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  1. KSI xKamikaze Marketing Application

    Hello Kamikaze, Let's get together sometimes in the next few days to talk about your application
  2. KSI xMinion OS Level 1

    Minion is the epitome of what it means to be an Officer. Ever since Minion first joined, She went immediately into Officer Mode. On her first week she hosted her first Gamenight, and continued to have a gamenight each week, while learning how to do workshops and how to recruit/Train. Minion has such a positive attitude, and a rare skill that she brings others up without really trying, She is constantly playing with members and making sure everyone's having a good time. Minion has brought a motivational atmosphere to the members of her Squad, and to the members of the Division. She works alongside her General, Bane, And makes sure the Squad is always Peaking! There is nothing that the Squad cannot do, due to the fact of how much Motivation is pushed to the members and pushed to the Officers. At the current moment, Minion is in two Departments, News and Marketing. She is fairly new to each Department and she is making her Mark in them both! She is learning the ropes of Department Operations and I'm looking forward to what she does in each of the Departments. I'm looking forward to seeing everything Minion can do, and I know she can because of what she's done already. If it's just Recruiting and training members, hosting Educational Workshops, or just talking to the members and making sure everyone is following the rules, and having a great time in the Community. Minion has been great to Work with, and I'm excited to see her get to General someday. Keep up the fantastic work Ms Minion.
  3. Ksi follow self nom

    I can witness and confirm, he is in Marketing.
  4. News - Awards Ceremony Image Here you go sir
  5. ▇ Writer's Block ▇

    I actually don't remember what happened next lol I remember screaming, my neighbor coming over to help, and I don't remember what happened after that.
  6. ▇ Writer's Block ▇

    So this one Time Right?, I'm playing Football Right? *Looks at December* You Listening? *December Snaps back and looks Ashamed* So I'm playing Football right?, it goes over my head and into the Neighbor's Backyard Right? I'm being told that I have to go get it, and that it's my turn, so I run over to the neighbors yard, grab the Football Right? I'm running back because I want to continue to play, and because I'm Blind, I STEP on a Nail, and it goes through my Foot! *Laughs Nervously* *December wasn't even listening*
  7. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag/Forums Account: KSI Kazeshini 7 @Kazeshini 7 Award: Divisional Leadership Evidence: KSI Nebula 7, KSI Akame 7 Who Hosted: KSI Nebula 7 Gamertag/Forums Account: KSI CR4ZYJ4Y89 @KSI CR4ZYJ4Y89 Award: Divisional Leadership Evidence: KSI Nebula 7, KSI Akame 7 Who Hosted: KSI Nebula 7
  8. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Gamertag/forums Account: KSI STR8WR0NG94 @KSI STR8WRONG94 Award: Basic Training Evidence: KSI Nebula 7, KSI Akame 7 Person who ran the Workshop; KSI Nebula 7
  9. Which Drink Best Accompanies Your Breakfast?

    I don't drink Orange Juice. ;p
  10. KSI Eyonia Signature request
  11. Of The Years 2018! - Nominations (Closing 12/16)

