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  1. So You Think You Can Write - September 2018

    Original Recruit Date 5/4/14 1. Nobody can make or tell you the true KSI experience that is something up to you to do on your own. Whether your in for a month or years the KSI experience will be whatever you make it to be. 2. Curve balls will be thrown at you during your time in the community an you have three choices on how to handle them. 1. Duck or Move- meaning trying to avoid every situation that happens to you in the community. 2. Stand There an Get Hit- just sitting there taking every situation an not doing anything about it. 3. Knock It Out of The Park - facing that situation head on an dealing with it successfully. 3. That no matter whatever you achieve in the community you are no more or no less important than anybody here. Because at the end of the day we all started out on the bottom end of the KSI totem pole. We just get to where we’re at by the choices we make an how we perceive our experience to be.
  2. GT KSI VENUM 7 Div DW Link to Montage Description Montage of Variety, little bit of Destiny 2, MW2, Fortnite, and UFC 3 Clip Link Description Rolling Thunder
  3. PERFORMANCE OFFICERS WANTED As Performance Operations finishes its roll out of the new Community Education Project, we are also looking to add some new and exciting faces to our team. While Performance Officers are not the only members of our department staff (we also have members of the Community Development Team), they are the face of Performance Ops, and in many ways some of the most important people in terms of keeping this community running. This is not a position for people just looking for a rank or a position of authority. It is much more important than that. As a Performance Officer you will be part of the heart and soul of educating the members of KSI, which is perhaps the most important role of any leader. THE JOB DESCRIPTION AND REQUIREMENTS Description: This position is given to those members of the community who are considered peer mentors, leaders and educators. They should be held to the highest level of respect and should hold themselves to that same level when conducting themselves in anything KSI related. Will be assisting with dealing with the education of divisions, peer mediation, mentoring, critical thinking and conflict resolution. Goals include teaching the members of divisions on the strengths and rewards of an educated member base while also informing them on the best ways possible to teach and mentor their members. Requirements: Successful performance as a 7 with in the community at one point or another. Exceptions will be made only when the applicant shows strong skills relating to the responsibilities of a Performance Officer __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE APPLICATION Basic Information Gamertag/Name: KSI VENUM 7 Age: 29 Time in KSI: 4 years off an on Current Rank/Position: CoFounder Highest Rank/Position Held: CoFounder Have you ever been blacklisted, DNH'd and/or security risked? If so, when and why? No Are you currently apart of any other departments, or do you currently have any applications pending? I have a ap pending for AAP Performance Operations Specific Questions If you could change one thing about the way training work in KSI, what would it be? Definitely I'd like to see the training become more interactive for the members. Because i feel that if the training isn't the most fun then the new PVT wont be as inclined to respond when its time to receive their next promotion an ultimately that could lead to them becoming fluff in the squad and division respectively. How do you regularly promote the education of members within your division and/or squad? I recently started hosting the weekly DW divisional workshops. I bounce from party to party whether it be to just hang out or educate members but i feel at the end of the day everyone including myself gains a new form of knowledge. If you could implement one of your personal squad and/or divisional policies on a community wide basis to better the standard of leadership and training, what would it be and why? That no matter the rank someone is that their just as important as a member in a upper leadership position. Because I personally feel that no matter what rank we are we are no different from todays newest member. Why should you be considered as a potential Performance Officer for KSI? In other words, why should you be selected over other leaders in this community? I feel that im very knowledgeable in the majority of aspects in KSI. I have no issue in bridging the gap of when its time to joke around an when its time to get to work. In my time in the community I've been a general twice the first time essentially ruined the KSI experience because i feel i was in way over my head because i wasn't educated to hold that position. But my second time as gen was a far much better experience because of the newly introduced PO workshops. An in that time i along with my officer staff got the first an only squad split in DW at this moment. An honestly that wouldnt be possible without the PO workshops. An if im selected as the next PO my overall goal is to teach other divisions in the community the knowledge ive acquired from the workshops. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WHEN SHOULD I EXPECT TO HEAR BACK? After the application window closes on September 26th, the current Performance Officers will sit down and look through the application, judging them on their quality of response. At that point, members will be selected to come speak with us individually as a final part of the application process. Selections will more than likely be made by October 1st. Training will then occur for the rest of the month, with full duties beginning at the end of October. If you have any questions please contact KSI Havoc 7 via PM on the forums, or on Discord: Havoc#4299
  4. DW FC 2018 Div HoF Nomination Thread

