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  1. KSI KailynLake Gamerscore Hoarder

    I was just told she already had the award. It never showed up for mean I couldn't find it I the archive. My bad, I apologise
  2. Gamertag: KSI Skychild Forums: @KSISkychild Award: Member Assistance Evidence: Ever Since LW and DR came to merge, I've Seen Skychild grow as a person and as a leader. He is a great general and I see him answering everyones questions. Whenever im confused with something Sky tends to understand and explain it and vice versa. He is always reminding me if I don't do something correctly or make a little mistake lol, Skychild deserves this award.
  3. Gamertag: KSI KailynLake Account: @KailynLake Award: Gamer Score Hoarder reasons/evidence: Has 28,284 Gamerscore
  4. KSI Gary 7 Mentor Award

    Name: KSI Gary 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI Gary 7 Award-/-Achievement: Mentor Reason-/-Evidence: I Claim Gary as my mentor. when everyone else left me behind he stayed and helped me with being a officer, being a general, and being a better person. Gary has proved to me to be a excellent leader with extraordinary skills inside multiple areas, He is a Co-Division Leader (Highest inside the division.), and also the Productions Head. Gary has been a member and leader that never gave up when times got rough, He has taught me on how to be a leader and what Leadership should be and how it should be represented. Gary is a fantastic example of what a leader and a member should and could be. Gary I hope I learn more from you again soon #OhNoGary!
  5. KSI April Town Hall Q&A Submission Thread

    What aspirations did you all have when you got a Leadership position within the community?
  6. KSI xKamikaze Outstanding Service Nomination

    I've known Kam for a year if not more, since him and I were in LW, and then when he rejoined DW. Kam has always been a motivational leader, and someone who can build a squad and a divison, i myself get jealous alot of the time for what he does, he is a fantasic leader and a mentor to alot of DW. Kam is never afraid to do more inside the community and more to help the people he cares about. He gets to know these members, these recruits, actually bringing them into his family and showing them the whole KSI experience, as for Marketing i couldn't ask for someone else that helps me with it. He treats everyone equally and makes sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable inside the KSI Based Chats we have. The only regret i have is that he will be getting this award before me you've done alot for everyone, and i truly believe that DW wouldn't be the same without you here. Kamikaze deserves the outstanding service, and possibly the most outstanding later in this year.
  7. Member Assistance for KSI Gary 7

    Gary has Answered all the questions I have asked him as a officer and then as a General, and then as a Productions Staff member. He is always open to answering people's questions on the community, whether it's Divisional or for Productions, Gary deserves this Award.
  8. Suggestions for possible New Awards

  9. So You Think You Can Write: Prank Game Release

    Diablo Adventures: Primals Return So, originaly Diablo III(3) is an action role-playing video game, This will also be a RPG but would be more like Skyrim or Dragon Age! Where instead of looking from above like all the normal Diablos, This could be the regular 3rd person or 1st person Perspective. You'd Scour the lands looking for loot and killing Demons, it would be open to 8 people to feature Raid Bosses! Like Diablo!, It would be similar fights like in Destinys Crotas End raid. You'd kill the Raid Boss which is on a Skill level- 10, while the normal bosses are skill rank- (3-5) depending on your own level. The Raid bosses would Drop Atleast one Black Tier Gear, which you can only have two of on a character at a time, but they have special perks and abilities! Very Powerful to have! This Game would change the Featured Raid Boss, every week, where youd need to grab specific Ingredients to summon that Specific Boss. The Raids Bosses will feature Angels like Imperious, or Demons like Diablo. You can also custimize your own characters appearance to fully dive into the immersive content which has never been used in the Diablo Universe! I'd Love to see updates continuing fixing bugs or adding characters, i want there to still be specific classes, where you pick a class and are limited only to what is allowed, i dont want a Classless system like skyrim where you can change whenever or heal and shoot a bow and arrow. I also want them to keep the difficultly settings, (Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, then Torment 1-13) and the Greater Rift System should be worked on and is alot of fun to have in a game. Seasonal is included aswell! The Storyline will continue from after Diablo III, around 20 Years Later, Tyrael has sadly passed, but His chief has his sword and has inherited his angelic powers aswell. You Get to Pick a faction, the Demons or the Angels! And Follow their specific Campaign where sometimes they have the same mission, and work against or with eachother! This would be the IDEAL Game for me and i want to say alot of people in KSI that still play Diablo! They would Advertise the Game by Having a Live Action Video, of 6 people running to the Raid Boss, slaying demons on their left and right, then they come face to face to The main Boss of the campaign, A Lord of the Void, which is a place where the fallen go to, a man has slowly been absorbing all the souls of all the demons and people we've killing, also Absorbing the Fallen Primals that we've killed, also Tyrael and Malthael. All into One Being, Seeking Destruction and making his own Kingdom. Each Time we fight one of his Minions, whom he's given one of the souls to and their powers, they get released and starts to work with us to fight the Void.
  10. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name: KSIxNebula @Nebula~ Award: New Member Certified Evidence: Completed individual training on the New Member Training Workshop. Person(s) who ran the workshop: @KSI Havoc 7 @xKing 77
  11. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    Thanks RiiOT!
  12. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    Oh, the Forum Staff of the month says its for Dept heads and Moderator staff through the admin teams. I didn't know that Those departments were in that award thingy :/
  13. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    Personally, what I'd love to see is a Marketing Member Of the Month Award. Productions, News, and Graphics have them, and I think there are Marketing Members that are doing alot inside the community. It would be awesome of the department had a award the team could be competing for! Edit: T&E also deserves them! They are the ones that host the events and the staff do amazing things! Both of these departments should have these awards!
  14. Gamertag:KSIxNebula Division: DW Game: Cod: WW2 Link to Clip: Description: Ya like Jazz?
  15. Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Account: @KSI Gary 7 reasons/evidence: Gary has been around for a while, one of the main points I believe he deserves this award, is back in LW, all the 7s left him behind, and he was stuck by himself to come up the ranks and had the perseverance to stay inside of LW and grow as a leader. He could of left but he grew instead from the experience. He's dealt with a pretty bad hand and has helped grow DW into the division that it is today! Gary has dealt with people attacking him and blaming him for stuff he hasn't done, and helped bring Productions into the department it is today, while losing Co Heads and friends in the process of all of this. Gary is one of the many people that deserves the Die Hard Award.