    Category: Senior Leader - (Board members, Senior Directors)- Gamertag; KSI Scotland 7 Forums Account Link / @Scotland Reasons they deserve this award - I meet Scotland shortly after he got Promoted to Head Department Manager, Ever since he's been earned that promotion he has been active in the Department Chats. He answers people's questions and teaches people how to be a Leader within the Department Area of the Community. I've learned how to run a Department and what it should mean to do so, Being a leader within this community is a Privilege, not a right. Scotland lives to the belief of Ideas makes Departments grow, Rather than the common idea of the Heads making all the Ideas in the Department, he tells people that everyone has the chance to grow the Department and the Ideas of the Department are mainly from them. Scotland has given me the tools and mentality of looking into a Department, and seeing the goods with the bads. Scotland is a fantastic example of something who deserves an Award in this Category. Director Gamertag; KSI Trendies Forums Account Link - @KSI Trendies 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Ever since Trendies become a Director over DW, He's been a Active part within the Division. He partakes in Events with the members of each of his Divisions He Actively puts his input when available and gives his advice to the new officers of the Division. Compared with other Directors we've had within the last few Months, Trendies is someone who doesn't stay away until needed. Category: Division Leader Gamertag; KSI Gary 7 Forums Account Link / @KSI Gary 7 Reasons they deserve this award - I've been with Gary sense the Beginning. Ever since he first became a Co-Founder, I've seen Gary grow as a Leader and train up new Leaders and Officers within the Community. Gary went through all of his 7 Staff leaving him when he was just a Co-Founder. Then again when he was a Founder, Gary has Persisted through the Worst of his Career. He slowly lead the Division along Havoc and King, and Made DW the Biggest Division within the Community, and with the biggest Participation. Gary is now a Director, and proceeding in his Rein of Kicking butt. Gary has been a big inspiration for me to continue my Career, whenever I was feeling unmotivated, or when I thought I needed something to learn when I just became a General, He was there to help me learn and when the other 7 Staff left, he picked up their Training of myself and the other Generals. After all that Dedication, it's Finally paid off. Gary is a good example of someone who never gives up and someone who will preserve through the toughest situation. Category: Co-Division Leader Gamertag; KSI HAVOC 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI Havoc 7 Reasons they deserve this award - I met Havoc around I'd say Maybe Around January, Around the time LW merged with DR, and Made the Division DW Some notible events Havoc has done in the past; Became the Head of T&E, and Chief Performance Officer. Those are probably marked as the Top two without many details I didn't know Havoc then, but from when he joined DW, He has put all he has into the Division. He'd stay up late to make sure people were trained or if they were alright, he'd go into training or Mentoring any Members that asked and then members who didn't. Anyone who needed anything, whether it's someone to talk or game with, or if it's something like a Knowledge Workshop, there are countless examples of Havoc doing things like this. Havoc works on a Day to Day basis for the Division, making sure everyone is getting along as a family, and making sure everyone's having a good time, especially the Officers, He always says that everyone deserves time to Play and have a good time. Officers shouldn't work all the time but to remember to have fun, and to remember that's what the community is about. Havoc is a endless source of Knowledge that he is happy to sure with anyone who asks. While that's just inside of the Division Level, Havoc also runs Performance Operations and is improving the Education of the community, he is one of 3 HR Members. Havoc is active with all the Events within the Community, and is always looking for our Members to partake and participate. If there is anyone who deserves an Of the Year Award, it would Definitely be Havoc. Category: Founder Gamertag; KSI xKing 77 Forums Account Link: @KSI xKing 77 Reasons they deserve this award - I first met King last Year when be transferred to Samurai LW to help. He slowly moved up the Ranks again, when he was promoted to Co-Founder Samurai was on the right track to a Spilt. But that's a different Story When King got to Co-Founder, is when I got to know who he was as a Leader. When King makes up his mind it's very hard to steer him off of it, He puts himself to an Outrageous Task out of reach, and Then Completes it! One example of this is Reviving DR and getting it ready to Spilt, which it then Spilt into CD. King makes sure that people are being Trained property and doing their Jobs, As a Quote he likes to use, "I'm not here to be liked, I'm here to get the Job done.", Is a quote a few Leaders Use. King has been in a few Departments, those being Marketing, and now, he is in History. King has been in many Divisons, and Many areas of KSI. He is also a Join Moderator, and now a Senior Moderator, and is in Performance Operations King has influenced my Career and many Others, He is a Fearless Leader and even with all the things I've stated, he still surprises me He helps other Divisons in need of Leadership, even acting as a so called "Acting Co-founder" in another Division that he's over in PO As a Founder, King has many Talents, and has his hand in many Cookie Jars as I've said above. King gives his 110% in each activity he enters, No matter how many tough situations he's put in, he always pulls through! King is the Ideal Founder Category: Co-founder Gamertag; KSI VENUM 7 Forums Account Link: @VENUM 7 Reasons they deserve this award - Venum is one of the Generals I worked along side with, there is a long list, but Venum sticks out Venum works with each and every member he sees that needs help, He's the kind of guy that needs to pick you up when you feel down. Venum makes sure that Officers are being Trained and people are having a good time in the Community, Venum ran the Headhunters and played with our Team, not in Matches, but in practices and made sure everyone was ready to go Represent our Divisons. Venum I got to know when he got Promoted to Co-founder, which he got After he Spilt Samurai after King got Promoted. He worked with me to fix my Faults and made sure I knew what I was doing, Venum was a type of Leader which I don't see very often. When he sees something that needs to get done he dones it, he doesn't pawn of work to other people. He makes each Opportunity an Educated one for those Willing to Learn. Venum is a great example of a Leader that uses Firsthand Knowledge, I believe he Deserves this Award Category: General Gamertag; KSI Artifice Forums Account Link: @KSI x Artifice Reasons they deserve this award: I've seen Artifice as a Lieutenant, to all the way to a