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  1. Master/Pro/Novice Recruiter for KSI xKing 77

    I can witness this I’ve been around this cool cat ever since 2014 an I know he has achieved all these if not surpassed them
  2. KSI VENUM 7 Division DW Game Destiny 2 Link to Montage Link to Clip Game WW2
  3. Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7 Award: Trainer and Master Recruiter Forums Link: @VENUM 7 Reasoning: In my 4 years in an out of the community i have exceeded the criteria for both of these awards. I have trained well over a 100 past an present KSI members. An i have recruited far more than a 120 past an present KSI members. Witness: @KSI xKing 77
  4. So You Think You Can Write: Your KSI Resume

    Gamertag: KSI VENUM 7 Squad, Division: Hannibal/ Elysium DW Link to Profile: @VENUM 7 Objective: *What are your goals here in KSI? What inspires you? Why are you a part of this community?* My goal in KSI is for every member to have fun an get the most out of their KSI experience. My inspiration is every member is every member in the community because at the end of the day we are all the same. No matter what rank we are or have achieved we all started in the same place. I’m apart of this community to have fun with members an in the process I have a positive effect on someone then that’s all the recognition I need. Summary: *Write a paragraph about yourself, describing your abilities and skills (professionally, obviously)* I’ve went through many names in my time in KSI but the one I prefer is VENUM. I’m a far more driven person than I have been in years. So when I put my mind to something I always attempt to make sure it happen. I’m a firm believer in the fundamentals of teamwork because teamwork makes the dream work. An if I see something great in someone I’m gonna try my hardest to get that out of them help them achieve their potential greatness. Skills and Strengths: *Make a list of any applicable skills* Approachable, Knowledgable, Great Listener, Conflict Resolver Education/Awards/Honors: *PO training, Hall of Fame member, Outstanding Service achieved, etc.* I have all the PO workshops completed, Lead 101, Clip Commander, Weekend Warefare Winner, DOTM General Work Experience: *Last rank maintained, longest rank maintained, highest rank maintained, summary of where you've been * General is my last an longest rank maintained. And CoFounder is my highest rank maintained. I joined KSI in 2014 an was recruited in Hydra ES an I climbed the ranks an achieved 1LT before the squad ultimately split. I was moved to Ragnarok during the split an I achieved 2CPT before transferring to Banshee as 4CPT where I eventually became a General. Then I stepped down an left an I returned about 9 months later to Ragnakrok ES where I became a 1LT before it split to make Griffin ES where I was 2CPT. An I left in March of 2017 an returned in August 2017 to Samurai LW an at first I didn’t wanna move up. But King was like let’s get the ball rolling an I changed my name an through hardwork an dedication I became a two time General. An being at that rank I along with my officer staff split Samurai to make Paladin. Which was the first squad split in DW an now I’m 7 working with @KSI Gary 7, @KSI Havoc 7, and @KSI xKing 77 an I’m having the time of my life. Job Duties Performed: *List of things you have done for KSI because of your rank* Recruiter, Trainer, Mentor, Conflict Resolver, Educator an Member Retainer. Community Involvement/Volunteer Work: *What have you done that is extracurricular from your duties? Subscribed to the twitch channel? Gift a name change?*. I’ve bought some DLC for squad mates an gave out some name changes.
  5. Oustanding Service lvl 2 for KSI xKing 77

    King or Fatality as i like to call him is the definition of outstanding service. I met him back in ES in 2014. We were both gens at the time an he went became my co-founder. An from the day he became that he had my back now forward to now were currently in the 7 staff together. But before then he guided me along the way as a member, officer, an general. He is always there to lend a hand wherever hes needed in his time in KSI hes been to alot of divisions an everywhere hes went he has turned ut around whether it be a squad or a division. So in my eyes this man has been doing outstanding service for years. @KSI xKing 77
  6. KSI VENUM 7 DW CoFounder Game Destiny 2 Link Description Nobody outruns the flame
  7. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Let's go DW
  8. Suggestions for possible New Awards

