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  1. Turkey Bowl 2018 Poll

    Let's go LS
  2. TB - Rocket League 2v2 (11/24/18)

    Team Captain: KSI Mayor 7 Division: Last Strike Teammate: KSI No Horizon Division: Last Strike
  3. New Member Certified Self Nomination Topic

    KSI Mayor 7 New Member Certification Workshop ran by: KSI Hatter 7

    Division: Last Strike Team Captain: KSI Mayor 7 Teammate: KSI No Horizon
  5. KSI MFLSwagg 7 - OS Level 1

    As having the pleasure of meeting KSI MFLSwagg 7 will re-recruiting him back into KSI and LS. And also with having the pleasure of watching him moving through the ranks will I was his GEN. He has helped any member regardless of squad with any knowledge that was needed. He shows every day what it means to be an Officer in KSI and from what I've witnessed there is no wonder as to why he attained his 7 from his previous service and time here in KSI. I believe wholeheartedly that there is no reason for KSI MFLSwagg 7 to not receive his OS Level 1
  6. First Request

    Type of Image/Size: - Xbox Gamerpic (1080x1080) Image: https://goo.gl/images/hwUw9k Main Text: KSI Mayor Subtext (if any): KSI Logo (yes/no): Yes. (Pending answer on additional comments) Additional Comments: KSI Logo wherever you think is best placement of that's possible Most Recent Past Request: First Request
  7. Spirit Week Forums Challenge 2018!!!!!

    LS taking it all the way this year KSI Mayor
  8. Spring Break Forums Challenge!

    LS for life baby