General. Artifice has Struggled in different places, but then excelled when he learned how to properly do it, He was always willing to how to be a better Leader, and how to better himself with those around him. Artifice has had his Ups and Downs when it comes with his Squad, and an Unlucky Hand when it comes to it. He's lost officer staffs, then slowly come back up, then slowly lose them again, But Artifice is someone who hasn't given up. He's determined to Spilt his Squad or make it get to a Healthly Position. Artifice is always available when it comes to the Education of his Squad and to how the others in our Division. Artifice is a fun person to be around, He always brings a light atmosphere when he joins the Party, whenever people play he tries to make it into a Gamenight and get everyone involved. Artifice is Definitely someone i could of Worked better with, or worked harder to understand. But at the end of the Day, He is becoming a great leader within the Community and i hope he continues to have that Learning Mindset! Category: Captain Gamertag; KSI Bane 7 Link to Forums Accounts: @King Bane Reasons why they deserve this: Bane, Bane, Bane. What's about this guy? I've worked with Bane while I was a General, then seen him pushing himself in different Squads. His time in Paladin and Samurai have shaped him in the direction of a fantastic Leader. He is a Positive and Motivational Person who is always there for the Officer Staff and his Squad. Bane has been Captain in three Squads the Last year, I do not see this as a Bad thing, but something to be encouraged by. Bane would see Squads that need help and move over to go help them. When he went to Paladin and then Samurai, the Squads Thrived. He would plan and schedule as many things as possible to make sure member Retention was improving. He is always down to do a Workshop or to help members with education. He likes to implement good ideas within his Squad Samurai, where he recently became the General of! All the Officers look up to Bane as a person and someone to learn from,Bane has such a big impact within the Division, whatever party he's in he makes people Laugh but remains Professional and Willing to help. An the Different Hand, he is also the Co-Head of Productions, and a Member of Marketing. Bane is doing an Fantastic Job within the Community and has became a True Leader. I'm excited to see what he does further in the Community. Category: Lieutenant Gamertag: KSI xMinion Link to Forums Account: @KSI xMinion Reasons why they Deserve this Award: Minion has had a huge impact on Samurai, Ever since she first joined. He first week she started hosting Gamenights, whenever something needs to be done, she is the first one to drop what shes doing and do it herself. Minion is never Afraid to tell someone what she doesn't know, She is always looking for ways to improve herself and how to be a better leader. Minion is by far, one of the members who put a smile on my Face, and Many Others. Whenever she Joins people just can't help to talk with her, She is very Social and Very Caring. She always has a shoulder for anyone to hold on, even if it holds her down, she doesn't complain. Minion was Recently promoted to Captain, where she is Second in Command of her Squad, and is Constantly Promoting Member Rentention and Motivation. She has Daily Members of the Day, where she picks a member who has been pushing themselves and gives them a Shout! It Raises squad morale, member Rentention, and she pushes people to improve themselves and to do their Bests! Minion is Definitely someone who i look forward to their Future!, I Believe she is a fantastic Example of what a Lieutenant and a Captain should do. Category: SGT/SSGT Gamertag: KSI MrsLOWDOWN Link to forums account: @KSI MrsLOWDOWN Reasons they deserve this award: Ever since Lowdown joined the Community, she has been a positive influence for the Majority of her Squad She constantly has Gamenights for her Squad, constantly plays with members and raises Member Retention Lowdown started as a Positive influence and has continued to do so! She has proven to be a valuable member, even when she isn't a Officer Lowdown is always available to play with anyone who asks, She has been a consistent Motivator inside of the Division. I can't wait to see what she does in her future here. And I hope she becomes an Officer again soon and to work her magic! Lowdown has been a absolute Joy to work with, and I believe she is a fantastic example of what a Member, not only a officer, should be like. Category: Member Gamertag; KSI Greenday 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Greenday 7 Reasons they deserve this: I first met Green when she joined Marketing, and ever since then she's been a positive and Active member within my Eyes. She constantly and continuously posted templates for the Marketing Staff, and has Improved the overall Member activity in FI, and now in SL. I see Greenday constantly in Parties with her members, and having a good time. Greenday in in basically every area of the Community. Whether it's a Co-Head of The HSI Department, an Officer in SL, an Forums Moderator, and a Marketing Representative. I'm probably missing some others as well! She has her hand in many Cookie Jars so to speak, and gives her 110% in all of the Areas! I believe Greenday has been such a Positive Member this Year, and has truly made an Impact within thr community. Category: Department Member Gamertag; KSI FadeZ 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI FadeZ 7 Reasons they deserve this; Let me tell you about the one and only FadeZ. He is such a positive member in the Department Area, and has made quite the change in News. Im not in the department myself, but I constantly see him asking questions, learning, and posting Articles about the Community, or about Specific People. FadeZ isn't in as many Departments as other people. But he makes more of a impact on News or in a single Department than anybody else. FadeZ has recently been moved to Senior News Writer, and I can't wait to see what else he does and what new ideas come from this phenomenal addition to Department Operations Category: Department Head Gamertag: KSI Dragons 7 Link to forums Profile: @Dragons 7 Reasons they deserve this Award: I met Dragons a little before joining the Graphics department. And even since I've met him, He's done his best to answer all my questions and to improve my Graphic Ability. He has made countless suggestions on how I could improve, He has been a huge inspiration for me to get better. He always makes himself available to give out information and to give out resources. Graphics is a Department Different than all the Others, Nothing Compares to the way it's run, I came into the Department a little confused and intrigued, but He has answered all the questions I've given, I got to experiment my first SoTW when it was Brought back, and I Have yet to win, But ill continue to work with Dragons until I've improved enough. Dragons has made the Department have a Personal feel so to speak. And I'd happily say that I believe Dragons Deserves this.
  12. Multi - Department Award Notification

