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  2. So You Think You Can Write: Prank Game Release

    My game idea is for a simulator that is based around going shopping on Black Friday. You start out waiting outside a generic store something like Walmart or like a generic shopping mall except the earlier you choose to show up is how the game chooses to scale the difficulty. There would be achievements for completing it on the highest difficulty or for making it out unscathed from the masses. But the kicker to the game is it only has one day that you can buy it and at a steal of a price it will be released on Black Friday itself.
  3. KSI April Town Hall Q&A Submission Thread

    With all the other communities popping up within gaming what are some ways that KSI is trying to prove that it is a positive place for gamers to come and find a place to hang out and make friends?
  4. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name:KSI BLICKY/REDNEB ISK Award: New member cert Evidence: completed training Person(s) who ran the workshop: KSI AIRBORNE 7
  5. psst miss you and appreciate you <3


    1. KSI FadeZ 7

      KSI FadeZ 7

      i miss and appreciate you too uhhh

  6. Helping Hand

    Name: KSI Cable Forums Acct.: @KSI Cable Award: Helping hand reason: KSI Cable has helped multiple members within our division get name changes to help them progress in the community.
  7. KSI Spring Break/Div Cup Town Hall

    KSI BLICKY FI What are some of the deciding factors in wins the the divisional cup?
  8. March Monthly Spotlight!!

    member Gamertag- KSI FadeZ 7 4CPT/Hellcat/FI Link to forums acct.- @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasoning- In the last few months this member has been an integral part in the continued success of the squad. He has pulled many hours throughout the month in making sure that the members of the squad are trained and adhering to the guidelines of the squad and the community as a whole to help with the continued success of KSI, FI, and Hellcat. 7 Gamertag- KSI Silence 7 CO Div/FI Link to forums acct.- @KSI Silence 7 Reasoning- He has gone out of his way as a CO Div to ensure that the people under him are taken care of and happy with the current climate of the Division. He continues to make a the members of the community feel welcomed and appreciated whether they are new members, rejoins, or have been in the community for a while. He helps with anything that is brought to him be it problems or suggestions on how to help the division grow as a whole.
  9. KSI Silence 7 Mentor Nomination

    Witnessing: I claim KSI Silence 7 as my mentor. Since joining KSI and getting promoted to Gen he has helped me progress as an officer and as a member with in the community. He is always ready to help any member within the community.
  10. February 2018 OTM nominations (Closing Feb 28)

    Gamer tag: KSIMASTERCHEIF1 SGT Hellcat FI Fourms acct.: @KSIMASTERCHIEF1 Reasoning: This member has went above and beyond what has been asked of him to help make the squad successful. He has bought members who have been wanting to change their names to rank up as well giving myself and my officers a helping hand with our day to day duties.
  11. February Monthly Spotlight!

    Member Gamertag (Rank-Division/Squad): KSI FadeZ 7 3CPT Hellcat FI Forums acct.: @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasoning: In the short time that this member has been back in the community he has went out of his way to help new members to the community and returning as well to feel welcome. He not only does the things that are asked of him as a captain, but he also makes sure that peoples' profiles are correct without him having to be asked. Also anytime I have had a question on something that i have not been sure of he has been there to help me solve those things. 7 Gamertag (Rank-Division/Squad): KSI Scotland 7 SGT Hellcat FI Forums acct: @Scotland Reasoning: This member has worked his way up thru department ops to where he is now making sure that everything behind the scenes of KSI run smoothly for all members. He is knowledgeable in just about anything you would need to know about most things on the Forums. Also the way that he streamlined to going ons of the AAP department has made it easier for members to be able to find the things they are looking for as well as always being there to answer any questions any member may have.
  12. KSI Anansi signature request

  13. KSI Anansi signature request

    Thank you