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  1. KSI MeShell 7 Meta Awards

    Name: KSI MeShell 7 Link to Forums Account: @KSI MeShell 7 Award-/-Achievement: Legan - Round of Applause Reason-/-Evidence: I have 20 awards. Requested Staff Award(s): Support Group, Meep's Minions, Imagine Dragons, That's So Fetch
  2. So You Think You Can Write - November 2018

    1. What has been the most impactful moment in your KSI career in 2018? The most impactful moment in my KSI career is when I made the decision to transfer divisions. I had been dealing with some issues within the division, how it was being run, and my voice wasn't being heard. After being torn between staying in the division and trying to change it for the good or transferring divisions and starting all over, I decided that it was best to just move on. Deciding when it was time to finally move on and to transfer divisions has greatly influenced my KSI career and where I stand today. 2. What is something you've learned from this community (this past year) that you use or apply in real life? I've learned to improve my people skills as well as handle difficult situations. I used to be very shy when I first joined this community (people that know me would think I'm joking), and I wouldn't speak up unless in smaller parties. I was the same way in real life; shy, quiet, and more of a listener than a talker. I feel that being part of this community, and taking on a larger roll within KSI (department and clan -ops), has helped break me out of my shell. 3. Who is the one KSI peer or mentor who has influenced you most in 2018 and why? Honestly, he probably doesn't know it but KSI Gambit 7 has influenced me most this year. He knew me very well, and was the first one to know when I was unhappy about something. He was there when I was having issues in my previous division, and suggested that I transfer because he wanted me to be happy. Don't stay somewhere where you're going to work hard only to make someone else happy. Stay in a division, or do something, that is going to make yourself happy. Your happiness is most important.
  3. TB: Uno (11/23/18)

    KSI MeShell 7 DM
  4. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    Let's gooo DM!!!
  5. General Chat

    Sounds good. I'm on quite often, so just shoot me a message over xbox when you wanna play some WW2.
  6. General Chat

    Lemme know if you ever want to practice some WW2, I hop on the game once in a while. Are you doing karaoke?! And thanks for the sumo tip, I'll have to try that out! I know it's easier to get them if you hit them from the side, I didn't know to go for the rear wheels though. Maybe my sumo skills will improve.
  7. General Chat

    I'm so ready for Fall Classic. Bout to kill it in some Sumo (if I even make the team lol). You signing up for the 7s WW2? I'd cheer for ya.
  8. General Chat

    Not too bad. Super tired today for some reason though.
  9. General Chat

    How are you doing?
  10. General Chat

  11. KSI AllStarRM 17 OS lvl 1

    During my time in CD, I had the pleasure of working with AllStar while I was General over Prodigy. I have seen him grow as a leader within the community, and he is now the General over Prodigy. He is hard-working and ensures that members within his squad are happy and safe. AllStar is always there when members have any questions or issues, and is willing to help with anything and everything. He definitely puts his members before himself - he's even stayed online all night in times of adversity to ensure the safety of not only members within his squad, but CD as a whole.
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  13. Count to a Million

  14. Security Check Guide Guide Introduction: A security check is the process of looking at information to make sure there will be no issues in the future regarding a potential or current member’s history. This is to be done with new members, rejoins, and anyone with questionable history. Members who are cleared to recruit should have complete understanding of what a security check entails, and why they are conducted. This process is crucial in the security and safety of your squad and division and should not be overlooked. If security checks aren’t completed in the correct manner, your squad and division’s safety may be at risk. For any questions, comments, or concerns please contact KSI Breakfast 7. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Security Check Process The security check can occur during a lockdown and before an individual is recruited. If you're recruiting, this is performed while you are in a party chatting with your potential recruit or before you invite them. As you are informing the potential member about KSI, look through their friends list and clubs. When conducting a security check, make sure you are thorough. Below are things you will be looking for when conducting a security check. If a potential recruit conflicts with any of these please contact your General or another officer for guidance. 1. Friends list Before being the recruitment process, the recruit must have more than 20 non-KSI friends. Any blacklisted or security risked community on their list must be removed and all contact ceased. When searching for blacklisted and security risked communities, make sure to check their activity feed as well. Examples of blacklisted, security risked, or other communities are listed below. While checking their friendslist for gamer tags with similar prefixes or suffixes from other clans or communities, look for any blacklisted, security risked, or other communities added. Examples: KSI, DBD, XGN, XGC, TGS The following are KSI's current security risked and blacklisted communities. Note: Watch out for potential recruits with multiple friends of similar names; recruits are allowed to have up to three different individuals in different clans/communities. 2. Age Requirement All recruits must be over the age of 15, as this is included in the C.o.C. and must be enforced. When asking for their age, if it seems questionable, ask for their date of birth. It is highly encouraged to ask for their age before beginning the recruitment process. Note: Remember that recruiting age may vary from division. If you do not know if your division follows the KSI standard age of 15, contact your General. 3. Gamerscore Recruits must have a minimum gamerscore of 500. This is strongly enforced and is set in place to prevent alternate accounts from joining KSI. Note: Minimum gamerscore is subject to change when a lockdown is initiated. If a lockdown occurs, confirm correct recruiting procedures with your General. 4. Mic Requirement It is required that the recruit has a working mic to be recruited in to KSI. Mics are essential for communicating with other members in a gaming community. Without a mic, communication is limited and inefficient for socializing and gaming within the community, thus the recruit must have a working mic.
  15. Tournaments and Events Suggestion Box

    It would be neat to see some sort of tournament for Dept Ops. Similar to Spirit Week or other annual events, instead of it being divisional-based, each department would have a team to compete in this tournament.