable person. He has given me helpful tips on my current position while I was having some trouble figuring out what I can do for the squad. He dedicates time to help the ones in need of any advice or to just give friendly tips ad opinions on what people can do. He has given me the strength to not give up on certain things around me in KSI. If there is a point in my time in KSI where I become a higher up, I will consider him as my mentor.
  12. The stress...it burnssss XD

  13. Life has many obstacles.

    Don't stand at one.

    Move forward from it as soon as you find another way

    1. Banditkilla


      as long as that other way is a better way

  14. Favorite Books

    Definitely The Selection Series
  15. Mine was probably The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Was so young lol