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      We are excited to announce a new addition to KSI's portfolio -- The Divisional Hall of Fame! Members make impressions and differences every day at the divisional level, and thanks to the ingenuity of KSI member KSI Skarzx 77 and the KSI AAP, we have decided to implement an official Divisional Hall of Fame across the community. The process will run similarly to KSI’s “Of the Month” and “Of the Year” awards, but with some minor tweaks, including the nomination periods and the nomination process. Current Members This process will happen twice a year: 1) at Fall Classic in September and 2) Spring Break in March. You will only be allowed to nominate one (1) person in YOUR division. You cannot nominate a member of another division, or if you are not active within Clan-Ops. To be eligible, the nominee must meet the following baseline criteria: Must currently be in the division they are being nominated for. Must be in the division for at least six (6) months. Must be in KSI for at least one (1) year. Must have been awarded Outstanding Service Level 1 through the AAP. Not been blacklisted, security risked, or DNH’ed unless successfully appealed and overturned. Must have KSI gamertag. Please make sure those criteria are met. You can confirm that criteria by visiting their profile and looking at their awards tab, or by asking the person you are nominating. The nomination process will occur within a specially made section similar to KSI's DOTMs, and each division will have its own thread for nominations. Each nomination will earn your division a point for the Divisional Cup for September. When the nomination process ends, AAP will confer and select up to three (3) inductees per division. They may choose less depending on testimony and evidence provided. Previous OTM/OTY/Award nominations will be considered when going over nominations. The inductees who are selected will be announced at a KSI-wide Live Stream on the Final Day of Fall Classic in late September and Spring Break in late March. Some tweaks may occur before the nominations open, but here is the template you will be provided to use: --- Information on Nominee: Division:
      Link to Profile: Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank:
      Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months?
      Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Awards: Has Nominee been awarded Outstanding Service Level 1?
      Please list other awards this member has received: Testimony: Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? --- Retired/Ex-Divisional Members Retired Members may be able to be inducted throughout the year by applying in the AAP section. They will submit a normal AAP post following the usual award template, and witnesses will be outlined in the form. The same process will be used for Directors/Seniors/Etc. who are still in the community, but not currently within the division they made their ascent in. If the strength of the witnesses is to par, they will be inducted on the spot following an AAP vote. Current Hall of Fame Members Current KSI Hall of Famers will be retroactively inducted into their division's Hall of Fame. Display of Divisional Hall of Famers Divisional Hall of Famers will be displayed for eternity within the Clan Ops Information Center, with blurbs from the testimony provided during the nomination process. Becoming a Divisional Hall of Fame inductee is no minor accomplishment and we will proudly display their gamertags for future generations of KSI members to look at as an example of what a great KSI member is. --- So that's the system, and we will be moving forward with this process. We will review the process periodically to see if there will be new tweaks to make it run more efficiently. The first nomination period will be from August 20 - September 15, with winners announced during Fall Classic. Thank you for your support and happy nominating. - KSI ImPyyy 7
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  1. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    DM for the win!
  2. April 2018 OTM nominations (Closing April 30)

    KSI COUNTDUKEU 3RD LT Insanity DM @KSI SIR ALUCARD Reasons: Duke really stepped it up this month. Our officer staff had a bunch of stuff come up last minute this month and he was able to step in and take over game nights. Really shows the team work mentality that being in a community is all about. In addition he has been seeking knowledge and seeking to spread knowledge by taking LEAD 101 classes and volunteering to host workshops.
  3. Oustanding Service lvl 1 KSI Joe 7

    KSI Joe 7 deserves this reward simply because he runs a killer squad. He’s a killer recruiter as evidenced by his squad splitting twice recently. That alone is worthy of recognition.
  4. Spring Break Forums Challenge!

    Good luck DM in tonight’s tournaments
  5. February 2018 OTM nominations (Closing Feb 28)

    SSGT KSI COUNTDUKEU SSGT Insanity DM @KSI SIR ALUCARD Reason: Count has really stepped up the activity this month. From bringing in an active recruit with possible officer potential. To stepping up in posting reminders for roll calls and communicating with the other officers he is helping get our squad back on track.
  6. Monthly Spotlight January 2018

    Member @KSI Pastries 7 Over the last couple months Pastries has been organizing and hosting game nights with another division (LS). This is helping foster a sense of community and has led to some stellar game nights 7 @ksijakripper KSI BLK JAK 7 over the past month has returned as a CO-FO for our squad insanity and things are looking up. From help with recruiting and getting officers which we were needing to being a source of knowledge I feel he has helped get our squad going back in the right direction.
  7. Of The Years: Nominations 2017 (Closing 18th December)

    Category: Member Gamertag: KSI GoofyDoofer Forums account link : @KSI GoofyDoofer Reasons they deserve this award- Despite being fairly new to KSI KSI GoofyDoofer has always had an interest in not only general knowledge but also making sure stuff is done right. He is a hell of a recruiter and his iniative has taken him from a member to an officer to a general in a short amount of time. He is always active and you can catch him online pretty much every day of the week. You never have a problem getting ahold of him if need be. Category: Co-Founder Gamertag: KSI BadKitty 7 Forums Account Link: @KSI BadKitty 7 Reasons they deserve this award: Kitty is always quick to point out when the lower ranking officers are doing either good or bad. She is not afraid to make changes when necessary. We had a fractured squad due to a former general. Her and KSI Gambit 7 made a change and put the proper person in place that unified the squad. She is quick to hop into a party as she helped me Security check a couple 15 year old recruits and when she needed to stepped in as an acting general for our squad when need. Plus she has the patience of a saint for putting up with @KSI Pastries 7 last night.
  8. Of The Years: Nominations 2017 (Closing 18th December)

    Category- General GamerTag- KSI BLK JAK 7 Forums Account Link: @ksijakripper Reasons They Deserve This Award- Eventhough he was initially passed up for general of our merged squad Insanity KSI BLK JAK 7 hung in there and kept plugging away. After our first general flamed out he took the reigns and Insanity stopped feeling like two different squads. He was always approachable and willing to help out his officers. From asking general knowledge requests to helping with recruits you could always expect help from him. After stabilizing his squad he was able to get promoted to CO-FO and is deserving of the 7 at the end of his gamertag.
  9. AAP: September OTM 2017 (Closing 9th October)

    Both KSI GoofyDoofer and KSI Abliss are great. Goofy is a sgt who asks a lot of questions and has tons of potential and Abliss is always quick to help out when I have an issue
  10. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2017!!! Open Til 6/22 8pm est

    DM represent!