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  1. So You Think You Can Write: Short Stories

    Before I get stated, just want to let you all know I love doing these things for fun and I never guessed I would ever win 2nd place last SYTYCW so, Thank you These things have been fun to write about and this topic today is something I enjoy doing a lot. Writing Short stories. Don't count these words yet since these are purely A/N XD Anyways, on to the story! _______________________________________________________________ As any old tale goes, this one is my side of the story. How I journeyed from being the most quietest recruit ever to being one of the most looked up to from some people's perspective. I began as a recent college student in a private college which was for arts and other stuff. I never spoke to anyone and I never had the courage to walk up to someone and just say, "Hey there!" So I was on my own a lot. One day while I was on my old 360, playing a game of Team Deathmatch on Black Ops, I encountered a message from a Sargent, looking for recruits for a community. I thought to myself, that seems promising for me. I've been trying to set up a clan myself but, seems like I can't bring myself to even speak to people. So I decided to message back this person, saying I am interested. Thirty seconds later, I was in a party, getting Age Verified. I was 18 at the time and recently graduated High School. I had a small voice which was a bit hard to hear through having it and my cheap mic. As I was getting read the Code Of Conduct, I thought, "Wow. Is that all memorized?" I didn't ask because I feel like it was none of my business. The next thing you know, I was trained and ready to show up to meetings. Well, when I first got in it, it was a lot of people. I was internally freaking out. I do have a small hint of anxiety but, I overcame it. I was nervous about it. Then, I thought, maybe I didn't have to say anything. And I was right, till the Questions section. When I got called on, I slowly declined that I have nothing to ask. But in reality, I had a million things to ask! So, we had a small gamenight but didn't stay for long. Hey, it wasn't so bad! I went for a few Fridays. Despite the prank that was pulled on from Ayeloves and officers too about my "Violation of CoC" that ended up in me being in tears. I laugh about it too sometimes. Those were the good old days. That was till I was hacked by a kid for no reason. Never trust anyone and I broke that rule myself. I was lost for a year. I still had my information in case I needed it. And god I needed it a year later when people over in another Squad asked if I was still here. So, I was new all over again, but at the same time, alone. But, as one faithful day came about having a nice split, oh yes I sprung up and spoke about it. I did meet a few friends and they were amazing! The General was kind, the second captain was a fun guy, third or fourth captain was chill and sweet. The Lieutenants knew me as well. That's when I began coming out of my shell. When the split happened, I was afraid of losing these friends. But deep down knew, they would still be there. I was moved with the new Squad that I run today. The General was a friend of mine which was awesome. He really did bust his butt with making it all awesome. But, good things do come to an end when things began falling apart and me witnessing all that died around me. I had that second captain position and wondered about the squad. Few might ask, "Why be upset over something unimportant?" The honest truth is that, I cared about KSI. I cared about all of this. Sure there is a time that Squads die momentarily but, I wouldn't let that happen. So, I began arranging more and more things to do. Began looking out for everyone and I didn't worry about my own self but worried about the sake of others. Friends began to leave, bonds began to sever and there has been moments that even I questioned "Can I do it?" The life of a second captain wasn't pretty. But, despite all those doubts, I still stand like nothing has hit me. Though, did speak to a few close people to vent what is going on. They all tell me the same advice. "Never give up" Reminded me of the song "Never Give Up" By Sia. She is a very inspiring artist which has helped me throughout KSI for a long time. So, all of that effort has rightfully gave me a spot as a General. One rank I definitely hold up high. Titles to me do not mean anything as I once have been told but, I decided to embrace the rank and keep it for a while. My story in KSI may not be as beautiful or a tragedy like others but, this is my personal experience and story I hold near and dear to my heart. My life in KSI is only just beginning. I dare not hope for the end and know there won't be an end of me just yet. _____________________________________________ Never thought I'd write 859 words. I mean, I just counted on Microsoft Word XD Jeez. Not sure if KSI even counts as a word let alone an acronym. Well, the definition of having a minimum means always having more to say. Anyways, I really enjoyed writing this and finally getting an opportunity to write again. I do wish the best of luck to everyone. I feel a lot better by telling my tale of KSI. Once again, thanks for giving me an award last topic I hope to keep writing more. Looking forward to next topic. Byeee!
  2. What is the highest K/D you have gotten on any COD??

    13 and 2 on BO2 XD I'll never forget it :,)
  3. Aw thank you for the award ^-^

  4. The Meaning Behind Your Gamertag Name

    My last Gamertag was Blaze The Cutie Since I am doing an animation major, I have a character named Blaze. She is a cutie so, there was that haha. Th3 Blaz3 was given to me because I couldn't decide since I wanted to keep the name lol
  5. Oh! I won most liked content? Well, thanks for making me feel better Forums XD

  6. When you feel like a failure and ready to give it up, It is always best to think positive and hope tomorrow is a brand new day filled with adventures for you.:thumbsup:

  7. What game does your KSI Squad mostly play?

    Mostly Black Ops 2
  8. The stress...it burnssss XD

  9. Life has many obstacles.

    Don't stand at one.

    Move forward from it as soon as you find another way

    1. Banditkilla


      as long as that other way is a better way

  10. Favorite Books

    Definitely The Selection Series
  11. What was the first book you remember reading?

    Mine was probably The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Was so young lol
  12. Wattpad stories

    I mostly read Video game stories. Used to read Anime ones that included XReader in them XD
  13. What is your favorite song right now?

    Alone by Alan Walker
  14. Wondering if College won't be as bad this semester :P

  15. Linkin Park

    Me! and yeah I automatically got reminded of Chester.