    Possible Title: Splitter Requirements: Splitting a squad an the squad staying stable after the split Reasoning: I feel like this needs to be an award because the squad splitter award is only for the new squad an it's officers. But what about the other officers in the original squad they had just as much part in the split. So I feel like they deserve an award similar to squad splitter.
  9. Gamertag KSI VENUM 7 Account Link @VENUM 7 Award Squad Splitter Reason/Evidence I was the General of Samurai when it split to make Paladin. But I was promoted to CoFounder in the same night. But Paladin has grown by 25 members since the split. Gamertag KSI LeedleLee16 Account Link @LeedleLee 16 Reason She was the 2CPT Of Samurai when the squad split happened an she ultimately became General of Samurai. Gamertag KSI DarkAngeI 7 Account Link @KSI DarkAngeI 7 Reason She was 4CPT when the split happened an is still in Samurai currently as 2CPT. Gamertag KSI IrishSaintz Account Link @KSI IrishSaintz Reason He was 3CPT when the split happened an his rank currently 3CPT an he’s still in Samurai. Witness @KSI Gary 7
  10. KSI VENUM 7 Xbox GamerPic

    I like it
  11. KSI VENUM 7 Xbox GamerPic

  12. KSI VENUM 7 Xbox GamerPic

  13. ES Divisional History

    ES Divisional History ES or Eternal Souls was created on October 7, 2013 as a result of a division spilt of DL. The four original squads for the Division were Wicked, Hydra, Demons, and Lycans. The original leaders of the Squads and Division were Generals Wicked-KSI Ms CheddarBob Hydra-KSI Rasta8420 Demons-KSI Nick20 Lycans-KSI UbeeHatin 7 Staff Founder KSI UBeeDum CoFounder KSI Dragon014x7 First Squad Split Demons spilt to create Banshee an the new General of the squad was KSI Shivers1991 Squad Splits Lycans spilt to create Cerberus KSI Lost Soul becomes General 12/16/13 Banshee splits to create Incubus KSI FatherTime becomes General 3/16/14 Demons splits to create Angels KSI x Beare becomes General 4/27/14 Hydra splits to create Ragnarok KSI Bender becomes General 6/19/14 Ragnarok splits to create Siren KSI Half Angel becomes General 2/19/15 Hydra splits to create Chimera KSI MisterE becomes General 6/11/15 Ragnarok splits to create Griffin KSI Taken becomes General 1/28/16 Banshee splits to create Specter KSI Adrenal1ne becomes General 6/2/16 Banshee splits to create Succubus KSI Kangaroo becomes General 3/11/17 Current Gen Staff Current 7 Staff KSI GOT EM 7 General Promotions KSI Odysseus 7 Hydra 2/3/2014 KSI Lily Cerebus 2/6/14 KSI Brutus79 Banshee 3/16/14 KSI Laflare Lycans 4/17/14 KSIxBigCountryx Incubus 5/1/14 KSI Cole 7 Hydra 5/29/2014 KSI CheyDunn Banshee 5/29/14 KSI Mpliers Banshee 6/19/14 KSI xFatality Wicked 8/7/14 KSI LocosTacos Angels 8/7/14 KSI x ViiRuS Hydra 8/10/14 KSI LieLee Love Banshee 8/14/14 KSI AtomXGen Lycans 10/2/14 KSI Kangaroo Angels 11/6/14 KSI VENUM 6 Banshee 11/20/14 KSI HIDDEN DUCK Ragnarok 1/15/15 KSI LivnDeadGal Wicked 2/5/15 KSI Ashhhx10 Angels 3/29/15 KSI xShock Hydra 4/16/15 KSI RageFlip Ragnarok 