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  1. KSI T1GER- Outstanding Service Lvl 1

    Gamertag / forums - KSI T1GER award rec. - outstanding service I have had the pleasure of knowing t1ger for 1 year now.. In that year , her and i have endured through countless confusing situations , emotional events , riggerous training , dedicated acts , we litteraly have started from the bottom and made it to where we are together .. T1ger has stood by my side aswell as i have to hers... It is my personal pleasure to give this testimony of experiance that i have gained with such an amazing woman. Shes not your average person. She goes above and behond what anyone else does but while maintaining the roles of her rank. She makes it to every squad meeting , workshop , gamenight , and strives to have her officers to be the best that they possibly can be ...she also is apart of different aspects of KSI like aap and is currently in marketing and has the asperation of being a judge.. I personally have had the pleasure of standing by her side through out off of this and am very proud to call her a friend and even more family. She deserves this award more than anyone i know and much more Please keep up the amazing work that you do t1ger , love ya
  2. Fall Classic 2018 Forums Challenge

    Let's go ( WD ) CYANIDE WD
  3. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    Gamertag/Forums name: KSI Prod Award: New Member Certified Evidence: KSI xHAWKx 7 Person(s) who ran the workshop: Hosted by : KSI T1GER 1
  4. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    Let's go wd!!!!
  5. April 2018 OTM nominations (Closing April 30)

    I' would like to nominate KSI T1GER - 4th capt - cyanide wd For going above and beyond Not only her duties as an officer But as a person , a friend and a Human being. She is the 1st one to hop on whatever duties we are given as officers and the 1st to respond To any help that any squad mate may have. She's loyal , loving , fun , outgoing. Smart , attentive to detail , bold , sassy , hood sense of humor , Great to be around , full of advice and ideas , listens well , speaks her opinions , and ultimatey does a fantastic job at being apart of KSI not only as a member but as a officer. I ( KSI Prod ) vote ( KSI T1GER ) For top/ best captain.
  6. Spring Break Forums Challenge!

    Let' go wd!! Cyanide wd
  7. Application to become a minion

    I want to be a minion !!!!!
  8. Sex with me is like...

  9. Count to a Million

    1 , 2. Skip a few , 999,999 , 1m
  10. Favorite motivational quotes/How it applies to you.

    If your not 1st , your last Ricky bobby
  11. Why did you join KSI?

    I joined back because it' a family oriented community I remember back when I was around the age of 19 being in ksi Playing halo 3 and mw3
  12. When did you first join KSI?

    September of 2017
  13. Alternative meanings to KSI.....Hilarious!

  14. Comedy Night Sign Up's

    Anyword on this continuing