    Basic Training Award needed: Basic Training Gamertag: KSI DemonicAres @KSI DemonicAres Gamertag: KSI Samygirl928 @KSI Samygirl928 Gamertag: KSI RodeoQu33n @KSI RodeoQu33n Basic Training 12/12/18 Host: KSI Nebula 7 Attendance for the whole Workshop: KSI DemonicAres KSI Samygirl928 KSI RodeoQu33n KSI Akame 7 (Already Certified) KSI BOOGDADDY(Already Certified) Left early: KSI STR8WR0NG94
  13. You are Important

    Hello those reading this message, my name is Nebula, some call me Nebby, or Nebs. I'm sorry about the pain you've been through, please understand that things happen, and to not let them get you down or hold you back. When you're having a rough time in life, or in the Community even, Try to remember why you joined or why you're here. If you remember the Why, the How's will become clearer While you're here, I'd like to ask you a favor. Please try to be a Little Kinder than Necessary. You will never understand the amount of impact you have in someone's life, one act of being someone's friend could mean the world to someone who's battling Depression. This may be a odd message, to randomly appear in the community. Please let me to you my Story, please note as of today, I'm 17 Throughout my life, there has been a predominant amount of pain or sadness. I'm not asking for Pity, or saying how my life is terrible. My Father, would get Physical with my and my Siblings, usually resulting to moving in with my mother as they are divorced. My Mother, would drink constantly, and do Drugs, she'd scream at me until the only place that I'd feel safe was on Xbox or in my room. I lived with my uncle, which around a year later, I had Surgery on my leg which was paralysed. I asked my mother if I could see my father again, and the cycle repeated with me ending up Homeless, leaving in a truck with my mother, and my two siblings, and two Dogs. We stayed there for a Year until we found a place to live, the drinking continued until we moved into my Aunts house, where I'm living at now. There is a short story without alot of details. My point in this Topic, is that life is hard. There will be ups and downs within it. We all must learn how to be happy and how to be stronger. Please know that you do not know people's stories, so please be kind as you do not know what Pain they've been through or what pain is currently inside them. You are important to many people in your life. You may forget how important, or the impact you have on them. When life gets hard, don't give up and end it, it's a temporary solution that causes permanent damage in those who love you. But don't let bad things define who you are as a person, don't let them hold you back from things you'd want to do. Those of you who I've hurted, or I've been mean to, I'm sorry. I hope you are well and in a loved surrounding. I want you to know, that I love you. And never change the person you are inside. I hope you have a life filled with Happiness and love, - Neb
  14. Tacos or Enchiladas

    Schucking Tacoooooooooos mate But why are Burritos not a option? :'(
  15. Performance Operations - Global Image Request

    I believe so should be in your DMs