4/30/15 KSI CheyDunn Banshee 5/21/2015 KSIxBlooddragon Angels 6/18/15 KSI BloodDragon Hydra 8/25/15 KSI PapaShocK Chimera 9/10/15 KSI Metatron Banshee 12/6/15 KSI KANGAROO Banshee 12/15/16 KSI Hypnotic Griffin 2/29/16 KSI Iron KABR Griffin 8/1/16 KSI WyldWynd Hydra 1/5/17 KSI GOT EM 7 Banshee 3/10/17 KSI Lady Jenny Succubus 4/19/17 KSI EvEnChKn Succubus 5/21/17 KSI x LYNC3R Angels 7/31/17 KSI hockeyman5 Specter 8/25/17) KSI JadedPython Specter 03/15/18 KSI RESTNPEACE 7 Hydra 11/16/17 KSI Eyonia Banshee 1/4/18 KSI Reapers2010 Griffin 2/6/18 KSI DARK J3ST3R Banshee 3/15/18 KSI OverKill Hydra 4/14/18 KSI Squeak 7 Succubus 5/8/18 KSI AtomXGen Hydra 5/17/18 7 Promotions KSI Shivers1991 Co-Founder 2/6/14 KSI Evil 7 Co-Founder 3/16/14 KSI Dragon014x7 Div Leader 3/30/14 KSI Ms Cheddar Co-Div Leader 4/6/14 KSIxHonor 7 Co-Founder 4/17/14 KSI Odysseus 7 Co-Founder 5/29/14 KSI Brutus79 Co-Founder 5/29/14 KSI Shivers 7 Founder 5/29/14 KSI Dragon014x7 Director 6/14/14 KSI RedXstorm Co-Founder 8/7/14 KSI Mpliers Co-Founder 8/14/14 KSI Odysseus 7 Founder 8/14/14 KSI xFatality99 Co-Founder 2/5/15 KSI Mpliers 7 Founder 2/5/15 KSI Shivers 7 Div Leader 3/4/15 KSI Mpliers CoDiv Leader 4/30/15 KSI xRedStorm 7 Founder 5/14/15 KSI SHIVERS 7 Director 6/10/2015 KSI Ashhh 7 Co-Founder 6/18/15 KSI xShocK 6 Co-Founder 8/9/15 KSI MisterE Co-Founder 9/10/15 KSI Ashhh 7 Founder 9/14/15 KSI Ashhh 7 CoDiv Leader 12/23/15 KSI PapaShocK Co-Founder 12/22/2015 KSI MisterE 7 Founder 1/21/2016 KSI Stormy CoFounder 1/31/16 KSI Ashhh 7 Division Leader 4/6/16 KSI Stormy 7 Founder 4/7/16 KSI Metatron 7 CoFounder 4/7/16 KSI Stormy 7 CoDiv Leader 5/24/16 KSI x Karma Co-Founder 1/5/17 KSI Ashhh 7 Director 3/8/17 KSI Jewel 7 Co-Founder 3/30/17 KSI Metatron 7 Div Leader 4/12/17 KSI TexAngel 7 Founder 4/13/17 KSI Kangaroo Co-Founder 4/20/17 KSI TexAngel 7 Co-Div 5/21/17 KSI Jewel 7 Founder 5/21/17 KSI LadyJenny 7 Co-Founder 5/21/17 KSI GOT EM 7 Co-Founder 6/25/17 KSI TexAngel 7 Div Leader 7/3/17 KSI WyldWynd Co-Founder 11/16/17 KSI GOT EM 7 Founder 11/16/17 KSI GOT EM 7 CoDiv Leader 1/12/18 KSI GOT EM 7 Div Leader 3/15/18 KSI Eyonia 7 CoFounder 3/15/18 KSI RESTNPEACE CoFounder 4/13/18 KSI WyldWynd 7 Founder 5/24/18 KSI reapers 7 CoFounder 5/24/18 Current 7 Staff KSI GOT EM 7 Div Leader KSI WyldWynd 7 Founder KSI reapers 7 CoFounder KSI Eyonia 7 CoFounder KSI RestNPeace7 CoFounder Current Gen Staff KSI KuroRipa Griffin KSI AtomXGen Hydra KSI JadedPython Specter KSI DARK J3ST3R Banshee KSI Squeek 7 Succubus Division Splits Eternal Souls splits to become Legendary Warriors June 12 2014 KSI Nick 7 and KSI Evil 7 leaders of LW Milestones Banshee becomes the first Xbox One Squad KSI Wide Ragnarok becomes the first Destiny Squad Ragnarok first Destiny squad to split KSI wide
  14. KSI VENUM 7 Xbox GamerPic

  15. Type of Image/Size: Xbox Gamer Pic (1080x1080) Image Main Text KSI VENUM 7 Subtext No KSI Logo Yes Addtional Comments if possible I'd like the logo an image to have a similar color scheme Most Recent Posts First one