    Information on Nominee: Division: DW Gamertag: KSI Gary 7 Link to Profile: @KSI Gary 7 Qualifications: Nominee’s Current Rank: Div Leader Has Nominee been in this division for at least six (6) months? Yes Has Nominee been in KSI for at least one (1) year? Yes Awards: Outstanding Service Lvl 1 & 2 KSI Mentor Member Assistance General OTM Co-Founder OTM Founder OTM Co-Div OTM Division leader OTM Monthly 7 Spotlight Pro & Novice Recruiter PO Certifications Committed Spirit King 2017 Testimony: Why does this member belong in your division’s Hall of Fame? Please explain. When i rejoined last year Gary was the first person i met in LW only because he had to interview me. But during that interview i could tell that this was a guy who knew knew his stuff an the hospitality he showed me that he truly cares about the members. Now during the year an a few months ive been here Gary has been on the members in the division that push me to better myself not only as a member but a leader. An i can say that im not the only one Gary does this for. So im now a 7 under Gary an were kicking butt but there was a time when Gary was the only 7 here an he made it work because the man never gave up. So i feel Gary is the perfect inductee for the Div HoF. For the fact of his actions embody the definition of KSI.
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  6. AAP Staff Applications

    Name/Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7 Rank (If applicable): CoFounder Time spent on the forums (Daily): About 45 minutes to an hour Experience and Time in KSI: 4 Years off an on Are you apart of any other departments? If yes, which one/s? No Do you have any pending applications for other departments? If yes, which one/s? No Why you feel you are the right person to join the AAP (Please provide details): I feel im the right person because when i set my mind to something i go for it 110% an if im not giving that then im not the person for the job Are you able to meet deadlines set for you? Yes Are you willing to undergo an Interview in addition to this application? Yes What do you wish to get out of this application? - (Please do not answer to get on the staff, think about it). Well the natural answer is to get on the staff but ultimately this department has been the one ive wanted to be apart of for a while an i feel that i would be a great addition to the team. Is there any further information you would like us to know, to put forwards towards your application? Not at this time i feel i have said it all
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    @Oni Sama hows it coming along
  9. KSI Nebula 7 OS LVL 2 Nomination

    Im gonna witness on this one When i first met nebby im not gonna lie i thought he was a butt. But as time went on an i got to know nebby the person that i realized my first impression of the guy was completely wrong. This member since knowing him has gave it a 110% daily. Whether it was running his squad for a year as gen an when things went wrong he just dusted himself off an went back at it. Or his position as cohead of marketing he makes sure that everyone is knowledgeable about the ins an outs of KSI. An now as his new role as Co-founder he hit theground running an hasnt stopped since then. There are so many outstanding things about nebby an i feel that if anybody deserves this spot its nebby.
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    Thst would be fine
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    Type of Image/Size: Signature/ Artist Preference Image Link: Link 2: Main Text KSI VENUM 7 Subtext Aut viam inveniam aut faciam tibi KSI Logo Yes Addtional Comments image 1 is the preference an id like a script font if possible
  12. KSI Stargate V Helping Hand

    I can witness this as i was in a party where he gave a namechange to a member
  13. If id have to pick a decade id say the 80s because i feel that in that time the artists were more musically talented
  14. What is your favorite song right now?

    Favorite song has to be Moving On by Asking Alexandria