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  1. KSI VENUM 7 Mentor Award

    I claim Venum as one of my mentors. Hes helped me ever since he became a General, and then when he became a cofounder. He has worked with me to improve and do the best I can, he has helped me learn how to be a cofounder whenever I needed help. I believe he has been such a helpful leader to this community. Claimed
  2. Name: KSI Nebula 7 Link to fourms account: @Nebula 7 award: Award Hobbyist Reason: I have 47 awards All lower tiers: *Legen* to *Three Cheers* Requested Staff awards: Scotlands Jacobites
  3. KSI xKamikaze Master Recruiter

    I can witness this as well, ive been with Kam for around two years. (21 Months roughly), He has recruited more than enough to get this award, ive been with him as a General, as a watching cofounder, than as his cofounder
  4. KSI DropShot 7 Multiple Awards

    He is Marketing Senior Representative, Definitely in the Department
  5. KSI Eyonia 7 Gamer pic request

    No Problem! If you'd like one in the future just put up another Request after the time requirement is completed, feel free to request myself if you want in the future. @Tavie @Dragons 7 Completed, Can one of you close please
  6. Nebula's Meta Awards

  7. KSI Eyonia 7 Gamer pic request

    @KSI Eyonia 7 Hey! So the image you provided wasn't available due to it being signed by the author! (We do not use things as such.) But here is the image I made with the same character! (PS: Just finished No Game no Life, Love it!) If you do not like it, I can attempt to make it different, or pass it to another Artist. If you accept it, please say so
  8. Nebula's Meta Awards

    Name: KSI Nebula 7 Link to Forums account: @Nebula 7 Awards: Legen- Three Cheers (Side note, I have 37 Awards currently, if I get the first 5 awards ill have enough for the next tier Award Hobbyist. Idk if im eligible for that in this post too, or if ill have to make another post for it.) Reason: Has 37 Awards Requested Staff Awards: Imagine Dragons, That's so Fetch, Rimpy 2k18
  9. KSI xMinion Member Assistance Award

    I can witness for this Award! Minion jumps to the opportunity to help the people within her squad, Samurai, and her Division, Divine Warriors. As her Co-Founder I get to see the interactions that she has with the members of Samurai, she answers any questions she's able, and makes sure that all members are having a good time at events and respecting one another. Whenever I approach her for a favor or to see if she's available, she makes sure that it gets done. She lives in the UK and sacrifices sleep to help the members of the division. Minion has definitely deserved the right to get the Award Member Assistance
  10. Gamertag/Name: KSI Nebula 7/ Joe Farabee Age: 17 ( June 6th, 2001) Time in KSI: Going on 2 years in February Current Rank/Position: Co-founder in Divine Warriors, Marketing Head Highest Rank/Position Held: Same as above Have you ever been blacklisted, DNH'd and/or security risked? If so, when and why? No. Are you currently apart of any other departments, or do you currently have any applications pending? Marketing, Graphics Performance Operations Specific Questions If you could change one thing about the way training work in KSI, what would it be? If I could change something, it would probably be the way it's addressed. Or the dedication of something considered as training, Training someone is teaching them the knowledge you've obtained, and showing them the good and the bad of what you've done in the community, and how things operate. Details and Enthusiasm, are important when it comes to training someone How do you regularly promote the education of members within your division and/or squad? I'd say I do. If you could implement one of your personal squad and/or divisional policies on a community wide basis to better the standard of leadership and training, what would it be and why? Respecting one another, and holding each other up when one falls down. Learning that one person can't hold all the weight, and it should be divided into Mutiple people. Why should you be considered as a potential Performance Officer for KSI? In other words, why should you be selected over other leaders in this community? I believe I have a interesting understanding, I'm a Co-founder in a division, that rose into a Spotlight, and demanded excellent leaders and determination from those leaders to make it successful. I run the Department Marketing, which like PO, has members around all Divisions, I get to see problems where it comes to activity within Divisons, and overall motivation from them. I believe I can have some insight or valuable opinions when it comes to improving the overall education effort of KSI as a whole
  11. KSI ApolloBelow Signature Request Here is a link to two options of the Gamerpic
  12. TB: Black Ops 4 FFA (11/23/18)

    Gamertag: KSI Nebula 7 Division: DW
  13. KSI Eyonia 7 Gamer pic request

    Hello Eyonia, I'll be working on your request sometime in the next few days! I'll comment if I have any questions or any complications come up! Besides that, Have a Scary Halloween!
  14. KSI xKing 77 Good Samaritan & philanthropist

    I can witness for this Within the last 5 Days, King has gotten a Member the Game Black Ops 4, so they can play the game and be active within the squad He has got Xbox live for a member just yesterday, so she could play within the community Beyond this week, I've seen King do alot of these tiny things, He likes to call them his Good Deed of the Day. King is one of Few in DW, and the community as a whole. who go above and beyond to make sure members can be active within the Division. I believe he deserves this award 100%
  15. KSI Airborne 7 Signature Request

    Got it, will update in topic when completed!